Werewolf au Update!

So I’ve just posted the last publicly available chapter of my werewolf au series This Isn’t How It Work on Teen Wolf!  From now on, all werewolf au updates will be posted exclusively on my Patreon and can be read for the low, low price of $1/month!  I hope to see some of you readers over on Patreon, but either way, thank you so much for following me this far.


Was digging through old folders for SDCC, and got a huge nostalgia attack of old ROTG comics/stories I never finished. 

I can’t even tell when I’ll have the time to do comics again, but I hope to. It’s fun to tell “what ifs” stories.

These cleaned-up and rough pages are part of a larger story. In this “sequence” excerpt, they are trying to find books that are mysteriously disappearing.

(apologies, been a while since I posted. Really really really busy)