I wish I had the ensemble that A.Ham has behind him to yell at me when I’m about to make terrible life choices.

I, like A.Ham, wouldn’t actually listen to them, and would still end up making said terrible life choices. But it would be comforting to know they’re there.


“So you’re Korean?”  You asked, studying Glenn’s face as you sat with him guarding the wall to Alexandria.  There weren’t any Walkers in sight, making it a pretty easy work shift.

“I’m Korean.”  He answered, turning his attention to you  and tilting his head to the side.  “Why?”

You shook your head, smiling widely at him.  “I just think that’s really cool.  I mean you’re a pretty awesome guy anyway.  Just trying to get to know you better.”  You answered nonchalantly.  


 Mob Psycho 100 Titanic!AU doodle dump ~ 

- Reigen is a third Class passenger that falsified a 1st class ticket. He often attends the fancy diners in order to bring back the food to 3rd Class and share with peeps there.

- Serizawa is another 3rd Class passenger. He befriend Reigen after witnessing what he was using his falsified ticket for.

- Shigeo ( Mob) is aboard the ship with his family. Reigen saved him from factory works and is trying to make him have a new life in America.

- Teru is a 1st Class passenger that met Mob after the boy saved him from throwing himself off the ship.

( more to be added later ~ ) 

You know the part in hamilton where alex goes “I am not throwin’ away my shot” and the ensemble goes “just you wait” like i die a little every time i hear that because it’s the most brilliant subtle piece of foreshadowing that is also relatively obvious but you won’t understand until your 3rd or 4th listening

How Kuroo caught Kenma. [x]

I blame @suggestivescribe for this. ‘cause I’m a sucker for all their wonderful works. Like. Real sucker. All thoses fic are fucking amazing, jfc.

can we pls appreciate the skill andrew minyard has at defending the goal he is a player that the us court will one day ask to join them he is just as talented as kevin day and neil josten pls dont erase the fact that my son plays well just bc he doesnt always want to play or doesnt try bc he doesnt want to slash doesnt care enough to ok ok 

Like Old Times

For @audreycritter You challenged me with this and I hope you enjoy it. 

Words: 1,700

Rating: Fluffy

Summary: Dick and Bruce bonding over crepes. 

Matches Malone sneezed, his nose wrinkling up just before and after the act, the first time to hold back the inevitable, the second to hold back his flopping mustache. Dick had to hold back laughter as his mentor discreetly pushed it back into place and glared at him over his sunglasses.

“Not a word.” Bruce threatened.

“Wasn’t going to say anything.” Dick said, popping a strawberry into his mouth to chew on.  

They were seated across from each other at one of Wayne Enterprises hotel’s enjoying a breakfast of crepes and orange juice. They were outside for two reasons: it was sunny, and their mark was eating two tables down from them.

Bruce’s mobster costume, and the whole setting were making Dick imagine old movies and tv shows from the 60s and 70s. He was tempted to pretend they were the Men from UNCLE or spies on an impossible mission. Not that it wasn’t close enough to the truth, they were following a drug kingpin, and at some point, they would be suiting up to take him down.

Dick should be bored, they’d been there hours before the man had showed up and still another hour as he ordered and ate, and in all that time Bruce had said less than fifty words. Instead of being bored, Dick found he was enjoying the day. He hadn’t sat across from Bruce on a stakeout like this almost since he’d been in pixy boots.

He missed time alone with Bruce. Missed missions being just the two of them, Dick cracking jokes and Bruce being too serious for his own good. On impulse, he reached out with his fork and snatched the last banana slice from Bruce’s plate, adding it to his own.

“That wasn’t yours.” There was that look again, over the sunglasses, but this time there was a smile. Yes, he’d missed this.

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Just You Wait (Daveed x Reader)

Collab with the lovely Ki aka @torturedbisexual


Warnings- KINK

Words- 1,439

The two of you couldn’t wait to get home.

After your first date in a month, you were eager to spend time with each other. All throughout dinner, Daveed couldn’t keep his eyes off of your figure. You mentally high-five yourself for remembering to wear the dress he liked.

It was only fair. He’d left his contacts at home and opted for a pair of smart glasses. Daveed looked so good in glasses.

The taxi ride home was almost unbearable. Your boyfriend rubbed circles on your thigh, slowly inching upwards.

“Stop it!” you hissed, casting a nervous glance towards the cab driver.

He smirked as his hand moved under the hem of your dress. “Or what?”

You stared out the window, too distracted to think of a response. You said the first thing that came to mind.

“Fuck you.”

Daveed smiled wider and leaned closer to you. You felt his hot breath against your ear and his grip on your thigh tighten.

“You will be as soon as I shut the front door, babygirl.”


You practically ran up to the door of your house and instinctively reached to get the keys from your back pocket and sighed, annoyed. Dresses without pockets were useless.

You heard an amused laugh and turned around to glare at Daveed. He twirled the keys around his finger.

“Having issues, Y/N?” he taunts.

“Open the door,” you demand. “I have a better use for those fingers.”

Lust flashes across his eyes as he walks towards the door. You step behind him and kiss the back of his neck as you hear a click. About damn time.

You begin to run to your bedroom when Daveed grabs your wrist and pulls you towards him.

“I want you here. Now,” he says. You shiver with anticipation as he starts to kiss you hungrily. His hand reaches up to brush the hair from your face when you feel a sudden pain as his fingers reach a knot.

“Ah! What the fuck, Diggs?” you question.

“I didn’t do anything! You wanted the cab windows down,” he answers. “However, I have better ways to mess up your hair.”

You rolled your eyes playfully as your arms circled his waist.

“Prove it,” you challenged.

You feel strong arms lift you off the ground as Daveed picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. He lays you down on the bed, holding your hands against the blankets.

“What happened to ‘I want you here’?” you quipped.

“I don’t think you’re in the position to be feisty, love,” he replies. “You remember what happened last time you mouthed off, don’t you?”

You begin to squirm, memories flooding your mind. If the punishment was so satisfying to both you and your lover, was there really any harm in misbehaving?

Daveed grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled your face closer to his.

“Answer the question.” he growled.

You bit your lip and whimpered. “Y-yes sir.”

Daveed tugged your hair, forcing you to throw your head back and expose your neck to him. “Yes sir, what?” he questioned.

“Yes sir, I remember what you did to me.”  you moaned. Daveed smirked and pressed open mouth kisses to you neck, marking and claiming you as his own.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for me today?” he taunted.

You let out a small, prey-like noise. “Yes sir. I’ll be good.”

“Strip.” he demanded. You stood off the bed and pulled your clothing off slowly, one piece at a time. Daveed’s gaze never once strayed from your body.

Daveed gave you a satisfied look. “Go sit at the end of the bed, sweetie.” he said softly.  You nodded and did as you were told. He circled around the bed, eyeing you like he might pounce any minute.

You kneeled in front of the headboard, hands folded carefully in your lap. Daveed loosened his tie and approached you from behind. He took both your wrists in one of his large hands and used his other to wrap the tie around them. He brought your hands up to the headboard and attached them there, rendering them useless.

“Good.” he hummed. He laid behind you on the bed and pushed your legs apart before flipping onto his back and positioning himself underneath you. “You’re gonna ride Daddy’s face. Okay, babygirl? And you’re gonna wait to cum until I say so.”

You nodded.

“Okay?” he asked again, more firmly this time.

“Yes, sir.” you replied. He placed a hand on either side of your hip. You started to descend on him, nearly shaking with excitement, but a loud crack stopped you.

“Ow, what the fuck?” Daveed’s voice rang. You raised your hips slightly.

“Y/N you broke my glasses!” he said angrily.

“I’m sorry, sir.” you said quietly. Daveed slid out from underneath you. You threw you head over your shoulder to look at him.

“Don’t call me that, this isn’t funny. These are expensive.” he looked down at them sadly.

You wanted to turn and comfort him, but you were still tied to the headboard and couldn’t move much except your legs. You reached one out and poked his thigh in an attempt to apologize.

Daveed looked up at you. Anger glinted in his eyes. “You’re gonna pay for this one, kitten.” he said menacingly.  He grabbed your ankle and pulled you so that your body was lying flat against the mattress except when it started to rise to where your wrists were still stuck.

He leaned his lithe body over yours. “You stay right here.”

His voice was teasing, but you understood the command behind it. You let your body lay stretched out on the bed as you heard drawers opening. You tried to turn and look at Daveed, but his tie prevented you.

Moments later, he returned to you, running a hand across your back. “I hope you’re ready for me, baby girl.” he cooed. He brought his hips back to thrust into you. You braced yourself for the pain, but instead, the doorbell rang.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Daveed shouted.

“I thought you were fucking me.” you said innocently. His hand came down on your ass, hard.

“Don’t sass me.”  he ordered.

“Yes sir!” you gasped at the fresh pain.

“Just ignore them, they’ll go away.” he whispered. You nodded and felt him start to tease at your entrance yet again.

“It’s pizza delivery!” A muffled voice was heard.

“Did you order pizza?” Daveed asked you.

“I have literally been with you since the second we got home. I’m not hiding a cell in my vagina.” you stated, dropping your act.

You heard Daveed sigh behind you. “Am I going to have sex with you or not?” he complained. You rolled your eyes and nodded.

He placed a hand on on your hip and one on your shoulder. Without warning, Daveed slammed into you. You yelped and tugged at the hand restraints.

“Are you okay in there?” the muffled voice said. Daveed continued to thrust. “Listen,” it began. “You ordered these pizzas and get in trouble if I don’t receive payment for them. This is my first job, I really can’t get fired so-”

Daveed let out a frustrated yell. “I can’t!” He pulled out of you completely. “Can you go tell him to leave?”

“Me?” you argued. “Daveed, you’re not the one tied to a bed frame.” he strained your neck to try and look back at him.

“Y/N, if I go out there it’s very obvious that I’m,” he glanced down, “aroused. You’re a girl, you can hide it.”

“Fine.” you sighed. Daveed reached up and untied you. You put a long tshirt on and walked to your front door.

The man standing there when you opened it was young and looked flushed with anger.

“I don’t see why that was so hard I mean-”

“We didn’t order any FUCKING PIZZA!” you screamed. He took a step back.

“Well, it says here to deliver to this address.” He glanced down at the receipt attached to a pizza box.  

“Give that to me.” You ripped the paper off the box and let your eyes scan over it. “You have the wrong address, dumbass. That’s a fucking one. Not a seven.”

You shoved the receipt back into his hand and slammed the door.  

You shook your head in disappointment and made your way back to the bedroom. You were already anticipating what was awaiting you there, but when you got there, all that awaited you was soft snoring.

Daveed was sprawled on his back, eyes closed and mouth half open.


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