To those of you who only know Justin through Rainbow Mansion, yes, he sings and plays guitar. His all-time idol is Freddie Mercury. 

Peaches can play guitar and sing too, though Justin sings a lot better, so Peaches calls on Justin every time he’s got song ideas and wants someone to sing them. Peaches is waaaay obsessed with music but ended up dating the most tone-deaf person in existence whose knowledge of music goes about as far as Beyoncé. 

Anyway, allow me a brief moment to talk about Peaches and Justin because I love them. Beyond all the stuff that happens between them when Essie/Peaches are on the rocks, they do really understand each other on a pretty deep level, beyond just their musical interests. They both understand depression, anxiety, fear of abandonment, and feelings of inadequacy. They rely more on their significant others more than they should to function properly. Beyond that, Justin really likes that Peaches is frank about preferring and enjoying the company of feminine men– that’s pretty rare in gay men. Peaches is 100% cool with how people choose to express themselves, and he’s the quiet and calm dude that Justin sometimes needs to balance out his frantic energy. Peaches had shitty parents and then even shittier foster parents. Justin had a step-dad who constantly belittled him. They’ve had to struggle to figure normal life out. Fortunately, Peaches’ had enjoyed a better “moral compass” than Justin, but older men didn’t exploit Peaches when he was too young to know better, and he has never had an addictive personality. 

It’s no wonder that even when Justin is happy and in love with Thad, he has occasional pangs over Peaches, because Peaches gets him when most don’t, and vice versa.

 This pic was drawn to this song.