Whenever I get followed by a porn blog

I wonder if they really like my blog, or are they just trying to bring attention to what they have to offer.

It bugs me when people talk about “distraction.” Like, “While you all were all distracted talking about THIS thing, THEY did THAT thing!”

Like, why do you do this? You could easily just bring attention to THAT thing without downplaying the importance of THIS thing. Rarely is the thing that is supposedly a distraction something with absolutely no importance.

Also, it makes me question why you are sounding so righteous and above it all. YOU, who apparently wasn’t ‘distracted’, also failed to talk about this issue until after it had already happened. 

So, why exactly didn’t you know about it until just now? And what exactly were you doing to stop this thing from happening, or to at least make people aware that it was happening?


can i just bring attention to this video again? like more towards the bit with the talking at the end “we’ve also got a copy of bad blood on vinyl, i don’t know if you guys want to have a fight for it or something”

its funny that john is black for terezi bc he’s twofaced (ghostytrickster/ectobiologist), a large part of his character centers around jokes and clowning around, and he has a similar theme to gamzee 

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Also if you go on stalker Sarah's Twitter or Instagram she says that debby and Josh's are such a cute couple she could just be spreading rumors but there is still a chance they might be together. Frankly I'm more pissed that people are bugging them about it in Instagram and tagging them in photos from when they were together.

I saw her post on Instagram earlier actually where she calls them a “cute couple” and frankly I don’t exactly trust her as I agree 100% with what you said dear anon. she could very well be spreading rumours. We don’t know if they are together or not all we know from what they’ve told us is that they’re still close friends so really it’s none of our business. Plus I saw on Instagram people commenting on the picture Debby put up for Josh’s birthday and she replied too some people saying “calm down it’s not as cuddly as it looks.” So for now I think it’s best if people maybe not watch the video and keep the fuck out of their relationship unless they tell us otherwise.

Which of course is extremely shameful and humiliating because it’s something that I’m not and its obviously meant to make me feel ashamed, but it’s also like, something that is inherently wrong with me so if I talk about people doing this shit to me it’s just bringing more attention to my failure, and to my wrong body, and I don’t “get to complain” because I don’t have the energy or desire to perform femininity or anything resembling it. Sometimes I wonder why i failed to be socialized into femininity like my life would be a lot easier if it “felt” natural

i fucking love meeting new groups of people. not that im super social (or even do very well with new people) but i can completely change myself and express myself in ways without fear of people who already know me thinking ive changed or drawing attention to that change. like in high school i never wore dresses/ skirts cause i was always afraid someone was gonna point it out. not in a bad way, i just didnt wanna bring attention to myself. today i started my study abroad with complete strangers and i wore lipstick out in public for the first time. i know its not anything big, but it really matters to me?? i wish i didnt have to become anonymous to be able to dress the way i want but it really makes me so happy

White people swear that racism is just in our heads…that we just bring it up for attention. It’s amazing how oblivious and blinded some of them are.

Okay. But some real talk. I’m 5'8-5'9 and I can barely find dresses/skirts that cover my butt. Yes, it’s hard to find clothes for a short person, but keep in mind it’s easy to tailor that shit. It looks really awkward to have extra material at the end of a skirt/dress/shirt. I just wanted to bring attention to this. Have a good day.

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I found the vday video again -.-

aha yeah i heard it was going around :// it’s probably best to ignore it/ report it yourself. Like obviously people are linking it and saying “report it!!” with good intent but it’s just bringing more attention towards it!! But yeah it sucks 100% an asshole move and very disrespectful :-(

I hate consuming too much sugar because then I’m not able to sleep and I just get these urges to draw even when I find myself not able to and ughffuuuuuuuu.