“I thought you had the whole snow biz like the ice cube?” he scoffed “Therefore you can’t make it rain if I’m correct. And its not like a little rain is going to do much.”

“You’re no fun Blaze,” She sighs, “I just want something to do for a little bit. Jack isn’t around, so I can’t bother him, and North is still a 17 year old with a god complex. You’re the only one left.”

  • Some more RotG fanart…well kinda. The first one is Jack Frost, he’s a good model when it comes to posing.
  • The second one is Jack Blaze, the fire elemental version of Jack Frost. 
  • The last one is a dress inspired by Pitch and all his nightmary scary stuff.

 Don’t worry, next month, when I finally get the art book, there’s going to be more love for all the other characters, mostly their concept designs!!! :D

{Random doodles!}

Blaze: Yeah, I get that its the holiday season and all that. Whoopie. But there’s really no reason for me to hang around here. Its cold as fuck and I’d rather be elswhere.

Jack: -in the far corner that you can’t see- Le'gasp!

Blaze: So I’ll just come around later in the year. See ya.

Jack: -throws snowball at Blaze’s head- No!

Blaze: …….

{this better come out correctly. aS IN THE RIGHT ORDER-}

That awkward moment when your mother walks in your room drawing shirtless men. Yeah, I needed to practice drawing some muscles. The first thing I thought was Blaze because he does have some. Haven’t drawn him in quite a while though.

I don’t think I need to explain to my mom why my friend would role play as him.

Mom: Hellooo? That boy can model underwear!

Me: Mom

Mom: What?

Me: Stahp. 

)))))!!!GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS!!!))))))))

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