Jude & Zero First Kiss (In the Public)

I know, many people already do this perfect scene. But I just want to to do this by my own. To express my feeling.

1) Just look at Zero’s face. We can fell from his eye&mouth that Zero want to kiss Jude without hesitate. And Jude, see how little confuse when Zero come close to him he know what will happen but Jude doesn’t not think it can happen.. and Zero surprise him by his passionate kiss.

2) I love how Jude touch Zero’s arm gently & slowly move to Zero’s neck.

This is Abso-freaking-lutely Perfect.

Can I just point out Kyo’s facial expression? He looks so fierce, so mad, and so pissed, because someone has clearly insulted or tried/is trying to harm his mistress. He stands protectively in front of her and holds his arm out to leave the opponent no room to even get one step closer to her, and if the other even tries to approach her again… yeah. Don’t mess with Kyo’s mistress or Kyo’s gonna chew you up.

I love you, Kyo.

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(some-really-random-muses) (Also the 'Cat Anon' 'cause I forgot I added Mirror to the muse list.) Startled by Lucifer's voice being raised, the creature shapeshifted again. This time xe took on Lucifer's appearance; only staying 10ft tall. Xe back-stepped rapidly until xe was a few feet away from him and stared in much the same way as Lucifer was. It mimicked every move he made.

Lucifer would just look up at the shapeshifter with a shocked expression on his face. Only this time it would look like him, but…taller… Which made the devilbot upset by it. One thing to steal his look, its another to make fun on his height.

“State your business creature.. And probably it would be best to be smaller than you are. You going to burst through the ceiling!”

Lucifer didn’t want a new skylight in the factory. It was already bad enough there were holes in the ceiling from the fire and just rot itself. Also it gets really cold in the factory because of it.

Bellamy’s trying to be so chill in that last scene but really… when he asks her to come home with them and she says no you can actually see him taking a deep breath, setting his jaw, his gaze turning hard. Just look at his expression in that scene:

(x) Does that face look familiar? It should; it’s a very season 1 expression. He’s putting his walls back up.


im in tears. just look at jinyoung’s facial expressions 

Alright listen. One why do the babies briana and her brother, cousin or whoever look EXACTLY THE SAME IN BOTH PHOTOS. Not even just same facial expression, but then the one granny is holding looks way smaller and different? Not to mention the baby Louis is holding in his picture looks different as well. Like wtf are they doing is this a joke

——— I see stuff has happened while I was at work lolwtf this is so fucking creepy

Papyrus has for some reason been the one I’ve had the hardest time figuring out how to draw, but now I think I’ve finally figured out how to whoooooooo

Haven’t doodled the past few days since my hand started to hurt so I didn’t wanna risk it getting worse. I’ve let it rest for some days, but it still kinda hurts so I’m not gonna update too much for now, sorry óuò


Jun: How do I get started (with eating the nabe)?

Staff-san: Very carefully.

Jun (fighting back a grin): … I would certainly think so.

Puzzlement turns into amusement and concludes with wonderment when Jun-kun gets to chow down on the 29cm-tall meat-based nabe.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 23.01.2016