Exo’s Cuddling Styles

Chanyeol: Is a literal koala.  Will wrap his arms and legs around you and treat you like a log.  Hope you don’t have to get up for anything in the middle of the night because this guy’s grip is impossible to break out of.  You’re his prisoner of love for 5-7 hours a night.

Suho: He sleeps curled up like a precious baby, so you will have to do the cuddling.  He doesn’t mind being the little spoon and loves waking up with you pressing kisses to the back of his neck.

Yixing: He becomes dead weight as soon as he hits the mattress but no matter how tired he is, he always reaches for you in his sleep.  Even if you start out sleeping apart, you’ll eventually find yourself wrapped up in his embrace with no knowledge of how it happened.

Baekhyun: The clingiest.  Can and will put Chanyeol to shame.  If he’s not touching you in some way, he can’t sleep at all.  His puppy like sleeping habits will bite you in the ass sometimes, especially if he’s whimpering right in your ear or ends up twitching in his sleep and kicks you on accident.  A dangerous cuddler.  You may not make it out alive.

Kyungsoo: Secretly loves cuddling but won’t admit it, so you have to be the one to initiate.  Occasionally prefers to be the little spoon but he will give you the stink eye for days if you mention it to any of the members.  Don’t worry, Kyungsoo.  Your secret is safe.

Kai: Koala 2.0, learned all of his tricks from Chanyeol and Baekhyun.  Snuggles you like his life depends on it.  His grip isn’t as tight so you can maneuver away if you need to, but just look at his adorable face.  Why would you ever want to let go of him?

Sehun: He would love sleeping with you tucked up against his chest with your head right under his chin.  He feels safe and warm when you’re near him and will whine endlessly if you try to separate yourself from him.  “I just need to pee, Sehun.  I’ll only be a minute.”  “But I love you and I miss you please don’t leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh hey you’re back.”

Chen: Vice President of the Clingy Club.  He’s plastered to you no matter what position you’re sleeping in.  You could be sleeping on your stomach and he’d end up lying on your back.  Has to have a body pillow to sleep with when you’re not there or else he’s cranky in the morning.

Xiumin: Best cuddler 2kForever.  Doesn’t go crazy over it like some of the members, but he loves having you close to him.  His strong arms will cradle you to his chest and you will never feel as content in your life as you are in those moments.

IKON reaction to you doing aegyo

B.I: When you call him he’d look at you shyly and smile but wouldn’t be able to make eye contact. 

“hihi babe you’re cute”

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Jinhwan: This little fluffball would really like your aegyo. I can see him doing some as well if he’s in a really good mood.

“Gimme a kiss you little cutie~”

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Yunhyeong: This angel would be happy and act silly with you. Just look at his adorable face, he’s loving it too much.

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Bobby: Bunny Bobby would do this little happy dance while you’re doing it. I can see him taking a video of you so he can brag about how cute you are to everyone.

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Donghyuk: He wouldn’t be able to look at you for long because he’d find you too cute.

“Baby stop it! Don’t do this to me~~ hahah”

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Junhoe: The cool guyHe’d act as if he’s not affected by your aegyo and would try to hide his smile, but he’d fail.

“pff babe please…”

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Chanwoo: I think he would break out into a big smile and would tell you to do it again, and again… aand again.

“ahh so cute haha do it again please!!”

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William Clayton is honestly the cutest thing that has ever been in any Arrowverse show and I can’t wait to see him again soon. Just look at his adorable face. 

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Even better, he’s not a huge fan of the Flash. 

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Cat Tendencies Adrien (Part 2)

I love the miraculous tendencies and I’m finding so many more head canons for it, so here is a continuation from my part 1 of this potential head canon series

- Just like how Adrien is cat like in human form chat noir is essentially a cat in human skin, and it drives both ladybug and Marinette up the wall

- When Chat pops over to Marinette’s house he unofficially claims the little settee couch in her room

- And chat noir is a major flirt so he has no decency, like Marinette turns around from fixing some of her sketches and there Chat is completely sprawled over her couch legs and arms haphazardly thrown around and he’s just a purring mess on her couch

- But this can take another turn, what if chat likes to lie on Marinette?

- She’s there on her bed reading with a Chat Noir on her lap kneading and purring and just rubbing his face all over her legs

- Cause Marinette you smell really nice

- And then on another day Chat finds Marinette’s yarn collection when he was waiting for her to finish up in the bakery

- When Marinette comes up at the end of the day, it’s chaos. There is yarn everywhere, it’s all over her room and Chat’s in the middle of it all with the smuggest expression

- Poor Marinette is this close to throwing the mangy cat out for good, but just look at his adorable face how can you say no

“Just look at his cute little adorable face!” Lily insisted, shoving the flat faced feline into James’ face.

Lily Evans Potter, the woman who saw the beauty in everything. Even the ugly things. Because James swore on Merlin’s pants, this cat looked like the ugliest little prissy cat he ever saw.

“Lils, you know if I let you keep it, Sirius will tear it to shreds.” James stated calmly, not showing his wavering attitude towards his wife.

“Oh Sirius can go throw his little fit somewhere else. I like him.” The red head beamed, stroking the short haired cat, giggling. “Besides, James, we both know how this argument’s going to go. You’re going to take Sirius’ side and say no, I’m just going to keep it anyways, you’re going to get frustrated, I’m going to snog you for half an hour until you say yes and then Sirius is going to get mad at you for not taking his side.” The girl shrugged, smiling innocently.

The young couple had had fights like these before. James couldn’t see why he could never seem to win a fight with this woman.

“Can’t we just skip to the snogging part?” James pleaded half heartedly with a cocky grin.

“Of course not. Now I’m going to get Fluffers some milk.” Lily said happily.

Fluffers? Lily, we are NOT naming our cat Fluffers.” James groaned, pinching the middle of his forehead in frustration.

Our cat?” She smirked, winking at him before walking into the kitchen. James got up from his spot on the couch and followed her. 

“Alright. We keep the cat. But let me and Sirius pick the name." 

Lily looked at him, blinking. "Fine. But nothing stupid." 

James grinned, knowing the only names he and his best friend could come up with were stupid. (Reason number 1 for why Sirius was not asked to name their future child.)


"A fricken cat?” Sirius roared, glaring at James from across the room.

“It was all alone on the street-” James tried to argue.

“A cat?! You got a CAT? Did you not think this through? I, Sirius Snuffles Padfoot Black, come into your house regularly at midnight for food and comfort and now I must share that food and comfort with a stupid little fur ball-hacking feline?” Sirius gave a great big sigh of frustration, flopping on the couch like the drama queen he is.

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If I’m denied dancing (“dancing”), then at least I can have singing!

Oh, Estelle, would it kill you to make out with Pilfrey just a little bit?

I mean, sure, yeah, Pilfrey is a complete and total loon, but c’mon!  Just look at his adorable little happy face! 

How can that possibly be less appealing than Paul Slippery’s constant expression of gormless gormlessness?