[TRANS] 161201 A Fellow soldier named “Yeongwoong” talks about meeting Kim Jaejoong

I was like “wow, he is so cool” when he sang “Mirotic”… And I just listened to “Love in the Ice” or other good songs by JYJ.
Didn’t pay much attention to Kim Jaejoong but…

Having met him in the army made me think that he is genuinely a nice person
So I decided to visit his Gallery to upload these!
He gives autographs without hesitation, even people from other divisions come to ask for it…
I thought I would feel awkward but he talked to me first and was very playful with me!
30 minutes passes by easily once we start talking. He is so friendly and nice.

We will be discharged on the same day, I came out for the last holiday before him coz I acumulated a little more days…
Before i came out, I asked an autograph for my friend and he gave me a NO.X CD Album autographed.

My name matches his name in a strange way so I got teased alot too but…
My army life is almost complete.
It’s regrettable that I couldn’t become closer to him coz I wasn’t in the band…
But Jaejoong hyung will come out soon for his last holiday so fans be stronger for a little longer.

“We enlisted on the same day, Yeongwoong!
My army life became complicated because of you ^^
Your name sounds familiar somehow!” – Kim Jaejoong

Translator’s Note: The soldier’s name is Yeongwoong (Hero) LOL If they stand side by side, they become Yeongwoong Jaejoong

Source: @DC_Jellery
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Soul

Honestly though, this whole trend of doing kpop gender tests has got to stop. I don’t even know why something as offensive and degrading as this exists in the first place. It’s just downright disrespectful and wrong in so many ways.

[TRANS] 161201 Special Welcome Back Gathering for Kim Jaejoong on December 31th

[TRANS] 161201 CJeS Notice: Special Welcome Back Gathering for Kim Jaejoong (For Korean Fans)


Hello, This is CJeS
Kim Jaejoong is completing his Military Service and is coming back to us on December 30th.
We prepared a celebratory open door event for Kim Jaejoong so he can greet his fans.
Please come out to celebrate his discharge in this special event.

*Time/Date: December 31th Open space type of event, more details will be revealed on December 14th).
*Event Content: Greeting and Talk/Fan Signing Event (Limited to 200 people).
*Fan Signing Event Instruction:
– Application Period: December 10th, 2-6PM
– Application Instructions: Please take a photo of the serial number of Kim Jaejoong’s second album NO.X and send it to the following email along with your fans history that describes your love for him (cjesent.jj@gmail.com)
The random selected 200 fans will get aitographs at the spot. (Must write name, phone number and the album’s serial number).
– Winners will be contacted one by one on December 14th.
– We will notify the place and the method to get the number pass on the event’s day via text.
– The applicant must participate in the event. You can’t apply for someone else.

Source: CJeS
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Soul

[TRANS] 161129 “Welcome Back Jaejoong” FanMeeting to be held on 31th December 2016 (For Japanese Fans)

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161201 Ikuo Hayashi Instagram Update – Japanese Lyrics intensive course

Translator’s Note: Ikuo Hayashi is the organizer for Junsu’s concerts in Japan.

[PHOTO] 日本コンサートの為
#ジュンス #junsu #努力家


For Japan concert
In the middle of Japanese lyrics intensive course!
#ジュンス/Junsu #junsu #Hardworker

Source: i.hayashi
Translated by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Shared by: XIAOVERFLOWER + JYJ3 + JYJ Soul


“In the conflict with the company, I had tough times in my twenties. It’s not a proper thing to say in front of my parents who are here but we were like…we should go farming if we fail. Because the cancelling fees (for the contract) were too expensive. We didn’t have that much money. We came out for our liberty and happiness.We said, “If we lose the lawsuit, let’s just leave and die.” That’s what we were feeling. We wanted happiness so badly. We won our freedom not because we were great or because we were very wise but because you kept cheering for us. Without you, we had nothing to rely on. We would not have been so brave. So I would like to say, what I am proud of for the most since my debut is every one of you. Thank you so much! You are my biggest achievement.”

Chad Future just insulted and offended an entire genre by literally saying that ‘he is better than it’. A rich ass white man throws himself into a genre and a culture with that privilege of his, claims he is doing something 'new’ and 'unique’ with his koreaboo ass, and has the audacity to put himself on the same level as other artists that have been in the business longer than he has been, busted their asses and ran themselves sick and exhausted to be the best they can be… Used artists names to rack in whatever fame and money it brought him, and he left it because 'he’s grown out of kpop’ and 'he’s grown up’?

Amber busts her ass trying to make her music known within the kpop industry, make F(x)’s name have a lasting impression on everyone that hears her music and dedicates herself and her time to her fans and career.

Yixing practically kills himself so that EXO has a name in China, but is so dedicated to his fucking group and his fans, so god damn loyal, even to his company that he stays no matter what damper it is putting on his health.

Jaejoong, Junsu, and even Yoochun (despite recent events) still wake up, still go to work, still make music EVEN THOUGH they can’t preform on music shows, can’t promote actively as a group in Korea, can’t have as many concerts.

B.A.P were open to going back to a company that treated them like shit because they couldn’t chance not being able to promote as B.A.P anymore, make music for their fans.

And you leave because you are a better person now? Kpop just isn’t you anymore?

Kpop doesn’t need a fuckhead like you promoting alongside artists like these anyways. Good riddance.