Trees For The Signs

Aries Tree // Japanese Maple 

Taurus Tree // Dogwood 

Gemini Tree // Olive 

Cancer Tree // Willow 

Leo Tree // Jacaranda 

Virgo Tree // Oak 

Libra Tree // Cherry Blossom

Scorpio Tree // Fir

Sagittarius Tree // Rainbow Eucalyptus 

Capricorn Tree // Spruce

Aquarius Tree // Magnolia 

Pisces Tree // Wisteria 

everyone keeps raving about cherry blossoms and i don’t blame you, because they’re beautiful

but have some of you guys never seen jacaranda trees in full bloom before

they are everywhere in LA, especially around may

look at these, they’re like our version of anime openings

i hope senpai notices me today

they even do the thing

they make me so happy


[x x x x x x x