Jack Antonoff

I’ve worked with a lot of people who are 1/100th as successful as her and work in $2,000 a day studios, listen to music through $1,000 speakers, order expensive sushi, have an entourage around them and make it this whole fucking thing. All of those distractions are designed to make the music less and less personal and compelling. I think one of the reasons why she’s so brilliant is that she just simplifies the process. What’s incredible to watch about Taylor is she writes the same way I remember writing when I was 15. Just having an idea and a guitar and working it out. Other times, I’d email her a track I put together that I think she’d like. Twenty minutes later, she’d send me a voice memo of her singing this chorus on top of the track, and 20 minutes after that, she’ll send me a verse idea.
—  Jack Antonoff on working with Taylor Swift (X)

You see that dude? The one standing next to million-time-Grammy-winning-genius Taylor Swift in the studio where they wrote 1989? That dude’s Jack Antonoff. His songwriting credits include “We Are Young,” “Some Nights,” “Brave,” and Taylor’s epic song “Out of the Woods”

And this genius dude is working/worked with Troye on his upcoming album

If for some reason you aren’t ridiculously excited for Troye’s upcoming album, you should really get excited like right now

Because I honestly don’t think we’re ready at all for the complete epicness that’s coming