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  • YUGYEOM: our hyungs are such assholes, they always treat us like shit. Especially Jaebum Hyung.
  • YUGYEOM: why aren't you saying anything?
  • BAMBAM: ...
  • YUGYEOM: *turns around to see JB right behind him* shit
  • JB: BamBam, leave the room, close the door behind you. Don't tell the others, I'll give you a dollar.
  • Bambam: ...okay
Dear my followers, do support the comeback of DAY6 by watching their newest MV ‘I Wait’. They did an impressive comeback song this time and really deserve massive exposure and recognition. If you never heard of DAY6 (a JYPE band group) do give yourself a chance to listen to them you’ll see how talented the boys are. Also, do help streaming their MV ‘I Wait’ and increased the views. Thank you. ❤

  • I Wait mv: too beautiful, too well produced, too impressive, too much pretty, just too much
  • I Wait song: killer verse, killer prechorus, killer chorus, killer bridge, killer bassline, killer guitar riffs, killer vocals, can actually kill and simultaneously bring back from the dead
  • Sundays: have never been more shook

Jinyoung: *does bingu T.O.P on stage to impress hyungs and show the maknaes how its done*

Members: …

Jinyoung: *walks to Jackson oppa to see his reaction*

Jackson: …

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