I’ve been pitching this show around town lately, and usually I keep this stuff completely secret until I either sell it or don’t, but this is 2015 - what’s the point of secrecy?

The networks will either buy it or they won’t, so why hide it in a dank, dark hole where no one even knows it exists while I wait around for a call back?

What do you people think? Like? No like? Would you want to watch?

If I get 100 notes I’ll post another gif from the pitch artwork!


JACK CUSUMANO TERI CUSUMANO/ Titillating Tales / 2:06

Get a glimpse into the haunted halls of Titmouse inc. animation studios in Hollywood, Ca. Jack and Teri Cusumano sure do know how to set the mood and be married.

Caricature by Kali Fontecchio


Here’s our 2011 Channies nightmare sequence! Eric Bauza, Tara Billinger, Matt Danner, Jack Cusumano, Dan Greenberg, and me!

We’re sorry for this. So, so sorry.

You did it! You unlocked another gif from my Roz Wells + The Vortex pitch (since the original got over 100 notes)!

I’ll release another piece of the pitch artwork if this gets 500 notes! (And I’ll include some more info about the actual premise next time).

Like I said, all the networks have already seen this pitch (and Nickelodeon have officially passed on it), so I realized there’s not a good reason to keep it hidden anymore.

Enjoy!  ☮☯👽☯☮


JACK CUSUMANO / Astral Jam / 1:07



Chappie, as imagined by Tom Scharpling (animated by Jack Cusumano)



HEY GUYS! I know your all SUPER exited for the Six Seasons and a Movie art show coming up June 23rd… Here’s the trailer for the documentary I’m in about it with fellow art superstar Jack Cusumano!

Six Seasons and a Movie art show
June 23-24 | Monk Space gallery
4414 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90004


I’m a big fan of Tom Scharpling and his weekly radio show/podcast The Best Show.

A few weeks back Tom improvised a version of how he expected the movie Chappie to go. It cracked me up, so I animated around the audio.

Full disclosure: No one involved in the making of this thing has actually seen Chappie. Any accuracy or spoilers are completely accidental.