While I'm here...

A story my husband told me about his Trandoshan (lizardman / bounty hunter) in a Star Wars game. His character had broken into and searched an occupied house. He was about to leave, but then he had an idea.

Husband: “So, the owner of this place, he’s asleep on the couch?”

GM: “…yeah?”

Husband: “I want to interrogate him.”

Apparently the NPC in question wasn’t just sleeping, but passed out, drunk AND high. So when he woke up to a giant lizard making threats and asking questions, he not only answered them, but also volunteered the locations of every weapon in the house. So hubby left an arsenal richer.

noora left william in london without saying anything

just packed up and left without him knowing

the one thing he was terrified of

remember when he was scared of her leaving just bc she was going to get a glass of water 

because she left him without saying anything that night after the party in 2.03

we’ve come full circle y’all

It sort of bothers me that they used Noora not being able to testify against Nico as a plot device to break No*rhelm up. Like, they took this very real issue and important issue in cases like this wherein people never get justice because of the fear of testifying and made it a small plot side plot to facilitate No*rhelm breaking up. Made it all about how William feels about Noora.

I understand it happens, people report and cannot follow through but I feel like it just undermined one of the most important aspects of S2. One of the most inspiring and powerful aspects of S2.

I feel like it’s the same sloppy writing that saw Emma out Isak for the sake of the wider plot, then ignored how not okay and serious it is.