“TVXQ are old and irrelevant!!!”

I’m seeing a lot of this line of thinking lately (primarily on Twitter) and wanted to clear things up a bit for people who may believe in this (false) notion

A bit of a background~ TVXQ is a duo that originally was a group of 5 that debuted in 2003. In 2009, that group of 5 parted ways to form TVXQ and JYJ separately.

Now, back to my point~

Despite having debuted 14 years ago, having gone through a group split that devastated/divided the fandom, and being on a 2 year hiatus, THIS is the reaction “irrelevant ol’ TVXQ” garners~

TVXQ may be “old” by your relative standards (since I’m assuming many of you got into kpop 2015 and after- based on my experience at least), but they are by no means “irrelevant”

I’m not asking you to study all these “old” groups but I ask that you respect them, because without their effort and the effort of their fans, you probably wouldn’t have known of kpop or known it as you do now

Our ocean looked like this

So yours could look like this

So please keep this in mind.

Also, if you see someone disrespecting a group like that, please do not hesitate to call them out~ ❤️

I’m so tired of younger fans and fans in general calling older groups and idols old because they aren’t a fetus anymore.

I swear when you hit your late 20s as an idol in a Kpop group. Apparently you’re ‘old’. How? That’s still young af. These idols go into Kpop to follow there dreams as to be artists. I mean as time goes by. Yeah some idols don’t want to do it anymore but that’s for any idol tbh. Young, middle aged, old whatever. These idols achieve their goals to become famous and show off their talent. Like I see fans calling BIGBANG old. They’re only 26-29???? They’re in their 20s, mid and late? That’s not near old at all. Why are fans like this?