Jack Antonoff

We were kinda in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her. I spoke to her on the phone and she had heard the song cause Jack had played it to her, so she really liked it. So she went into studio the next day, I think she was somewhere else, can’t remember exactly where she was though.
[On whether he was a little bit nervous pitching an idea to Taylor Swift on the phone and not knowing if she’s gonna say “oh really?”] Well, the interesting thing was - she is actually friends with Gigi, so she’d already reached out, cause Jack had already played her the song anyway cause we’ve [Jack and him] done it together and she really liked it and she’d mentioned to me that she liked the song so I already kinda knew in the back of my mind that she liked it so… I was like - I’ll ask her if she wants to be on it and she was cool with it.
—  Zayn Malik taking on Elvis Duran’s Morning Show about recording “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” with Taylor Swift (X)
I first met Taylor Swift at an awards show, which is a pretty easy place to suss out who is cool. Right off the bat I was like, This is a person I want to know. Just because she’s a very famous person doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist outside of that space. She’s wonderful and special and treats me really nicely and we have a great, mature relationship. She’s on a short list of people like that for me.
—  Jack Antonoff on his BFF taylorswift :)
‘I Wish You Would’ is a song that I wrote with Jack Antonoff and it was the first song we ever worked on together. I think, for this song, we wanted to create a sort of John Hughes movie visual with pining and, you know, one person’s over here and misses the other person but is too prideful and won’t say it. Meanwhile this other person is here and missing the same person; they’re missing each other but not saying it and I had this happen in my life and so I wanted to kind of narrate it in a very cinematic way where it’s like you’re seeing two scenes play out and then in the bridge you’re seeing the final scene, um, where it resolves itself, so it says 'it’s a crooked love in a straight line down, makes you wanna run and hide but it makes you turn right back around’ so it just kind of is like that dramatic love that’s never really quite where it needs to be and that tension that that creates.
—  Taylor Swift on ‘I Wish You Would’ (x)

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