OUAT 3x13: Witch Hunt

Outlaw Queen already like each other!

Regina saves Robin’s son, Roland, from a flying monkey!

And then proceeds to turn that monkey into a toy for Roland!


Robin follows Regina into the underground tunnels of her castle.

And tells her the story of how Roland’s mother died.

Regina thinks she has no one.

But Robin’s gonna be her new reason to live.

All these Outlaw Queen scenes are just SO GOOD!

I bet Regina was happy with Robin before this new curse took her away from him. She was finally happy, for once.

In present time, Emma asks where Neal is, which makes Hook look so sad because he thinks, after everything he went through, she still wants Neal. Either that or he knows where Neal is and he’s keeping that secret from his Swan to protect her.

Hook tells the Charmings that after he left them in the Enchanted Forest, he just got on his ship and sailed away.

Until a “bird” brought him the potion and a note telling him to save Emma. WWOTW sent that potion! What if there’s something wrong with it?!

Emma and Hook talk with Charming about Emma almost marrying a monster.

Emma & her dad really are the Storybrooke police force, with Hook’s help.

Emma leaves her boys to go work with Regina, who still has magic, to figure out who really cursed the town.

Meanwhile, Hook, Robin, & Charming work together, in the forest.

By the end, Hook’s back in Emma’s home, like one of the family!

Hook, Emma’s SO pretty, SO smart, SO adorable…

She is “proud” to be Henry’s mom.

But Emma’s life is so hard. All she wants is another nap, or a drink, or both.

She’s having to keep the truth from her son and she’s making everyone else lie to him too.

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