Jack O'Connell

Sleep Tight

Summary: You find yourself restless when, after an exhausting day at work, you can’t seem to fall asleep.

I had just collapsed down onto the bed when I heard Jack’s voice from behind me.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?”
“I’m in here.” I yelled with my face smashed into the pillows. nly moments had passed when I felt Jack’s hand on my back, rubbing small circles, “You’re home late, love.”
“Work.” I answered in one weary word.

Word Count: 750

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Get to Know Me Meme: [1/10] Male Characters- James Cook
“One thing I’ve learned is that you should never look back. The past is dead and buried. You get nothing from living there. Nothing’s solid, everything’s fantasy. Fucked. An illusion. Today means nothing. Today is just a ghost that’s haunting me. My name is James Cook. I did something once. My ghosts wont let me forget it.”