Here are some awesome shots of my Frozen Fever Elsa cosplay from Anime Expo! I had such a blast this year!

I’m currently waiting on some photos of my Cinderella cosplay so I’ll be sure to post those as soon as I can! To see more of my cosplays, check out my cosplay tag here! :)

Thank you Louie and Jess for being my photographers / cape managers haha!

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42...Jack Frost?

You touched the side of your neck subconsciously, wondering vaguely if anyone had even noticed the frostbitten love bite on the side of your neck, or if you were just making a bigger deal out of it than needed. Alas, you had gotten through the day at school okay, and were thankful for the last drops of concealer you had. But, people at school didn’t play much attention and did their own thing, and as you walked up the path to your front door, you could hear your heart beating in your ears. Your mother had very keen eyes to this sort of stuff, and you prayed to the gods that she wasn’t home.

Clutching your books to your chest, you peeped your head in and looked around. She doesn’t seem to be here, you thought and booked it for the stairs. “Hey! You’re home earlier than usual, are you okay?” Your mother asked, stepping out of her bedroom. You jolted and held your books tightly as to not drop them down the stairs.

“Y-yeah,” you mumbled and smiled small at her, “Got a tummy ache, I’m just going to lay down. Call me when dinner is ready?” You said rather hurriedly.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” She stepped forward and cupped your face in her hands, “You’re not running a fever are you?” Step back, woman, you thought and began towards your room again.  

“I’m okay, really. I think I’m just tired. Call me when dinner’s ready,” you repeated and shut the door with a loud groan. “That was close…”

“What was close?” You heard the deep voice from your bed as as Jack sat idly, his fingers playing with the wooden staff. “Also, hi.”

You gave him a tiny smile and sat your things down on the floor beside your bed and crawled into the comfortable duvet, “So last night,”

“Was amazing.” He finished for you and looked down at you with deep cerulean eyes. “Were you not going to say that…?”

Shaking your head, you fell back on the sheets and mumbled, “It was amazing, but Jack… Y’need to be more careful about… marks and… and that sort of stuff… I was a paranoid mess all day because I thought someone was going to notice!” Gazing up at him, you noticed the confused look in his eyes as you sat up, grabbing one of the makeup remover cloths off the side table and wiped away the concealer on your neck. “This look familiar?”

“Oh my god,” He chuckled and looked at the dark purple mark on the side of your neck, “Wow… T-that…”


I swear it was an accident.

Sighing, you dropped your shoulders and nodded, “I figured it was but just next time… Be careful,” you touched his hand and pulled him down with you, “it’d be hard to explain to my family who my boyfriend is.”

OK OK OK, so I you didn’t hear of me lately because there was just a lot happening, but I was also working on THIS! And I’m so insanely happy with how it turned out! Wanted to draw Jelsa for a long time now because I LOVE this ship! Plus, I think this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever drawn! (Reference for the kissing pose: here)

I love you, guys!


These are kinda crappy but coolmrfrost and I started a Princess Bride AU thread and I was kinda inspired, so crappy 5am edits happened. Jack as Westley, Violet as Buttercup. They could be better but it’s late and I should be sleeping so I’m not gonna dwell on it. Much.