It´s ok, the bean wakes up later and spends 15 minutes trying to get the blanket over Jack without waking him up lol.

Was real busy last week and inspiration finally stuck lol! Mb I should draw Reaper with some Jack beans too. Don’t want to leave them out.

This is from the anime Nichijou I think?

(Also thanks to everyone who’s been real nice to me lol! The messies and tags and stuff!! Uuhh! I’m terrible at this but plz belive me lol! Thank you so much! I’m trying to get over myself! And you have helped me a lot! <3)



As soon as I saw that Henry Rollins and Nick Cave staring awkwardly at a toddler photo I couldn’t help myself because this was ALL THAT WAS IN MY HEAD. I’ll get around to colouring eventually.

doodled for @pentacass and @logosminuspity for being so gosh darn amazing with their OW fics. 

(I promise I’m going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour)


Heard there was a Reaper76 Reverse Big Bang going on so I took it as an excuse to cook up some Dad!AU art to go with the prompt that gets thrown around sometimes of the dude Reaper is stalking in the Christmas comic and the guy Jack is looking at in the photo being their son hahaha

@mrs—nicole did the story to go along with it over here! Hope you all enjoy the dadfluff!


Reaper has the social skills of a pumpkin.
And… that’s it! Last comic for this Halloween! Next year we’ll go on… man, can’t wait to be in October again ahahah