seeing the Jabbawockeez on World of Dance is so surreal like damn

people are treating them like legends and rightly so 

ive been a HELLA fan of theirs ever since i saw them on America’s Best Dance Crew way back in 2008 (ALMOST TEN YEARS WOW)

i actually got to see them live and they signed my Jabbawockeez tshirt (which was one i had bought before the show) and they noticed it wasnt one of the ones they were selling there and one of them was like “oh …this is a real fan” U//u//U

they asked my name and when i said “Cui” they all OHH‘d and pointed at one of the guys who said (very excitedly) “My name’s Phi!!!

Phi!” (points at himself)

Cui!” (points at me)

it was super adorable and i just wanna put it out there that i really love the jabbawockeez ;u;


It’s all in your imagination….

“Some Minds” by Flume | The Jabbawockeez

Link to the full video


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