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Request: sowk x joe sugg

Joe wasn’t a settle down guy, at least not yet. He figured he had a few years before he had to get serious. Before he could seriously consider love and give it to his other half or whatever. But somehow, the urge for it seemed to creep up on him.

He’d gone back home for a weekend with his old mates when two of them announced they were proposing to their girlfriends and another was complaining how stressful wedding planning was. Then, Alfie was planning a surprise anniversary party for Zoe and the way he was talking about her, the light in his eyes, made Joe feel like he was missing out on something. Then his mum tried to set him up with a girl she met at the farmer’s market of all places and Joe had had enough.

“Y/N,” he had called her up as soon as the train pulled into the station. “What are you doing right now?”

“Shaving my legs,” Y/N says. Joe knew she was being serious-that was what he loved about her. How straightforward she was.

“My weekend was filled with too much of other people’s romances, I need a friend to join me for a drink.”

“Aw,” Y/N says. “The big scary L-word?”

“Yeah the L-word,” Joe laughs, feeling better already. “How quickly can you be ready?”

“Twenty? If you’re ready just come by.”

Joe takes the underground to the stop near their flats and walks the rest of the way to hers. She lets him up and even though it’d been twenty minutes, she was still undressed with her hair in a towel.

“I meant twenty minutes once you got here.”

“You did not,” Joe groans. “Hurry up! I need a drink asap.”

“Sorry! I had a friend pop over,” Y/N says as she leads him to the living room. “Joe this is Greg, Greg-Joe.”

“Oh,” Joe falters before shaking the guy’s hand. He was really good looking, Joe notes. A mop of chocolate curls and a slim frame with full lips and intensely hazel eyes was the proof.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Greg says as Joe settles into the couch.

“Really?” Joe can’t laugh-his mind is still whirring trying to remember if Y/N had ever mentioned Greg.

“Yeah, she talks about you a lot-all the shite you get into together.”

“Right,” Joe laughs. “Sorry I can’t remember if she-”

“We dated back in secondary school,” Greg fills in for him. And that’s when Joe remembers. One of their late night conversations Greg was mentioned-Y/N’s first for many thing. First boyfriend, first love, first kiss, first time. This one meant a lot to her. But what was he doing here? Joe doesn’t even realise he’s grinding his teeth as a flash of possesiveness courses through him-insecurity…jealousy.

“Her first boyfriend!” Joe says. “An honour to meet you.”

Greg laughs and shows off his perfect teeth. “Yeah you could call me that. Although she fancied my brother before settling with me.”

“Hey,” Y/N enters the room. “You’re not supposed to tell him that. And I did not settle.”

“Good thing I’ve got no brothers then,” Joe teases and Greg snorts. Y/N’s got a clip in her mouth as she twists her hair up but she rolls her eyes and turns away from him. Joe’s heart speeds up at the sight of her in her plain white t-shirt and denim jeans.

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This guy deserves the whole world in my opinion. He’s there every day to make us laugh, feel better or just for us to have someone. This guy spends so much just for us. And I’m not just talking about money. In a way he even gave up his freedom and I know that that’s his own choice but let me tell you HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS.

I don’t really know what we can do to help him but please everyone SHOW HIM YOUR SUPPORT! He needs it now more than ever and I don’t care if it’s a dm, a comment on a picture, a comment on a video, a tweet or whatever. Just let him know that we are there for him and that we will do anything to support him and to make sure that he can keep making videos. Please just make sure that he notices how much his fans love and adore him and can’t live without him. Because honestly guys CALLUX IS AN AMAZING PERSON

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Hi! Can u describe me this Buttetcream team? I am sooo new to this thing🤷🏼‍♀️😭😄 And maybe something more about Jack Maynard? He is the cuttest😏😏

Describe them? Are you sure? Alright, you asked for it

First off we have Caspar Lee

Caspar is 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He was born and raised in Knysna, South Africa and first came to London to film a collab and stay with Jack Harries (Jacksgap). Caspar is such a kind soul. He deserves every good thing in the world and he’s one of the most unproblematic boys of the group. Have you seen his #PositivityOverNegativity video? What a good guy. Outside of his YouTube success, Caspar has acted in a few movies (some including Spud 3 and Laid in America) and also has his own book which he wrote with his mom. He now resides in London and makes weekly videos (upload date usually Mondays). He is a beautiful human being who enjoys pizza, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Next there’s Josh Pieters

Josh is also 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2015. Also born and raised in Knysna, he and Caspar have been best friends since their school days. They weren’t always friends, as Josh used to be quite mean to Caspar and they didn’t always get along. As they grew, they became closer and are now best friends (and roommates) in London. He makes weekly videos with a fairly consistent upload schedule of Wednesdays. Josh is an adorable ginger who has grown so much in the past two years and we are very proud of him.

This is Conor Maynard

Conor is 24 years old, born and raised in Brighton and now lives in London. Conor found success back in 2012 with his first album, Contrast. Since then, he’s focused mainly on his YouTube channel. He films a lot of covers but has also come out with original songs alone as well as with his friend Anth and his brother Jack. Conor is very dorky and sweet and adorable but then he sings and he’s very sexy and serious. There are many sides to this Brighton boy and we love all of them.

Here is Jack Maynard

Jack is 22 years old and is the brother of Conor. He’s had his YouTube channel since 2015 but had a channel once before that. He too was born and raised in Brighton but now lives in London. Jack is often referred to as the player/pretty boy of the group, but I think there’s much more to him than that. Not only does he make banging videos, but he also dabbles in DJing. Look at him in his fucking yellow shirt and fucking hat and fucking glasses thAT HE DOESN’T NEED FUCK WHY IS HE LIKE THAT HE’S TOO MUCH. *clears throat* anyway. Jack, Conor, and Josh were once roommates but moved out from the apartment they once shared a few months ago. Jack is also now working on a music project with Conor. Their “group” is called GOAT and their first single is titled Grenade. It’s hard to give Jack a solid upload date, but it’s usually either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Jack is a smokin’ hot motherfucker whom we all love.

This is Mikey Pearce

Mikey is 24 years old and is from Brighton. He’s a childhood friend of Jack and Conor and also resides in London. He’s had his channel since 2016. Mikey enjoys making skits and collabing with the other buttercreams. Arguably his most popular videos have been his sponsored videos with Tinder. Mikey’s sort of the problematic fav but he is still part of the group and we love him for it. He has a very inconsistent uploading schedule, pretty much just posting whenever he’s ready to. Mikey is an awkward stuttering goofball who surely has a good heart inside him.

This is Joe Sugg

Joe is 25 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He’s from Wiltshire, England and is the oldest member of the buttercreams and also has the most subscribers. Joe’s always had very original content (whether it’s pranks on Caspar or new challenges) and has come a very long way since his first videos. His sister is Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and he first started his channel with her help. He was once roommates with Caspar but they have since moved out of their shared apartment. Joe is very funny and genuine and has accomplished so much, even outside of YouTube. Joe has two graphic novels and the third is coming out later this year. Additionally, he and Caspar have two films together: Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road: USA. Joe uploads regularly on Sundays and has called them Sugg Sunday Specials for many years now. Joe is an incredible, good looking, down to earth, successful guy and deserves every good thing that happens to him in the future.

And here is Oli White

Oli is 22 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2012 but once had a YouTube channel before that. He is from Iver, Englad. Oli is such a sweetheart and is considered one of the most underappreciated buttercreams. He loves his family, friends, and fans so much. A regular guest in his videos is his younger brother James and they have a very good relationship with each other. Oli is known for his generosity, giving his friends and family incredible presents and surprises (whether for holidays or for no reason at all) and surprising his fans with his merchandise. Outside of his YouTube success, Oli has written two books: Generation Next and Generation Next: The Takeover. He uploads consistently on Saturdays. Oli is an amazingly sweet and beautiful human being and he is too pure for this world.


This is Byron Langley

Byron is 24 years old and has a YouTube channel called Langley and Mash. He is from South Africa and came into the group via his fellow South African friends, Caspar and Josh. Byron is one of the original buttercreams (according to Joe) but we weren’t aware he existed due to his infrequent appearances on the other boys channels and the small size of his own channel. Outside of YouTube, Byron has done a bit of acting (appearing in all of the Spud movies) and is a model and a bit of a musician. Byron appears in a lot of the other boys vlogs and has been in some main channel videos as well. Byron is one of the most beautiful and sweet human beings I’ve ever seen and I felt he deserved to be in this post.


There are you, that’s the buttercreams. I hope you’ve gotten to know them a bit more now. Welcome to the family! xx

Dating Byron Would Include:


Requested:  Can you do a Dating Byron Would Include? There isn’t any and I really really need one. If possible can you just put some in the answer to this??? Thanks vvv much

A/N: i actually wanted to do this at some point so thanks for requesting, also sorry for not writing it in the answer it was just a bit long so i wanted to put a keep reading thingy in.

Words: 830

Warnings: I’d love to but I’m teaching my dog how to yodel. 

- Him cuddling into the crook of your neck while he sleeps with his arms wrapped around you tightly.

- Always waking up before him and tracing patterns all over his arms and shoulders.

- Him pressing soft kisses on your neck as he starts to wake up.

- He would always insist on getting out of bed before you just to make you a cup of coffee.

- You would wear his shirts to bed as much as possible.  

- Spontaneously kissing the corners of his mouth when he smiles or laughs.

- You always fetching his glasses in the evening when you two are watching tv because he forgot them next to the bed.

- Falling asleep on the couch in each other’s arms.

- Him buying you flowers at any possible chance he gets.

- You rolling your eyes every time he shows up to your door with another bunch of flowers in his hands.

- “Our love is like a cactus, it never dies.” He said when he showed up to your apartment with a cactus for the first time.

- “I don’t care! I don’t need more plants!” You’d groan, “but at least I can keep a cactus for longer than a bunch of roses.” You’d chuckle.

- Him always helping with dinner.

- Slow dancing in the kitchen when you’re waiting for the oven to heat up.

- Going to many, many, many concerts.

- Sharing showers because “we have to show our support for South Africa’s drought.”

- Him buying tickets for your favourite band even though he doesn’t like them that much.

- Him saving all the blue jelly beans for you because they’re your favorite.

- Laying between his legs when all the boys come over because there’s no space on the couch and him playing with your hair as he talks to the rest of the boys while you drift off to sleep.

- His breath tickling you every time he laughs or talks.

- You fidgeting between his legs trying to get comfortable and once you’re still he whispers a soft, “you okay?” In your ear and when you nod he presses a kiss to your temple and carries on talking to the boys.

- Standing next you each other in front of the mirror while you brush your teeth.

- Him bumping you when you’re not paying attention causing a muffled laugh to escape him when he sees the stripe of toothpaste drawn across your cheek.

- “Bru… I mean babe”

- Him taking you to South Africa every year for Christmas with his family.

- Holding hands when you cross the road.

- His hair always smelling like your shampoo.

- Him always putting a hand on your thigh while you drive and visa versa.

- Him asking you to take a bath with him at your flat just so he can use one of your bath bombs from your collection.

- Having Polaroids of each other stuck up on the wall of your room.

- Pillow talk usually ending up with ironic debates on what to name your kids on day.

- Cheeky and often not so discreet bum slaps, pinches, taps and holding.

- Him getting along insanely well with your family.

- You walking into the living room and holding a jar in front of him for him to open.

- Him always looking really confused for a split second before he chuckles in realization and opens the jar effortlessly.

- You thanking him with a kiss before you return to the kitchen.

- Him always bringing you your favourite candy when he comes over once you’ve come home from work.

- Very obscure inside jokes.

- Brushing your fingers through his hair at any chance you get.

- Going for walks in the park every weekend after he takes you out for breakfast.

- You and him laughing at each other’s jokes or antics until your stomachs ache.

- Not even checking with each other before you order food because you know each other’s orders off by heart.

- The boys loving your company and always wanting to film with you because you are so vibrant and funny.

- You always giving him your milkshakes to finish because you ate to much.

- Walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night and pulling his boxers down and putting your feet on his bum to warm them up as he groans in annoyance and pulls his boxers back up before wrapping his arms around you tightly and laying on top of you so you can’t do it again.

- You pulling up your shirt when you lying next to him and him not even getting excited because he knows he’s only going to end up giving you back tickles but he happily does it anyway.

- Loving each other no matter what and always wanting to give each other the world.