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You are the best! Thanks for explain to me the cassadee/rian thing, can you tell me what else is/was going on? (I know that Lisa and Alex got married) i already love you way too much! Haha

umm well 2014 atl did a european tour and it had THE best set list any atl tour has ever had. they were playing deep cuts like vegas, me without you, do you want me dead… it was amazing. i can’t really recall anything else they did music-wise in 2014? they were just recording future hearts in la with john feldmann. they got super close with 5 seconds of summer this year, and that brought about a new wave of young (kind of annoying) atl fans, who now comprise the majority of the twitter fan base. atl posted a lot of keeks, which are basically snapchat videos before snapchat had really taken off. they also won the first ap award for song of the year with “a love like war” (which sucks but well done to them i guess). but like i said, they just spent the latter half of 2014 recording.

2015 was indisputably atl’s most successful year as a band - they released future hearts which went to #1 and is their highest selling album, they played a sold out wembley arena show, and their press tour was pretty relentless, meaning they were doing like 8293946 interviews a day, so there’s a lot of #content from this year out there. they started playing arenas in the uk instead of academies, which i personally didn’t like (i prefer the intimacy of academies), but we have to deal with them getting bigger, i guess. this year was just one huge media circus around atl, and they reached the peak of their career at this time imo. also, alex got engaged! which was hella sweet. they started performing full frontal at comedy clubs rather than in their hotel room, too. and they played the theatre at madison square gardens, so they were pretty damn pleased w themselves at the end of the year.

2016 was… pretty quiet. they played more arena shows in the uk, alex got married in april and basically had the whole of baltimore shut down for the wedding, cass and rian got a french bulldog puppy… they basically spent most of this year recording what would become last young renegade, i guess. alex would hide away in a cabin in big bear lake for extensive periods of time, just writing. jack and alex made their snapchats public so we started getting #exclusive #content and a nice insight into what they were doing / how they were getting on. they released straight to dvd 2, which was funny but didn’t quite beat the classic original std. i don’t think anything else major really went on?

2017 was a shitshow. they released dirty laundry, the first single off lyr, in feb to veeeery mixed reviews. they also announced they’d left hopeless and had signed to fuelled by ramen - all signs pointed to a re-enactment of the whole interscope fiasco. they released 5 singles (half the album) before the album actually dropped, and had a weird concept of this character and all the mv’s were linked and they all wore matching denim jackets? it’s weird. they haven’t touched the concept in about six months, lmao. so lyr released and it flopped - it debuted at #9 (remember fh debuted at #1? yeah. yikes) and then fell off the top 200 album charts in its second week of release. so. not great. they did a tour supporting it regardless, and they seemed to be having fun, so good on them for staying positive, even when fans were abandoning them left right and centre over the change in sound and poor writing.

in terms of personal lives, jack got a girlfriend in january 2017, whose name is andie, and they were actually really sweet and great together and it seemed like they were super in love. but she broke up w him in november so love isn’t real. she came on the uk tour with him after two months of going out, so they were pretty damn serious. rian and cass got engaged in feb and then called off their engagement in may, and rian started going out with a new girl called dallas in july - they’re still together, and seem pretty serious. zack has had about 6282 girlfriends - the most serious was chey, and they were together for a couple months in summer before they (like jandie and riassadee) broke up. zack’s just being hoeing around since. alex is all domestic with his wife and two dogs and is kind of settled and boring now.

as for 2018, who knows! we’re not that far into it yet, but they’ve announced they’re playing swir in full on the uk tour, so hopefully that’s a good omen for the rest of the year. i don’t think they’ll release any more singles off lyr (they already have half the album out as singles), so i don’t quite know how they’re going to sustain this album cycle for another twelve months looool

The fact that it’s almost Christmas, Here is a playlist of Christmas songs sung by bands/arists to ROCK your Christmas :)

My Chemical Romance - All I want for Christmas is you (Cover)

Blink 182 - I won’t be home for Christmas

All Time Low - Merry Christmas, Kiss my ass

Fall Out Boy - Yule shoot your eye out

Dallon Weekes - Please don’t jump (It’s Christmas)

Panic! At The Disco - White Christmas (Cover)

Green Day - Xmas time of the year

The Brobecks - Christmas Drag

Dallon Weekes - Sickly sweet holidays

All Time Low - Fool’s Holiday

Sleeping With Sirens - Christmas on the Road

Tyler Joseph - Oh come, Oh come, Emmanuel

Patrick Stump - This Christmas

Simple Plan - My Christmas wish list

New Found Glory - Nothing For Christmas

My Chemical Romance - Every Snowflakes different (Just like you)

Panic! At The Disco - Feels like christmas

And a bonus Christmas song of Fall Out Boy singing “What’s this” lip synced by Phil Lester!


Don’t hate life because

Life = Panic! At The Disco

Green day

My Chemical Romance

All Time Low

Black Veil Brides

Twenty Øne Piløts

Fall Out Boy

Pierce The Veil

Falling In Reverse

Sleeping With Sirens


Linkin Park

Sum 41

The Killers


Bring Me The Horizon


Just wanted to spread some motivation today :)