[NEWS] 160829 Park Yuchun’s first female accuser indicted on charges of ‘false allegations & attempted blackmail’

The first female, who accused singer-and-actor Park Yuchun of sexual assault, has been handed over for trial on charges of false allegations and attempted blackmail.

It was disclosed that Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office indicted the 24-year-old Ms. Lee to detention under the suspicions of false accusations, when she said she suffered sexual assault after having sexual relations with Mr. Park.

Also, 33-year-old Mr. Hwang –a former gang member who had extorted money and other valuables from Mr. Park as a justification in this case– and Ms. Lee’s boyfriend 32-year-old Mr. Lee will be handed over for trial on charges of attempted blackmail, too.

It’s reported upon investigating that the boyfriend Mr. Lee had conspired to receive money from Park Yuchun last June 4th with the pretext for settlement money after hearing Ms. Lee’s words about suffering sexual assault.

It’s reported upon investigating that there were threats made; when they met with Mr. Park’s manager the following day [June 5th] together with gang-affiliated Mr. Hwang who was introduced by an acquaintance, when meeting with Mr. Park’s side every day till the 8th of the same month [June] after demanding money, and in having said they will let the media-presses know of the matter.

However things turned out contrary to what they intended and Ms. Lee is under suspicions of making false allegations with her accusations of sexual assault against Mr. Park.

The prosecution, like the police, are making a decision on Ms. Lee just having sexual relations and trying to reach an agreement with Mr. Park; and not having suffered sexual assault.

The prosecution are investigating toward whether the other 3 females, who had accused Mr. Park of sexual assault, made false allegations; following Ms. Lee.

Source: YTN News via Naver
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
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Chad Future just insulted and offended an entire genre by literally saying that ‘he is better than it’. A rich ass white man throws himself into a genre and a culture with that privilege of his, claims he is doing something 'new’ and 'unique’ with his koreaboo ass, and has the audacity to put himself on the same level as other artists that have been in the business longer than he has been, busted their asses and ran themselves sick and exhausted to be the best they can be… Used artists names to rack in whatever fame and money it brought him, and he left it because 'he’s grown out of kpop’ and 'he’s grown up’?

Amber busts her ass trying to make her music known within the kpop industry, make F(x)’s name have a lasting impression on everyone that hears her music and dedicates herself and her time to her fans and career.

Yixing practically kills himself so that EXO has a name in China, but is so dedicated to his fucking group and his fans, so god damn loyal, even to his company that he stays no matter what damper it is putting on his health.

Jaejoong, Junsu, and even Yoochun (despite recent events) still wake up, still go to work, still make music EVEN THOUGH they can’t preform on music shows, can’t promote actively as a group in Korea, can’t have as many concerts.

B.A.P were open to going back to a company that treated them like shit because they couldn’t chance not being able to promote as B.A.P anymore, make music for their fans.

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