Your Annoying Ass (Sam Wilkinson)

I have always gotten jealous Y/N imagine requests where Sam does a photoshoot with another girl so I finally decided to do one! 

You weren’t quite sure why you agreed to tag along with Sam to a photoshoot where he’d be posing with another girl, she was beautiful, and quite clingy to Sam when she posed with him. Her name was Noah Cyrus and she was apart of the Mudd Campaign with him and his friends, but Noah and Sam were called back to model more because their chemistry was so ‘amazing’. You went because you were curious, and you wanted to see how far Sam was willing to go with another girl. 

They posed, and you sat eating some of the food provided, it wasn outdoor shoot and immediately her arms were wrapped around his neck, she pressed kisses to his cheek and you rolled your eyes, “oh come on,” you murmur with a mouth full of a boston creme donut. 

Sam smiles at her, and snakes arm around her waist. He leans forward and closes his eyes pressing a kiss to her temple, the same thing he did to you, he would usually lean in and whisper in your ear ‘I love you’ afterwards and it was kind of your thing. 

“I’m actually gonna kill him when this is over, you better get some good shots.” You joke, and the makeup artist laughs at your comment. You had a bad habit of becoming extremely witty and sarcastic when you were jealous and this a perfect example, “can I have another donut?” You question, moving to stand up, this time you get a strawberry frosted one and you walk down to the shoot, now Sam was holding her bridal-style with ease and her arm was perfectly placed on his toned chest. 

“Y/N’s stress eating.” Someone from behind you jokes and you turn around to find Nate, “don’t worry, he looked uncomfortable.” 

You sigh, “nah, he actually looks really comfortable.” You flash Nate a kind smile and he drapes his arms around your shoulders, “she looks fake as fuck.” 

Nate chuckles, “she’s already gotten with Johnson and Gilinsky, she wants to try Sam now.” Your eyes don’t even grow, you weren’t surprised that Mini Cyrus wanted to take your boyfriend for a ride. 

“I think he wants to try her too.” 

A few minutes afterwards you hear the photographers precise words, “how about we get a few kissing shots?” Sam doesn’t even look up at you, he just smiles and happily leans in to kiss her, his lips immediately part and her arms tighten around his neck. 

“Wow.” You and Nate murmur in unison, you look at each other and Nate automatically notices that your expression has fallen and you’re upset. 

“I get to hold him while you punch.” Nate jokes, trying to lighten the mood but you were in no mood for joking. After a few making out shots, the shoot is over and Sam comes to find you. 

“Hey baby,” he leans in to kiss you and you jerk your head back, “baby…” he trails off pointedly and looks at Nate for help. 

“Hey, don’t bring me into this.” Nate chuckles and says hi to Noah quickly before saying goodbye to you all. 

Sam sighs, “I told Noah we’d give her a ride home.” He goes to grab your hand and starts leading you towards the car. 

“So you’re not gonna even ask me if that’s okay?” You heave a sigh as Sam shrugs and doesn’t reply, “just know I hate you so much right now.” You open the door to the backseat and crawl in crossing your arms. 

“Y/N, get your ass in the passenger seat.” Sam instructs, Noah was getting her things and you had to wait. 

You roll your eyes, “Sam, I hope you get mouth herpes.” 

“You know, I kissed her and it was amazing, I was going to ask her to fuck with me too after the shoot but I realized I had to take your annoying ass home.” He snaps turning to look back at you. Tears enter your eyes and you divert your gaze to out the window, trying to hold back your sobs. He really had stooped too low with that comment. 

“Fuck…” Sam trails off, but just as he opens his mouth to speak again Noah opens the door asking what she had missed. 

Sam and her have light conversation on the way to her house, he was constantly looking back to see if you were still crying–which you were. Upon dropping her off, he drives home in silence and you get out immediately slamming the door. You walk up the steps to your house and open the door, walking straight to your bedroom with Sam close at your heels. 

You turn around quickly causing him to stumble back, “do you really want to fuck Noah? Go for it! Go have sex with her and enjoy her because you guys have SO much chemistry.” 

“I had to kiss her for the shoot it wasn’t my idea!” He argues. 

You scoff, “you had no issues with it though, there was obviously no inhibitions seeing as you just went for it…god Sam!” You shout back loudly going to walk out of the room and away from him. 

Sam grabs your wrist and turns you around, he pulls you harshly against his chest and smashes his lips against yours roughly. You resist him for a moment before completely giving him, wrapping your arms around his neck, your jealousy taking over to the point where that’s all you can think about. He was yours. 

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs against your lips, “I only do well in those shoots with her because I’m think about you the entire time.” He explains sincerely. 

“I still hate you for that.” You argue, moving up to kiss him again harshly smashing your lips against his, you tug at his hair as he pushes you up against the wall hands caressing your waist, “but it’s getting less and less the more you do that.” You murmur against his lips with a grin. 

Jealousy was normal in a relationship, so was arguing, and you and Sam were slowly learning how to deal with it. 


Ugly Duckling (Nate Maloley)

I never understand what/who decides what’s small and what’s large? I used to be a size 8 and people thought that was small but I found it quite big for my body shape so I worked my ASS off (literally) and I am now proudly a size 2. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AS MUCH AS I DO–I’M SORRY IF IT DOESN’T PINPOINT YOUR EXACT ISSUES WITH YOUR BODY!

 - Bri x 

Anything above a size four is large, you have to fit into Hollister clothes, you have to have a flat stomach and boobs that are bigger than a B cup, your ass can’t be flat, your hair has to be long, you always have to have prominent cheekbones and your collarbones and hipbones must be showing. 

You were constantly finding new things to worry about, is my back fat falling over my bra? Why isn’t my hair sitting right? Oh god it’s so embarrassing asking for a larger size when you’re in the dressing room. Jean shopping was your absolute worst enemy. You hated it when your little muffin top got squished and looked disgusting. There was always something you hated about your body and you had no idea how you managed to swoon over Nate Maloley to fall in love with every part of you–and yes, that means the muffin top. 

Currently, Nate was rested on top of you working on your neck skillfully with his lips, his hands slide up your thighs and you flinch, oh god you hated your thick thighs that looked abnormally large in pretty much everything except black, “did I-did I do something?” He questions noticing the tension in your body. He breaks away and looks at you quizzically. 

You swallow thickly, “no it just still feels weird that you aren’t disgusted with the way I look.” Nate tilts his head to the side narrowing his eyes, “don’t look at me like that.” You say with a pout, sitting up as Nate crawls off of you and sits beside you. 

“It’s like, you don’t realize how crazy attractive you are to me, and it scares me how many issues you have with yourself.” He looks back at you and you sigh, moving to cover your stomach with your forearm, “like, you make me turn off all the lights when we have sex and I haven’t seen you naked in the light yet and we’ve been dating for four months. I can only touch certain parts of you, but lil’ mama, I honestly don’t care.” 

You sigh, “Nate…I’m not tiny, okay? I’m not skinny with curves in just the right places my fat is in all of the wrong places and I have stretch marks everywhere.” 

“And? It’s you, it’s your body I don’t give a fuck.” It wasn’t really Nate’s issue with you, it was your issues with yourself and it made you very upset that you couldn’t just get past it, “you know what, listen to me, when I first met you I liked you because I had been so many other little sticks and then you came with this killer personality, and these amazing curves that I could grab onto, and those beautiful thighs that I could rest my hand on while I’m driving. I love you, and I would love you if you weighed more and I would love you if you weighed less just the same because you are the person that is there for me when it’s two in the morning and I have food poisoning, or the person who makes me dinner after a long day and does my laundry and supports me and sticks up for me and everything else that you do to me…” he trails off, quieting his ranting. 

“It’s honestly not you, it’s me and how I feel about myself,” you admit, diverting eye contact so you wouldn’t get upset. Loving yourself was hard, but letting yourself be loved was even harder. 

Nate looks around the room and gently grabs your hand, “come on, stand up.” He pulls you up with him and makes you stand in front of him, “you know, I feel like I’m the ugly duckling compared to the rest of the guys–I didn’t get the Mudd campaign because I didn’t fit their look, and mostly girls at meet and greets go hug them before they hug me.” His jaw is tense and his eyes are low, you reach out, running your hands over his toned stomach and chest. 

“You’re not the ugly duckling, you’re absolutely perfect.” You assure him, Nate uses his hands to slowly lift his t-shirt over his head. You watch in awe as his muscles flex, he was toned and looked amazing you couldn’t believe that he thought of himself as anything less than perfect. With another swift moment, he strips his pants off and kicks them off in a direction away from you both. Finally, he peels his boxers off, letting them drop to the floor he stood there completely exposed in front of you. 

Nate shrugs, “Maybe I am the ugly duckling, but you make me feel comfortable enough to do this and I want to help you feel the same way.” You purse your lips, tilting your head to the side as you thought about his comment, “what’s the worse that can happen? I see a little bit of fat?” 

You shrug, “I don’t want to disappoint you.” 

Nate scoffs, “babygirl, you can’t disappoint me, you succeed my expectations every single day by just being you.” 

You make eye contact with him, and can’t help but smile back as a grin toys on his lips, “alright.” You slip off his hoodie that you borrowed that you felt like should be a little baggier on you and Nate presses a reassuring kiss to your lips. 

“Keep going.” 

With another movement, you take off your t-shirt so you’re only in your bra. Nate’s smile widens and he leans forward to kiss down your neck and onto your shoulder. 

“Keep going,” he breathes. 

Taking off your jeans was your biggest fear, because you wore your jeans so tight they held everything in, you were scared of him seeing the cellulite on your thighs. Nonetheless, you unbutton your jeans and peel them off so you’re now just in your bra and panties, and you looked nothing like a Victoria’s Secret Model. 

Nate pulls you into him and gazes at you with admiration, lips finding yours he kisses you sincerely, “you are absolutely stunning, I love you so fucking much.” You felt relieved, because there was absolutely no more hiding, there didn’t have to be sex in the dark anymore because he had seen you. In one liquid motion, Nate unclasps your bra and slips it off your shoulders. 

“Thank you, I love you too.” You murmur with gratitude, Nate truly was one of a kind and you were so lucky to have a person like him in your life. 

As you let Nate touch you and see you in places you used to be so conscious about, you gain a newfound confidence about yourself…because if he loved it, why couldn’t you? 

I hope this made you feel amazing about yourself! Body image issues are something that everyone (even boys) have and it’s completely normal…just know that you ARE amazingly beautiful and deserve all the love in the world. Much love, I hope you enjoyed! - Bri x 

They Tweet a Picture of You and Your Friend

Matt: “ Come they said, It’ll be fun they said. @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”

Swazz: “@Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N finally done their hair. Pretty good if I say so myself, pretty good”

Dillon: “Thinking I’m their photographer @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”

Carter: “Pour it up, pour it up @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”

Shawn: “I’m so proud of @Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N built a fire all by themselves”

Nash: “@Y/T/N But noticeeee meee. @Y/F/T/N”

Taylor: “@Y/T/N why can’t we cuddle instead of @Y/F/T/N?”

Hayes: “Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N Why don’t they like pictures?”

Aaron: “@Y/T/N So cute. @Y/F/T/N”

Sammy; “Third Wheeling isn’t fun @Y/T/n @Y/F/T/N”

Nate: “@Y/F/T/N taking my baby @Y/T/N away from me for the day”

Cam: “Looks like I’m not the only one that can kiss @Y/T/N. @Y/F/T/N”

Johnson: @Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N may suck at bowling but as long as they’re having fun”

Gilinsky: “They swear they cute @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”