• pirates of the caribbean piano lullaby
  • onefine_morning

pirates of the caribbean piano lullaby arranged/played by onefine-morning

themes by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer: He’s a Pirate, the Medallion Calls, the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow, Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho

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Picture This

So the whole point of the Pirates movies is Captain Jack Sparrow is trying to find a way to become immortal. What if the last movie in the franchise ends with him achieving that somehow. Then the movie goes to a montage of Captain Jack dancing through history doing all sorts of shenanigans. He keeps creating new identities and showing up in different settings. We see Jack with bootleggers, with Elvis, pitching the Pirates ride to Walt Disney, maybe he has a beer with Wil Turner and the Beatles, anti war protests, all over the place and then the movie ends. Then the end credit scene opens at a film studio. Young hopefuls are standing in line for some sort of audition. We see captain Jack in the line. When it’s his turn he walks in and sits in front of the casting people and introduces himself as Johnny Depp. The casting director tells him he’ll be reading for the part of Jack Sparrow when he interrupts her with a, “I think there’s supposed to be a ‘captain’ in there love” and then the movie cuts to black.