Thank you Bones for an incredible 12 seasons, 246 episodes, countless amazing characters and friendships, an abundant number of fantastic storylines, 2 of the best love stories of all time, and most importantly, 1 beautiful family of a cast. We will always love you.


1st episode || 246th episode ~~ (2005-2017)

Jack Hodgins… King of the Lab. Every time I see an insect and get scared I think of how disappointed Hodgins would be in me and then I’m just sad and scared. But I wouldn’t swap that feeling with feeling nothing at all by not knowing him. Jack Hodgins makes me smile more than I ever thought possible. Bones isn’t considered a comedy show but Hodgins makes me laugh every episode and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for motivating me to use what I have to my advantage. Thank you for giving me the strength to move on and do better. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for showing me what true love is. Thank you for being you.

Goodbye, Hodgins.
I will love and miss you forever.

i can’t believe my favorite show is over. it was such a beautiful and fitting ending and im crying tears of happinesss and sadness. cam and arastoo are adopting, hodgins and angela are writing a children’s book, hodgins is King of the Lab (this was so cute im sobbing), zack (omg that christmas photo of him and hodgins made me squeal, it’s one of my favorites), vincent nigel murray, and sweets (he knew (right from the beginning)) were all mentioned, so many memories were mentioned, and we ended the show with brennan and booth, the two people who began the whole thing. the most beautiful thing was the meaning of 4:47 finally being revealed at the end. it’s not the end to anything, it’s the beginning. there may not be anymore new episodes, but bones is not over, it will always be alive with us.

so to all my fellow bones fans, 4:47

Every episode of Bones ever
  • Booth: we got a body
  • Brennan: I need this all sent to the Jeffersonian
  • Brennan: fracture to the ulna
  • Intern: can't believe I missed that
  • Booth: I'm Agent Booth, FBI, and this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, we're here to ask you a few questions.
  • Angela: I plugged in the exact muscles and subtracted the injuries that occured postmortem and turned the skull inside out and showed it to the computer. Here's our victim
  • Hodgins: bugs and particulates indicate this exact spot
  • Cam: *gasps* that's where the husband works
  • Husband: no. I want a lawyer
  • Booth: *stares angrily*
  • Sweets at some point: I know that you're not upset over this case, its something else
  • Booth: no way. Don't get all shrinky on me. Ok youre right
  • Intern: I reexamined the bones and found this
  • Brennan: this leads exactly to our killer. Good work
  • Real killer: I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to beat her up a little
  • Brennan and booth: *long stare*
  • Brennan and booth: *have meaningful talk about whatever was bothering them*
  • Brennan at some point: you're a good man booth

Bones gave me so much, throughout the last 9 years. It gave me hope, happiness, peace… and it gave me my life back. I couldn’t be more thankful, and also, I couldn’t be more sad that it’s coming to an end. 

Everywhere I look I see bones, wether on my wall, on my twitter (when I had one) or even on my body… and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Bones, I love you, thank you for being my life, my constant.


Booth thinks I was deprived, because you never gave me any birthday parties as a child


Zack’s back (x)

“As you can see Zack was very fond of Dr. Brennan.”

“These are your clothes, Bones. The victim is meant to be you.”

Voice over: None of you have come to see me in some time. 

Zack, you don’t have to do this! Zack, listen to me! (Screaming)