I decided to compile my Rainbow Snowcone fanart in a single post. Because I just loved them so much. I still do. But man, I remember how proud I was of these!! My time in this fandom was my last year of high school going into my first year of college and I drew way more than I did now. You can tell… *sigh* I miss it. Aahh, I loved the Snowboard/Ski lodge AU! <3


Inspired by the huge-ass thunderstorm that was raging outside my window tonight. So here’s a bit of fluff with my two favourite dorks for you to enjoy :3
- J.

Summary:  Jack LOVES lightning a LOT, but Hiccup is scared shitless and desperately requires a hug.
Warnings: -
Size: 891 words
Previously published on AO3


Jack sat on the bed behind the large window of Hiccup’s bedroom, looking at the spectacle in the night sky.

“Wow, did you see that one?!”

A big smile adorned his lips when he enthusiastically pointed at a section of the sky. He watched as more lightning arced between clouds, absorbed by the beauty of it. Rain was lashing down hard, but the wind was blowing away from the window so he had a pretty clear view. 

When he looked to his left, Hiccup was much father away then he’d expected.

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