“Instilling a sense of hope. There’s a lot of people that we meet that are feeling lost or out of place or not sure where they’re going next. This record definitely should speak to them. Also, this idea that it’s up to you to clear your own path— that’s kind of what we did and we got really lucky that we’ve had success doing so, and we want to tell people that those things are attainable

Alex Gaskarth on what All Time Low wanted to achieve out of ‘Future Hearts’



Alex Gaskarth’s speech before Missing You. I love how much he cares for his fans!

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who you marry based on your battery percentage

0-10% Alan Ashby
10-20% Oliver Sykes
20-30% Andy Biersack
30-40% Alex Gaskarth
40-50% Austin Carlile
50-60% Vic Fuentes
60-70% Jaime Preciado
70-80% Josh Franceschi
80-90% Kellin Quinn
90-100% Jack Barakat


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I got the privilege of meeting All Time Low on the 18th of March at their gig in Belfast through their Hustler Club. It was literally the best day of my life. Before we went in their tour manager at the time, Matt, was talking to us about what we can and can’t do when we meet them, everything was pretty much allowed except asking them to leave voicemail or asking them to write lyrics down. There was only about 15 of us so it was pretty chill. Me and my friend left our bags at the barrier so that we secured our spot there and then when I turned around all four of them walked out of a room and sort of spread themselves about the hall and I couldn’t believe it. Zack was the first one I met and I was the first to go over to him. This was my first time properly meeting someone famous so I was really nervous and hadn’t got a clue what to do or say, so I just went up to him and was like “Hi!” and he was like “hi, how are you?” And we talked for a few seconds and I asked him for a hug (which might I add was amazing because he was extremely muscly) and asked to take a photo with him and I was like “thank you so much!” And he smiled at me and went on to the next person. Next I went to Alex and I don’t know why but when I was standing waiting for him to finish talking to a girl I looked at his rose tattoo on his hand and realisation just hit me that I was actually meeting All Time Low. It was crazy. It was similar to what was said between Zack and I, except I asked him to take selfies with me and he was more than happy. Next I went on to Jack and I was super nervous because he’s always been my favourite in the band. Firstly I handed him a letter I wrote and he put it in his back pocket and I don’t know why but it made me happy because I was thinking of course he would have to read it because it’s in his jeans but anyway, so I asked him for a hug and he was like “do you want a wee hug” because we say ‘wee’ a lot here so that was funny. And it was so nice and long it was amazing. Then I asked him to take selfies with me and he grabbed my phone and kept pressing the camera button which took 11 even photos but they’re all repeats or blurry 😂 (might I add we looked really cute in them.) then I thanked him and walked on to Rian and was like “HI!” I was really excited at this time. Again we hugged and talked for a bit and I took a photo with him. Rian didn’t talk much but I was still super happy that I got a photo and a hug. Then I walked back over to Alex just to say thanks and stuff like that and he pulled me into a hug and was like “I’m glad we could help, it means a lot to us.” Which I was kinda fangirling at in the inside. So yeah, that was my story of meeting All Time Low! :D