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“The Father of Redwall” by accordionsrule


there’s a thing that happens in fandom that is just so frustrating. That whenever a POC character (or a woman, or someone who’s not straight, or who’s of a religious minority or etc etc etc) ACTUALLY DOES manage to become popular, and they become successful, Tons of fans will decide that the best and most interesting character is the Straight White Male Sidekick (or best friend, or VILLAIN??).

And that wouldn’t be a problem, that’s fine, everyone has their likes and dislikes. Except that they LOVE to try to explain it by tearing down the lead minority character. They make the most convoluted excuses, completely ignoring characterization, and often fall back on really lazy stereotypes to do so! And whatever their actual intentions are, it just, it stinks of racism.

not to mention the fans that are ACTUALLY SAYING RACIST THINGS?? and it’s mostly unintentional, but oh my god, do you not hear what’s coming out of your mouth? do you just not look at what you’re typing at all??


i want to reach my hands, magically, through the wifi, and shake them gently by the shoulders like


this character is a FORCE OF GOOD, they are actual good representation, they are SO POWERFUL and SO IMPORTANT to so very many people, and your little attempts to besmirch them? it’s just SO PETTY


And you cannot tarnish that, not with a thousand shitposts, and you cannot diminish it, not with a thousand anti-blogs. And when i say that this character is important, i mean that to some child out there, this Fictional Character is the most influential person ever to walk the earth!

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woah wtf is wrong with these kind of fans, these crappy akgaes. like really, they're too dumb to insult. and those dumb rumors, seriously woah, im speechless. CANT THEY SEE THAT YUNHO AND CHAANGMIN LOVE EACH OTHER, THOSE LOVELY BROS, LIKE NO ONE CAN SEPARATE THEM. wtf is in those crappy stans mind, where is the brain

I don’t know dear Anon, I don’t get it no matter how hard I try (i don’t try too hard tho, they don’t deserve it) but this is some one fine twisted mind right there…and kind of masochistic too, because if you decide to spend your days hating on someone who is almost 24/7 with your bias and you have to watch him constantly and listen about him from your biases mouth all the time…that’s pretty fucked up and i don’t know how much you must hate yourself to do that. XD But serious talk - this is very wrong and hurtful and all the worst in the fandom. :/ I just hope Yunho and Changmin don’t have to deal with them too much. 

It has come to my attention that one our player has been reviving anonymous hate messages. In the case that it is from one of our own members, I would like to say OOC hate is NOT tolerated. We want this more than anything to be a friendly and accepting community, but with the passive agressive messages towards our admining styles and hate to our members it’s becoming difficult. Please guys, I want this to be great and for you to all enjoy yourselfs, so please leave the drama for another time and place.

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I was a nosy bitch and found pictures of my boyfriends ex girlfriend on his computer. I don't know if he knows they're still there or not but they make me uncomfortable regardless (some were sexual). Do I tell him or just ignore it?

Tell him. Communication is so important in relationships. You know if you ignore it it’ll just eat at you anyways so might as well. Just tell him the truth. Don’t accuse him of anything, just bring it to his attention.

No more hiding, Ember.  Your DMCA’s don’t work anymore. From now on, they’re just going to bring more attention to everything you try to cover up.



I’ll be re-posting the rest as they continue to be returned : )


still waiting for sims to download so id just like to bring everyons attention to my fav dragon age video as of rn

I was sick of Dennis Rodman months ago and now it’s all coming back. He makes Kim Jong-un laugh at his bad jokes during one basketball game and suddenly he think he’s some kind of diplomatic Jesus.

I get that he might appeal to people who aren’t happy with Washington’s sanctions and prefer a different methods of diplomacy but… Dude’s kind of a tool and it seems pretty obvious he cares more about his publicity than about the actual future of US-DPRK relations. He didn’t save the world, he didn’t save Kenneth Bae (like he intended to), and the only person he did a favor for was himself.

I don’t care if the Nobel Peace Prize comment was a joke or not. He’s still an ass for even suggesting it. Someone ought to tell him that no one is actually expecting (or wanting) him to “make peace between hostile countries.”

I just wanna bring attention to this for a minute

If you search “Depression”, “Anxiety”, etc. into the Tumblr search thing, the site will literally ask you if you’re okay before you can continue to the results.

I don’t know why, but that’s really touching to me.

Alrighty Broadway bitches, let me just bring something to your attention. Elder Cunningham. He was the outcast, the short, awkward, nerdy one. And he drove the entire story THROUGH BEING HIMSELF. The only change he made to his personality in the entire play was becoming a leader instead of a follower; accepting responsibility. But that didn’t make him any less himself. He still referenced his way into our hearts and made tons of things up through the entire running time. But in the end, he was the hero. As you will notice, what made him the hero of the story wasn’t him being able to win the attention of Nabulungi or through whatever the hell the male version of a makeover is, it was him stepping up and taking responsibility. And yes, becoming a leader brought him to some pretty dire consequences, but the solving those consequences didn’t herald any personality shift either. Heck, Elder Cunningham was a follower for the first act of the play and it just made him more of an outcast. Now, look at mainstream media. Movies always tell people like Elder Cunningham that all their problems will be solved when they finally learn to fit in. In my case, when i learn how to stop looking like the “before” picture in every makeup advertisement. Because of the Book of Mormon Musical, i can safely call BS on anything that states the answer to an outcast’s problem is learning to fit in. So, dearest fellow Broadway Bitches, next time you see a fat, nerdy, comic relief sidekick be turned into a gorgeous hot lady or a player via makeover/complete personality change, just remember the underlining message in a ridiculous satirical Broadway musical.

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