Good Linguistic McElroy Jokes
  • portmanteaus
  • when they describe something specific with vague words e.g. instead of saying something like “I go to Chuck E Cheese to play skee ball” they’d say “I go to the fun mouse place and play games”
  • when they describe something mundane with specific words e.g. instead of saying something like “I put my binder in my backpack and go to class” they’d say “I put my Unicorn Lisa Frank binder in my Jansport and then hop on to my Razor Scooter and zip on over to Harvard University”
  • saying words phonetically
  • saying words with Emphasis
  • putting emphaSIS on tHE wrong sylLAbles
  • singing a word for emphasis
  • wrong grammar e.g. “a orange”
  • using bigger vocabulary the angrier they get

feel free to add more