chapter 2 of mine and @lemoninasin garrison klance fic “GREEDY “ updated today!!! a little spoiler alert but it’s worth it B)

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I wish I had the ensemble that A.Ham has behind him to yell at me when I’m about to make terrible life choices.

I, like A.Ham, wouldn’t actually listen to them, and would still end up making said terrible life choices. But it would be comforting to know they’re there.

It Might Be Nice // Part 1

…Hello! So, I saw the beautiful fanart of @ bettiquarts, which is amazing and I wish I could link you to it but I dunno how :c I suck, but please check them out, bc she’s amazing????? Again, thank you for letting me write this based on your fanart!!! 

Btw, I WAS going to make Lance wake up and be happy but like …..nah. Let’s wreck the whole situation, go big or go home I say. 

OK, I’m done rambling, I hope you like it!! 

Ps. I’m sorry for any typos or stuff :c 

EDIT Now with part 2: http://bleusarcellewrites.tumblr.com/post/159471153027/it-might-be-nice-part-2

Disclaimer: Voltron doesnt belong to me, nor the fanart this was based on (: 

“You know,” Lance starts softly, letting out a tired sigh as he rests his forehead against the glass and suppress a shiver at the coolness it brings to him, “Now that I think about it, my brother still owes me five bucks.”

Keith snorts at the brunet’s complaint, rolling his eyes when Lance pouts at him, “Lance, they’re just five bucks.”

“It’s about the principle, Keith.” Lance replies as he leans away from the glass, away from the breath taking view of space and its stars that surrounds them and turns to look at Keith, his heart beating hard against his chest as he sees the bright smile on his boyfriend’s face.

“Sure, buddy.”

Lance laughs as he shoves the black haired teen playfully. “Oh, hush, you.”

Keith chuckles under his breath as he quickly catches Lance’s hand and holds it tight against his own. Taking advantage of the brunet’s surprise, Keith smirks and pulls at their intertwined hands until the back of Lance’s hand meet his lips and Keith drops a kiss on it.

Keith could almost coo at the awe and dazed expression on Lance’s face at that.

“You’re such a sap.” Lance says after a few seconds in silence, shaking his head in disbelief but smiling big and dopily at his boyfriend.

“Says the one who leaves a sappy post-its and an alien flower that resembles a rose once a week on my bed.” Keith retorts smugly and Lance scoffs.

“Well, excuse me, but I’m a hopeless romantic, babe, it’s on my genes.”

“Is it on your genes to be annoying too?” Keith teases and Lance flicks him on the forehead, “Ow.”

“Meanie.” Lance murmurs but then smiles as Keith pulls him closer by their intertwined hands, making him fall on his boyfriend’s chest comfortably. “Oh sure, fix everything with a cradle, typical.”

“It’s my secret weapon, babe. You can’t deny it works.” Lance hums, burying his head on the crook of Keith’s neck as he snuggles closer to him.

“Dang, it really does.”

“You know,” Lance sighs, his lips twitching upwards as he turns slowly to meet Keith’s eyes, his own eyes blinking tiredly, “Now that I think about it, I never said I love you.”

Lance frowns when he sees Keith sob at his words and he wishes he could raise his hand and break the glass that separates them if it means he could wipe Keith’s tears away.

“Baby, it’s okay.” Lance tries to comfort, his left eye that was swollen shot has gone numb by now and he can’t feel the pain of his dislocated shoulder anymore, which he’s pretty sure that’s a bad sign, but right now, all that he cares about is Keith.

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How Kuroo caught Kenma. [x]

I blame @suggestivescribe for this. ‘cause I’m a sucker for all their wonderful works. Like. Real sucker. All thoses fic are fucking amazing, jfc.

Escape: the medical school years

The phone rang at 12:30 a.m.  Six thirty p.m. in Chicago.  

“Tell me everything,” the voice rasped.

“It’s fine, lad.  I said so in my text.  I was right there.  He didna ken what hit him,” the old man chuckled.

“Did Claire see ye?”  Jamie’s voice was vibrating with anger. 

“No, mac mo charaid,” the old man smiled.  “Yer wife was caperin’ about tryin’ to avoid the puddles, taking the long way by path to the car. I streaked across the grass and had time to open the door before she lifted her head in the rain. She missed the whole thing.” 

There was a long pause on the other end.  The line crackled across the ocean.

“I owe ye, mo sheann charaid.”

Claire’s least favourite class was immunology. Some days it was incredibly boring to her.  Today was that day.  Her phone vibrated and she welcomed the distraction.  Turning it over she unlocked it with her pass code, and looked at it.


She hit the little yellow button and gasped.  Holding the phone to her chest she blushed furiously.  Damn you, James Fraser.  She giggled.  She hid the phone under the long table and hit the replay button.  God he was beautiful. He showed just enough of his naked body without exposing himself.  Tease

She took a shot of her notes, then captioned it, “trying to concentrate, thanks.” 

The phone vibrated again.  She dared not look.  Dammit, she couldn’t help it.  He didn’t disappoint.

“Concentrate on this,” he had typed.  Lying back in bed, raised eyebrow, half smirk.  She hugged the phone again.  It was what? Two o’clock in the morning in Chicago?  

Are you drunk? she wrote.  

Maybe, he wrote back.

Claire had an idea.  An awkward one, but an idea.  Pulling out the bottom of her t-shirt she took a couple of pictures.  Not quite…. She tried again.  Bingo. She sent the snap back.  And waited.

It didn’t take long before the ‘screenshot’ notification popped up.  

She giggled, and decided to send one last message.  She held the button, and took a video.  “I miss you, James Fraser. I love you, and I’ll call you later. Good night, my love. Wish I was there.” she whispered, and blew a kiss.  Pressing send she tucked her phone away, and tried to concentrate once more.

Jamie watched the video, smiling, then sat bolt upright in bed.  No. No fucking way. 

He watched it again, focusing on the background this time.  There he was. Horrocks.  Off to her left, behind her.  Horrocks, sporting a very black eye, and a bruise on his neck.  

Horrocks.  Looking at Claire with a mixture of anger and jealousy that made his blood run cold.  

He watched her in class.  All the time. She was so bloody beautiful. Naturally beautiful, and sexy. The worst part was she didn’t even try. She had no idea of the effect she had on men.  Those brown eyes, and curly hair couldn’t help but make most men think of dark nights and tangled sheets.  She was smart, with a sharp wit, and a wicked tongue.  His mind swirled every day conjuring ways to get her alone.  If he could just spend some time with her, flirt a bit, see if he could break through.  He’d tempted women before.  Married, engaged, dating, it didn’t matter.  He was charming, and fairly good looking.  But Claire would be a challenge.  Newly married, she was still in the honeymoon phase.  Ah, well, he liked a challenge.  He hated men like Fraser.  Good looking bastards born into money always getting women like Claire.  He was the son of a blue collar worker from Northern Ireland with little money.  He was making okay grades, but the luck of the Irish gave him a study group that included three of the smartest people in his year.  Claire being gorgeous was an added bonus. The three of them were so sanctimonious, so serious.  He wanted to be a doctor just for the prestige of it.  Just so he could go back to his hometown and be lauded over.  It wasn’t to save people, to help humanity. Fuck humanity. Humanity never served him, living without all his life.  He wanted what men like Fraser had…a posh flat that he could renovate into something even better.  To have a woman like Claire on his arm and in his bed.  He’d have that one day. But he wanted Claire now.  That little exchange he witnessed told him all he needed to know.  Fraser was out of town.  The time to strike was now.

“Dinna leave the flat, Alec.  And keep an eye.  Stay parked outside.  Tell her she needs to text ye when she’s comin’ out, so ye ken if he’s kept her behind. And –“

“Trust me, Jamie, lad,” the old man cut him off.  Alec wished Jamie wouldn’t worry so much.  He’d proved he could take care of her, didn’t he?

“I do.  It’s him I dinna trust. Not as far as I can spit.  A Dhia, Alec. If anythin’ were to happen…”  

Alec was conscious of the conversation he’d had earlier in the day as they drove up to Horrocks’ flat for the study session. He kept a keen eye out for Joe Abernathy’s vehicle, as described by Jamie.  As yet, he didn’t see it.  

“Here, Alec.  I’ll get out here.”  Claire started to gather the bag at her feet.  

“Claire, I’ll no’ be droppin’ ye off until I see that yer other friends are here.”  

Claire was surprised by Alec’s tone.  He normally didn’t speak to her like that.  Plus, he always called her ‘ma’am’.  She looked at him as twilight began to darken the interior of the car.  “What?” she said.  

“I said, I’ll no’ be droppin’ ye off until I ken yer whole group is here.”  Claire watched as Alec’s eyes darted to and fro, taking in every vehicle, all his surroundings.  As nice as he was, she didn’t know much about him.  Seems still waters ran deep.  

He pulled around to the back of the building.  Still nothing. “Ma’am. Would ye do me a wee favour?” He gave her a glance and she nodded. His lighter tone was back.  He really was a puzzle.  “Text one of yer friends for me, please. See where they are?  Maybe just runnin’ late is all.”

“I’ll do you one better,” she said, and pulled out her phone to give Joe a quick call.  He answered right away.  

“Hi!” Claire said.  “Are you upstairs at Robert’s?”

She listened for a minute, and then her head swiveled sharply toward Alec.  He slowed the car and stopped at the corner.  “I see.  So where are you and Fiona now, then?”  Another pause.  

“Yes.  Okay. I’ll be there soon.”  She pushed the button on her cell to disconnect the call.

“Weel, Ma’am?”  Alec raised an eyebrow.  

Claire had to smile, just a little.  Must be a damn Scottish trait, that eyebrow. It’s how they say I told you so.

“Apparently Robert sent out a group text saying he wasn’t feeling well and had to cancel.”  She pulled up her texts and starting going through them all.  He waited patiently for her to figure out what he’d suspected ten minutes ago.  

She looked at Alec.  “I never got it.  Joe said he answered the group text that he and Fiona were meeting anyway, but I never got that one either.”

Alec kept his voice level.  Conversational, so he didn’t scare her.  “So, where to then?”  

“Campus,” she said, distracted.  “They’re at the pizza place on the corner because Joe got hungry.”  She stared out into the falling darkness that was starting to surround Edinburgh. The cold chill she got the night at the library returned.  It didn’t make sense.  Surely, it was just an oversight.  

Horrocks watched the Range Rover from his second story window as it slid past his building for the third time.  Hands clenched into fists, he watched his carefully made plans crumble before his eyes.  The driver was the problem. He knew it now.   As hard as it was to believe that the old man took him down the other night, there was no other explanation for it.  And fuck Joe Abernathy.  He was always checking in with Claire.  He was sure Joe threw a wrench in the plans, as well.  

As he watched the car turn off his street, he made a decision.

Thursday was the one night that Claire gave herself off.  Thursday night she and Jamie always had dinner together and just relaxed.  With him away she decided to catch up on chores. She changed into sweat pants and one of Jamie’s long sleeved Scottish rugby team shirts that was way too big on her, but made her feel surrounded by him.  Smelled like him, too.  She was just throwing a load of laundry in the washer when the doorbell rang. 

What the hell?  She walked over to the door and peered through the eye hole. 

She stepped back, fast.

What the hell was he doing here?  Her first thought was to pretend she wasn’t home. But the lights were on.

The bell rang again and she jumped. Dammit.  Taking a deep breath she opened the door, but left the chain on.

“Robert.  What’s up?”  Claire kept her voice cool.

Horrocks cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrows.  “Did you not see it was me?”  He waved a hand at the peep hole.

“Well, yes, but I wasn’t expecting you.  Is something wrong?”  

He stood there in his denim jacket and jeans, entirely too close to the door.  He was tall, but not as tall as Jamie.  He wasn’t as big either, yet still intimidating to a woman of her size.  His longish hair and scruffy beard made him look unkempt, but it was the facial bruises that were the most frightening, really. Then he started speaking, and his soft Irish lilt made him seem less intense.  

“I wanted to apologize for yesterday’s mix up. I had such a migraine and Fiona told me today I’d left you off the group chat.  I didn’t mean to, Claire.  I’m sorry I caused you such inconvenience.”  His icy blue eyes stayed steady on hers. He sounded sincere. But, those eyes.  They were so cold compared to the warmth in Jamie’s sky blue ones.  

“It’s fine. But you needn’t come all the way over here to apologize.”

“Actually, I was hoping to cram in a bit of a study with you. Since I missed last night.  If you’re free?” he stammered.  “Joe was busy tonight, and Fiona didn’t answer my text so…I took a chance.  Should I go?”  He took a step toward the stairs, hesitating. Waiting. 

Claire warred with herself.  Jamie would be furious.  But how to refuse? And with what excuse?  She closed the door gently, and paused.  Taking a deep breath she took down the chain.

“Two hours,” she said, in her best no nonsense nursing voice.  “Then I have to get to bed”

Horrocks smiled.  Just what I was thinking.