Could you make a fluffy and smutty one where jack is really possessive and dominant around you and you two go out for a Christmas dinner or something and you dress really nicely and guys keep hitting on you and stuff and he gets mad thanks c:

AN Sorry it’s literally taken me a month to update every time. Idk how busy I’m going to be for the next month classes start this week and I’m already freaking out. I think the only reason I’ve been able to update for this is because I’m just determined to? I don’t really know how well I’m doing so pls tell me if these are good and whatnot. It’s always weird having a roommate. Even weirder when you’re writing smut like ten feet away. Anyway lmao she’s gone for now, almost always leaves at night while I’m literally always here. Rip man. Enjoy the imagine my lovelies, you guys are seriously gr8 xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

Thick black liquid on eyelashes shouldn’t make them stand out more, but for some weird reason, that’s how mascara works. I was putting some on over my eyelashes, to make them thicker and darker and longer, when my boyfriend called up the stairs. “Y/N, are you ready to go yet?” he shouted.

“You and I both know that you take longer to get ready, Jack. Are you even done?”


“I said are you even done?”

“What about chicken?!”

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Can you do a part two to the recent jack one please? Lile where her and her boyfriend break up or something and they get together? Thank you! [Part 2 to Nervous]

AN yo I read my part 1 and it’s so cute if you want you should check it out :D but anyway, sorry for being so lame, my inspiration comes and goes I guess but I’m trying my best, honest WE’RE ALL STUCK ON THE SAME PAGEEEE CUZ SOMETIMES THINGS’LL BEND YOU sorry got carried away about Neck Deep. Anyway, enjoy the imagine loves xx

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Jack’s POV

“Will, are you fucking kidding me?” I heard Y/N’s voice in her dressing room. Her band was getting ready to go on, but she was still in the room. I tried to knock but she wasn’t listening to anything but Will on her phone. That must be her boyfriend. “I know it gets hard when I’m away, but I’m coming back soon! You can always come visit me! Me being away isn’t a reason to break up with me.”

I opened the door, because she had to go on, but she didn’t hear me come in. “There’s someone else, isn’t there? Oh my fucking god, there’s someone else! Why didn’t you just be a man and tell me instead of lying to me! Fine, you know what, it is over. Have fun fucking your new chick, I hope she gets out before I did.”

She threw her phone at the wall, accidentally shattering it. “That’s going to be expensive,” I told her. She jumped, turning around to look at me.

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