Ok this might come out sounding mean knowing me (I’m not very well spoken so if something I say bothers you tell me so I can explain better)
But legit the twitter fandom is just a bunch of trolls, the majority of twitter users are trolls and tbh you can’t change them with words or blocking them or anything, but what you can do is just ignore them, all they want is more attwntion and they are probably refreshing your blogs laughing at how much attention we are giving them which is shitty yes, but I mean thats what they want just ignore them, and I can’t stess this enough ok ignore them calling you stupid names and shit because they are being immature but we are being just as immature as them by posting about it and just generally giving them our time trying to defend ourselves from shit like “stupid slut”, like sit yourself down and look at this situation, this person has NO idea who you are, they have nothing more than ONE post that tbh is pretty entertaining, and they are saying the same shit a fucking 12 year old would say on a fucking cod server to someone who shot them, like are you really gunna give these type of people your time of day and take them seriously when they are acting like fucking children??? Just ignore them as hard as it may seem try to rationalize this and you’ll see that these people literally have nothing against you, they are acting like a watered down version of the fucking gnome. You and your friends know that what they are saying about you doesn’t define you so why should what they say matter? Let them get their heads out of their asses by themselves they don’t deserve to be on your blog and they don’t deserve any of our time.

Happy Birthday stormy ( @khaoticvex)

Lemme remind that once upon a time I asked you wether I could draw your belly dancer AU or not and guess what I was saving that for today (aka yesterday the day of your birthday) problem is I didn’t really know the day of your bday but I was waiting for someone to say it or do something and BAM it was yesterday and i discovered today when I went to the traitor the supposedly natsu to my gray @selenba ( we gonna talk about this later you traitor ). And so i tried the belly dancer thing and the only way to honor that AU was using your way to color Natsu that’s why i he is a bit more tan compared to how i usually color him as for the bg you could have guessed that i had no idea what to do so I did a starry sky with shooting stars clever move Sou ( sou is me tbh i am praising myself so what ?[ so so what I am still a rockstar I ‘ve got my rock moves … ] ignore that okay ) CAUSE when you see a shooting star you can make a wish and when you blow on your candles you make a wish SO thanks to my shooting stars you can make tons of whishes and have a really happy birthday belated actually but happy nonetheless or maybe charles or pantherlily  


anonymous asked:

Jere stop answering to the stupid hate anons. By responding you're giving them power over you. Just ignore it ok? *hugs* when you respond it shows it gets to you and that's just what they want. Ignore them and they would eventually stop.

They already stopped I think. But thank you