ToG finale theory

It’s the end of the sixth book, and Aelin has defeated Erawan once and for all. Terrasen has been revived, and Aelin walks down the middle aisle of the throne room towards her crown, to be coronated and officially become queen. Her court and friends watch with proud joy on their faces, as well as The Thirteen, who had allied themselves with Aelin to defeat the dark valg King.
Aelin reaches her throne, and turns toward the audience. Her people, the people of Terrasen, look at her with hope in their eyes. The crown is brought before her. She makes her vows to her country, and the man raises the crown up to her face. Slowly, he brings it down over her head. Aelin closes her eyes, breathing in deep, and as she feels the weight of the crown on her head, so solid, so right—

The entire castle blows up.
Everyone dies.

From the distance, Mort and Fleetfoot watch as the castle crumbles to the ground, Mort being carried in the mouth of the furry beast. Mort cackles as Fleetfoot happily wags her tail. “We’ve done it!” Mort exclaims, a wicked laugh escaping him. “And now, you and I, Fleetfoot,” he says, “are finally able to take our place in this world—as King and Queen of Erilea!” In the distance, the screams of the people of Terrasen fade. Soon, they’ll all be dead.

Fleetfoot runs merrily down the hill with Mort, towards the ruined city of Orynth. Towards the beginning of their new empire.

The end, bitches.

I wish I had the ensemble that A.Ham has behind him to yell at me when I’m about to make terrible life choices.

I, like A.Ham, wouldn’t actually listen to them, and would still end up making said terrible life choices. But it would be comforting to know they’re there.

How Kuroo caught Kenma. [x]

I blame @suggestivescribe for this. ‘cause I’m a sucker for all their wonderful works. Like. Real sucker. All thoses fic are fucking amazing, jfc.

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?

So, in “Aaron Burr, Sir” Burr responds “That depends; who’s asking?” AND NEVER ANSWERS THE QUESTION.

From the first moment we see (or in my case, hear) Burr interact with the other characters, he’s already equivocating and avoiding commitment, even to a question as simple as “Are you Aaron Burr!!”

Why are you so brilliant, LMM?

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Let’s talk about Hamilton vs. Burr for a minute here.

In the very first song of the show, Hamilton receives a jacket from Eliza. He puts it on and his identity is pretty much changed, hence the line, “in New York you can be a new man.” In contrast, Burr comes onstage wearing a crimson red coat, one that he wears for most of the show. Burr is automatically stained from the first moment you see him. He is the only character in the entire show that cannot take off his identity and trade it for another.

Hamilton also says “just you wait,” (a line which is repeated many times throughout the show). On the other hand, Burr says “I’m willing to wait for it.”

Just you wait vs. Wait for it.

Notice how Hamilton tells others to wait while he accomplishes the things he hasn’t done, while Burr seems to pass up every single opportunity that comes his way only to realize he keeps missing his shot.

And lastly, the one time that Burr didn’t throw away his shot was when he killed Hamilton in The World was Wide Enough. After Hamilton’s soliloquy, Burr shouts “wait”. The one time Aaron Burr takes his shot, he realizes that he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. Hamilton did throw away his shot, and he threw away his life in the process.

‘Just you wait’ was the only way Hamilton could show the world that he was more than an orphan immigrant. ‘Wait for it’ was the way that Burr could protect what he already had, yet in the end, he ruined his own legacy.

  • Alec to Jace:What, you're so desperate to get laid that you'd risk killing us?
  • Me:Honey he brought a condom to a hell dimension I think that answers your question