The Real Story of Jalex

This is from the most recent Valentine’s Day edition of Kerrang! Magazine where they interviewed Jack and Alex. This is the real story of Jalex, I feel like I’m reading this straight out of a fanfic. 

To the outside world, All Time Low’s 2003 emergence was imbued with a romantic mood, but of the innocent, teen soap variety, Alex and Jack’s friendship reads like a slice of pop-punk fan fiction. When the pair met in eighth grade at Dulaney High, a secondary school in Timonium, Baltimore County, Alex had the guitarist down as “a goof”. He wore chains and an antagonistic T-shirt that read, ‘Tell Your Girlfriend I said, ‘Thanks!” All Time Low’s frontman-in-waiting had just transferred from a private school where strait-laced dress rules comprised khaki trousers and buttoned shirts. A punk kid like Jack, who rode into class on a skateboard, seemed intimidating.

“This makes me sound so vanilla,” laughs Alex, recalling their first meeting. “But I was like, ‘Oh my God, who is this dude? He’s such a rebel!”

From Jack’s end, though, Alex’s arrival at Dulaney brought a whiff of jealousy. The new kid was a novelty, particularly among the girls at school. “There’s always a mystery about people who come over from other schools,” says Jack. “He was a good-looking dude and all the girls would gravitate towards Alex - this new guy that we didn’t know anything about. I didn’t take too kindly to that. My first thought was, “He’s a dick.’”

Their mutual indifference didn’t take too long to right itself. Alex and Jack began hanging out by the movie theatre in town - a meeting spot for skaters. They got chatting about music, guitars, and the bands they both loved. “In the end we were like, ‘Let’s hang out man! You play guitar, I play guitar…’” says Alex. “It was one of those dumb things where, all of a sudden, you’re going. ‘Bring your shitty Squier over and your shitty amp, and let’s play Blink songs!’”