IKON reaction to you doing aegyo

B.I: When you call him he’d look at you shyly and smile but wouldn’t be able to make eye contact. 

“hihi babe you’re cute”

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Jinhwan: This little fluffball would really like your aegyo. I can see him doing some as well if he’s in a really good mood.

“Gimme a kiss you little cutie~”

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Yunhyeong: This angel would be happy and act silly with you. Just look at his adorable face, he’s loving it too much.

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Bobby: Bunny Bobby would do this little happy dance while you’re doing it. I can see him taking a video of you so he can brag about how cute you are to everyone.

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Donghyuk: He wouldn’t be able to look at you for long because he’d find you too cute.

“Baby stop it! Don’t do this to me~~ hahah”

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Junhoe: The cool guyHe’d act as if he’s not affected by your aegyo and would try to hide his smile, but he’d fail.

“pff babe please…”

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Chanwoo: I think he would break out into a big smile and would tell you to do it again, and again… aand again.

“ahh so cute haha do it again please!!”

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William Clayton is honestly the cutest thing that has ever been in any Arrowverse show and I can’t wait to see him again soon. Just look at his adorable face. 

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Even better, he’s not a huge fan of the Flash. 

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“Just look at his cute little adorable face!” Lily insisted, shoving the flat faced feline into James’ face.

Lily Evans Potter, the woman who saw the beauty in everything. Even the ugly things. Because James swore on Merlin’s pants, this cat looked like the ugliest little prissy cat he ever saw.

“Lils, you know if I let you keep it, Sirius will tear it to shreds.” James stated calmly, not showing his wavering attitude towards his wife.

“Oh Sirius can go throw his little fit somewhere else. I like him.” The red head beamed, stroking the short haired cat, giggling. “Besides, James, we both know how this argument’s going to go. You’re going to take Sirius’ side and say no, I’m just going to keep it anyways, you’re going to get frustrated, I’m going to snog you for half an hour until you say yes and then Sirius is going to get mad at you for not taking his side.” The girl shrugged, smiling innocently.

The young couple had had fights like these before. James couldn’t see why he could never seem to win a fight with this woman.

“Can’t we just skip to the snogging part?” James pleaded half heartedly with a cocky grin.

“Of course not. Now I’m going to get Fluffers some milk.” Lily said happily.

Fluffers? Lily, we are NOT naming our cat Fluffers.” James groaned, pinching the middle of his forehead in frustration.

Our cat?” She smirked, winking at him before walking into the kitchen. James got up from his spot on the couch and followed her. 

“Alright. We keep the cat. But let me and Sirius pick the name." 

Lily looked at him, blinking. "Fine. But nothing stupid." 

James grinned, knowing the only names he and his best friend could come up with were stupid. (Reason number 1 for why Sirius was not asked to name their future child.)


"A fricken cat?” Sirius roared, glaring at James from across the room.

“It was all alone on the street-” James tried to argue.

“A cat?! You got a CAT? Did you not think this through? I, Sirius Snuffles Padfoot Black, come into your house regularly at midnight for food and comfort and now I must share that food and comfort with a stupid little fur ball-hacking feline?” Sirius gave a great big sigh of frustration, flopping on the couch like the drama queen he is.

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So my friend Tori (bottom left, white shirt) was lucky enough to get into the Age of Ultron signing line at SDCC this year!

This is actual footage of her getting a high five from Chris Evans, after she mentions being excited to see his film, Before We Go (previously 1:30 Train). You can practically see his eyes light up in the second gif!

5SOS Preference #3 - First Night With The Baby (With Pictures)

A/N - sorry I haven’t wrote a preference in a while! I had a great holiday last week:-) happy easter everyone! Idek if I like easter or not, i’ve probably eaten my body weight in chocolate:/ ugh!


You had just gotten home from the hospital and you were absolutely exhausted, so you went to sleep straight away. Ashton was tired too, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of his baby boy.

Your son had finally fallen asleep after hours so Ashton didn’t want to pick him up in case of awakening him. He just looked at him, admired his adorable little face, the way his fists curled up in his sleep, his cute little noises that he made. 

“I can’t believe how much I love you, little guy.” Ashton whispered, carefully placing his little finger in his son’s tiny fist. 

His heart swelled and tears filled his eyes, feeling so much love for the baby boy that he created with the woman he loves. 

“My beautiful baby boy…”


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You were still in hospital, two days after giving birth to your baby girl. You and Calum were so happy and overwhelmed, neither of you had stopped crying since she was born. 

“Her hair is so soft and fluffy.” Calum says, running his finger over her head. “And her little button nose is so cute, I just love her so much.”

“I know, I can’t believe she’s the baby that’s been inside of me for those nine months.” You reply, laying back in bed.

“I’m gonna protect you as much as I can.” Calum whispers to the sleeping bundle in the cot next beside him. “No boyfriends until you’re 20.”

“Cal…” You laugh, already seeing the protective side of him. “You’re gonna be an amazing father.”


“I know you’re tired,” Luke murmured to the little girl, kissing her nose. “Being born is tiring right?”

He laughed to himself, running a finger over her cheek. He changed position, moving the baby girl so she was cradled in his arms. He wrapped a blanket around her, keeping her warm.

“We waited so long for you, and now you’re finally here.” He smiled, rocking her slightly. “I don’t know if i’m gonna be a good Dad… I hope so. I have a lot to learn I guess.”

“Bored of Daddy talking to you? At least your asleep huh?” He whispers, a lump in his throat. “I love you so much my princess.”


“Mikey, you should really get some sleep babe.” You murmur from the bed, half asleep yourself.

“What if something happens to her whilst we’re asleep? I can’t let anything happen to her Y/N.” He replies, reaching his hand out to fix the woolen hat on her head.

“Nothing bad can happen to her Mikey, I promise.” You smile, loving how caring he was about his baby girl. “Would it make you feel better if she slept in bed with us?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Thankyou babe.” He grinned, carefully cradling the baby girl then placing her in between the two of you. “I love you both so much…”

A/N - why did this take me so long  hope this is okay:-) I have like no inspiration to write so any requests or ideas would be appreciated, thankyou:-)