I mean, in regards to the new magician, They are doing what we know as Trucy’s hat-tip-pose, and their sleeves are rolled up to their elbows, and Trucy has suggested Apollo should change his color scheme to green….


I mean I know it’s not him, it’s probs some new magician they adopted into their troupe, but stilllllll HMMMMMM




and in that moment every australian stereotype ever came true


Just watch, Please,just watch.


Don’t Interfere, Just Watch. Jungkook Scenario (smut)

I’m sorry this took some time, but I think you’ll like it! :)


“Should we really do it at the dorm?” You asked as Jungkook hovered over you on the couch. 

“The others aren’t coming home for a couple of hours, so it’ll be okay.” He smiled at you, kissing down your temple, to your jaw, while unbuttoning his shirt. 

“Okay.” You breathed out while running your fingers through his hair.

Jungkook threw his shirt across the room before unbuttoning his jeans. As he did, you started taking off your own clothes, dropping them at the side of the couch. Jungkook looked at your bare body, admiring you. 

His hands dropped to your neck and pulled you up into a passionate kiss, before going down, feeling how your skin got goosebumps from his touch. You reached in and grabbed his cock, giving him a few stokes to get him extra hard.

He spread your legs and positioned himself, rubbing his tip around your clit before pushing inside. You grabbed his arms as he started to move. 

After a few minutes of quiet moans and breaths, you felt like someone was staring at you. You opened your eyes and found 6 guys, looking at you with hungry eyes. Their mouths hung open and as you made eye contact with Jimin, you realized what had just happened. You noticed Jungkook still going at it, and tapped him on the shoulder. He stopped and looked at you.

“Am I hurting you Y/N?” He asked with a worried voice.

You continued to stare at Jimin, watching his eyes wash over with lust as Yoongi coughed, gaining the attention of Jungkook. He swirled around while trying to push his back as close to you as possible, to shield your naked body from them. 

You eyes went over to Taehyung, who was licking his lips, while grinning sexily at you. You gulped as you noticed it turned you on. Your ears blocked out the stuttering voice of your boyfriend, as you noticed everyone staring at you.

Yoongi nodded his head in the direction of the other couches, signalizing the others to go sit down. No eyes left your naked body, as they sat around you. Then, Yoongi said the words you were waiting for;

“So. Can we join?” 

Jungkook looked back at you with huge apologetic eyes. You on the other hand, felt your body burn up. You wanted them to watch as Jungkook fucked you senseless. You leaned into Jungkook’s ear, while keeping eye contact with the other six. 

“I want to play.” You whispered.

He looked at you in suprise, before smirking. “Well then. Lead on.”

You stood up. The others widened their eyes as you swayed your hips. “One rule.” You said. “Don’t interfere, just watch.”

They all looked at each other, before turning their heads toward you, a wide grin on their faces.

You looked back at Jungkook. Noticing his hard-on wasn’t so hard anymore, you dropped down between his legs. Sucking on his head, you made loud popping noises so the others could hear. You kept your eyes on Jungkook, as you slid down his cock. Feeling his hardness return, you stood up, mouth still wrapped around his cock. You spread your legs a tiny bit, earning low growls from the crowd. Sucking a final loud pop, you turned around to find everyone palming themselves through tight jeans. You let out a heavy breath as you stepped over Jungkook’s thighs, your back leaning on his chest, you positioned his tip on your pussy. As you slowly sat down, the room was filled with satisfied moans. One after another, they unzipped their jeans, and let their cocks slap into the air. 

Your eyes darted from their sloppy hand movements, to their hooded eyes. Namjoon, Hoseok and Jin were looking at your bouncing body, while Taehyung, Yoongi and Jimin, kept eye contact with you. You watched Yoongi as he wetted his lips, tongue going from one corner to the other. You heard Hoseok’s loud moan, and looked at him. His eyes were tightly shut as he quickly pumped his throbbing cock, cumming seconds later. You switched over to Jimin, who silently groaned. You realized everyone else was at their peak, ready to cum.

You quickened your pace, while your hand massaged your clit. Hearing Jungkook growling behind you, you felt him take a hold of your hips, moving you in circular movements. 

“Can I cum inside?.” He whispered in your ear.

You moaned a “Mhm” as you were at the brink of cumming yourself. You looked at the others cocks, as you felt the feeling wash over you. Your legs shook as Jungkook thrust his last sloppy movements inside you, filling you up. You watched as they came, one after another, laying their heads back on the couch to catch their breaths. 

After some minutes of heavy breathing, you stood up. Taking Jungkook’s hand, you dragged him up. “We’re using the shower first.” You said as you thought about the awkward silence that was about to happen between the boys.