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You’ve always had a big heart. If any of your friends or family were asked to describe you, the first thing that they would say is that you had a big heart, were generous, and selfless. You were just raised to always give to others, and not keep a lot for yourself. You would volunteer for charity drives, go on mission trips in Africa when you were just a teenager, and would just try and be kind to everyone you knew. In secondary school, you would try to make as many friends that you could, not because you needed them; you would be fine on your own, but because you thought that everyone could use a friend. You just wanted everyone to be happy, regardless of your own feelings. 

That was the downside of your kindness, people constantly using your generousity as a chance to get you to do things for them. Sometimes they would ask you if you would pick them up from places, other times they would just use you to get things, always leaving you without a friend. You didn’t mind though, because you always had Harry. 

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I Still Feel Like Your Man | Tom Holland

Summary: Based on the song Still Feel Like Your Man by John Mayer where even though Tom and the reader broke up, he still loves her and he still cares for her deeply…

Warning: fluffy

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Song Inspired Oneshot

Requested: anonymously


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My girl ∾ m.dl.c

posted 4/16/17

request? yes
   “ Can you write a 13rw fic about Monty, reader and him are dating and Zach is mad at him and tries to get him pissed off by getting close to the reader, basically a jealous Monty fic!? Thank you :-)


  “ Hi! I love your work! Can you do a 13rw where the reader is dating Montgomery and gets jealous when she spends time with Zach?

pairing(s): montgomery x reader , zach x reader , sheri x reader (platonic)

warning(s): pretty crappy writing, oops

a/n: i’m loving all the montgomery requests!! ahhh, thank you! there weren’t a lot of montgomery or timothy gifs so sorry!!
if you have a request, click here

words: 1236

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i have questions- h.s song imagine

Originally posted by babyv

Why did you leave me here to burn?

I’m way too young to be this hurt

You held on to Harry’s hands, hands trembling, afraid this was the last time you would be able to hold him.

“Please Harry, please.” You cried, trying to pull him away from the door. “What did I do. Please don’t leave. Please tell me what I did wrong.”

Harry sighed and down at your trembling body in front of him. He tilted your head so he could look into your tear filled eyes clearly. “I’ve fallen out of love with you.” As you let out a sob, Harry left and slammed the door behind him. You leaned against the door, sobs getting louder and louder. Screams could be heard from miles away. Screams of you asking Harry to come back. Screams of you telling him you love him. Screams.

I gave you all of me

My blood, my sweat, my heart, my tears

As your best friend recovered the shot she just took, she saw you getting up and grabbing your things. “Y/N! The party’s just starting!” Your other friends noticed your attempt to leave and started booing at you. You laughed and started to put on your jacket. “Sorry guys. Harry really wants me to come over tonight.”

Y/B/F pouted drunkenly at you, “But we’re celebrating-!” She trailed off and leaned over to your other friend and whispered loudly, “What are we celebrating again?” You laughed at your best friend, unable to handle four shots. Your best friend nodded and looked back at you, “We’re celebrating her promotion!” She shouted while pointing at the girl next to her.

You walked over to your drunk friend and gave her a hug. “I’ll see you soon.” Your friend giggled and shooed you away, “Fine, whatever. Go have fun with lover boy. But you tell him I miss my best friend. He needs to learn how to share.”

You smiled and pecked her cheek, ready to get back to the man that stole your heart.

Number one, tell me who you think you are

You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart

You were leaning against the club, bored out of your mind. Harry decided to have a party to celebrate the success of his recent album and of course, you joined. As soon as you guys got to the club, he was pulled into a hundred different directions. You didn’t know a lot of people that were there so you were left to entertain yourself. Finally you saw Harry from across the room. Quickly you walked up to him. “There you are, Y/N!” Harry drunkenly shouted, instantly wrapping his arms around you. You instantly smiled and tried to hold him upright. “I think it’s time for us to go home.”

Harry’s friend, Zach, overheard you and quickly turned and looked at you. “Can’t leave yet! This party will be dead after you leave, Harry!”

Harry quickly shrugged you off him and slapped Zach’s back, “I’m not leaving! Y/N was!” Harry gave you a pointed look. You opened your mouth to object. “You were being a mope anyways! Just leave!” Zach pointed out while laughing. Harry started to laugh as well and the two of them walked away, leaving you behind.

Number two, why would you try and play me for a fool?

I should have never ever ever trusted you

You were leaning against the hallway at your parent’s house, phone rested against you ear. “Sorry, love. I just don’t think I will be able to make it over there tonight.” Harry stated into the phone. You could hear laughter and music coming from the other side of the call. “You promised, Harry.” You sighed and glanced into the dining room where everyone was waiting to start dinner. “My mom even made your favorite. Dad wanted to talk about the album.” “Just tell them I can’t make it! Sorry!” And with that Harry hung up the phone. You sighed and walked back into the dining room.

“Let’s eat” you said as you took your seat next to your mother.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Harry?” your dad asked while placing his napkin into his lap.

“He isn’t feeling very well so we agreed he should rest” you stated as you begin filling your plate.

Your older brother who was always very skeptical of Harry stared at you, “He treating you right?”

You looked across the table and smiled softly at your brother, “Of course he is.”

Number three, why weren’t you, who you swore that you would


You ran away from Harry giggling a mess as he was chasing you soaking wet. “Y/N! Come give me a kiss!” Harry shouted while laughing.

You hid behind the couch and held your breath so he wouldn’t find you. What started off as innocent cleaning the dishes together turned evil when you decided to take the faucet and spray Harry.

You glanced from behind the couch trying to see where he was. Harry was directly in front of you with a smirk on his face. You screeched while Harry pulled you into him, burying his face into your neck. “Harry get off!” You laughed while trying to push him away.
“Never! I love you!” Harry laughed as he started to blow raspberries on your neck.

You were laughing hysterically. Eventually Harry stopped and watched as you tried to regain your breath. You smiled softly, “What?” Harry smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “Just love you is all.”

Oh, your voice, it was the most familiar sound

But it sounds so dangerous to me now

When you turned on the radio the first song that came on was “Sweet Creature.” Your eyes filled with tears, quickly you changed the station and on came “Meet me in the hallway.” You turned off your car and rested your head against the steering wheel. You were afraid. You dedicated your life to Harry. He was everything to you and now you were afraid of him. Afraid to see his picture on magazines, afraid to listen to the radio in fear of your voice coming on. You were afraid.

Now you’re gone and I’m here

You chugged down the last of the bottle of whiskey and pulled your phone out. You dialed the number you knew by heart. On the last ring, he finally picked up. Before he had the chance to say anything you said

“I have questions for you.”

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You make me crazy - Zach Dempsey

Enjoy xx

“(Y/N) it’s time to go! Otherwise you’ll miss the game!” your mom shouted from down the stairs. Your boyfriend had an important basketball game and you had to be there. Your Boyfriend was the tall and handsome Zachary Dempsey, number one star player of the basketball team. Zach trained almost every day in the school’s gym, he was very determined when it came to basketball.

You put on your converse and make your way down school. You were wearing one of Zach’s old basketball shirts. He loved it when you wore those, he liked the idea of everybody knowing you were his. It was 10 minutes before the game begun so you ran to the gym almost tripping over a stupid stone. You found your friends on the bleachers already shouting at the team.

“ Hey guys!”

“ You made it! Zach asked us 5 times where you were, I think he was close to having a panic attack.” Clay told you

You looked at your boyfriend a threw him a kiss so he knew everything was alright. It just took you so long because tonight was a big game. If our team won they won the championship and you were planning a special night with your boy if he played good, and if they won of course. You did your hair, put on a little extra make-up and last but not least you were wearing a new lace bodysuit.

Zach scored point after point after point, he really was on fire today. You were supporting your boyfriend more than anyone.


The team won, we’re champions! Everybody ran on the field celebrating with the players, you were searching for Zach in the crowd when you suddenly got picked up an turned around.

“Babe we won, I was on fire!” he screamed while putting you back on the ground and kissing you passionately immediately after. “And you look incredible tonight, is that special for me?” he said with a wink

“You were so good Z, I’m so happy for you! But go shower cause your sweating is out of control.”

He gave you a last kiss and went to the showers as you told him.

You were waiting outside the boys locker room. Zach came out and picked you up again kissing you.  “So babe what do you want to do right now?”

“Well since you played so well I have a little surprise for you, but you have to put me down first.”

Zach put you on the ground, right in the moment you wanted to show him a piece of the lace covering your body you were interrupted by Bryce Walker

“Hey guys! Party at my place to celebrate the championship”

Zach answered immediately “We’ll be there!”

You looked up at Zach “Oh are we?”

Zach looked confused. “You always love parties, I didn’t think it was a problem”

You got on your toes, mostly because Zach was pretty tall, and whispered in his ear:

“Your babygirl is wearing brand new lacy underwear for her starplayer, to give him a treat tonight but a party is fine, I guess.”

Zach looked at you with big eyes, and started looking around. He pulled you with him to an empty classroom and started kissing you, one hand on your butt, one hand under your shirt, feeling the lace. He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He started kissing your neck.

“You make me crazy babygirl, the shirt and the lace i can’t resist you like that” Zach whispered in your ear.

You pulled away. “Well I guess you have too because we have a party to go to, I’ll see you in 5 at your car, so you have time to let that bulge go away.” You said with a wink.

“No please y/n don’t tease me like that!”

“Too late daddy.” You said while leaving the room hearing Zach sigh.

As said Zach arrived at the car 5 minutes later. “Never ever do that again y/n” he said lightly frustrated.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to go home?” Zach askes when you arrived at the party.

You give him a sweet smile and start walking to Bryce’s house.

After 3 cups of vodka you started to get light in your head and you started to search for your boyfriend.

You saw him standing with his friend, it seemed like they had a serious conversation so you decided to listen for a while.

“It was a lace  bodysuit dude, lace, black lace. I have no idea how to control this girl, she can make want her in less than a second, no one had that effect on me ever before.”

Zach was talking about you, even tho you didn’t like the thought of Bryce knowing what you were wearing he said some positive things.

“Dude that’s so hot, how can you even stand here like you don’t want to pin her down.” Bryce said

You felt a little disgusted by Bryce saying that so you felt like it was time to intervene.

You jumped on his back and hugged him thightly. “Hey babe, I already started to miss you.”

You saw all the guys scanning your body but you just ignored it.

“Daddy, are you into your treat? Bryce must have some empty rooms” you whispered in his ear.

Without telling Zach just started to walk into Bryce’s house with you on his back. This night was going to be great, and you were so happy with the things you heard him say about you so you decided you were going to treat your boy extra good tonight.

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EXO Reaction when they warned you to not go to a place but you still go and end up hurt

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He knows you’ll still go, so he’ll take you there and pick you up. Probably is going to stay around just in case* “If I’m here… nothing bad will happen. I’ll make sure of it. But be careful… please jagi”


*Shows up five minutes after you called him* “Get in the care, I’ll deal with them. It’s okay baobei, I’m not mad at you… but please. I don’t want things to get worse”


*It’s like seeing an angel in the middle of the darkness* “You thought I would let you come here… alone? I told you not to, not because you need my permission…. but this place is dangerous. Come with me jagi, it’s better if we go… before I find the guy that did that”


*He’ll probably be disappointed but won’t say anything. Won’t make you feel bad for coming, he knows you know you made a mistake and that’s enough. He’ll just stay by your side until you feel better and finally fall asleep* “You scared me to death baobei..”


“Don’t worry about me jagi, I’ll clean my wounds later. But are you okay? Are you hurt? You sure? Maybe we should buy something to eat and drink and try to leave everything behind, yes? Okay, come.”


*He’ll stay with you even after you’ve fallen asleep* “I won’t leave jagi, you are safe. I’m here, it’s okay. We’ll talk about this in the morning okay? Now rest, it was a long night”


*Baekkie baby was already at the party, knowing you wouldn’t listen* “Well jagi.. you won yourself a body guard. Go have fun, but I’ll be around watching. This place is a little dangerous…”


“I’m not mad baobei… I was scared. I really was scared something could happen to you. I thought I wouldn’t make it… I’ve never been so scared in my life. Please… please don’t do that again. Please..” *Tears forming in his eyes*


“I’m just… sad you didn’t ask me to go with you. You know those parties have a bad reputation… I know you wanted to have fun but… at least I could have spared you the bad moment… next time tell me okay? I’ll be your escort”


*As soon as he arrives, the people bothering you leave* “Last time I was here… things didn’t go well… I’m surprised they still do the same things. Are you okay? Let’s go home, I’ll make you some tea. Are you really sure you are okay?” *Probably won’t stop asking*


*Just one call and he’ll be there in no time, to save his girl* “I thought you wouldn’t come here… you could have told me.. but it’s okay now. Nothing bad happen, so… let’s go home. Yours or mine? I’ll stay with you the whole night anyways”


*It doesn’t matter how late it is, he’ll go running for you. He’ll fight the whole world if it’s necessary just to keep you safe* “I won’t fight over this, I won’t say “I told you so”. Just… next time.. at least take one of the bodyguard.. please. Or come with someone that can keep you safe”

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Stiles Imagine~ Jealous

Word Count~ 1050
Rating~ Safe, idk why I even put this, man
Warnings~ None, I don’t think
Pairings~ Stiles Stilinski x Reader
A/N~ GUYS! Im like fifty away from 1000 followers! What should I do? I can do like smut or add myface to the next one, thought you could literally just look at my instagram. IDK wat’s celebrational! Send me stuff you want me to do! Love you all, stay beautiful!
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Request~ Anonymous asked:
Idk if you do requests but if you do can you do a jealous stiles one? Maybe two? One where he’s jealous because of isaac or theo or something and one where the reader is jealous because of malia perhaps being a little to close to stiles since he helped her with her humanity and such

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 14/?)


I’m not super proud of it, okay? But I need something to fill in before cool things happen, okay?

Also thank you for all your lovely messages and feedback even when you have to wait ages for next part xx

PS to the people sending requests - you are aware of the fact it’ll take 47281 years for me to post it?

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror just to see how miserable I look. I took a few deep breaths making sure I’m not crying anymore, cleaned mascara that smudged on my face fixed my hair and left just to walked straight into Montgomery making himself a drink in the kitchen.

“Hey, I was calling you before upstairs”, he said when he spotted me.

“I don’t know why, you clearly were busy”, I said and walked past him.

“Because you called my name while you were opening the door?”.

I stopped.

“So what was it?”, he asked.

“Nothing”, I shrugged. “Not important anymore”.

“But it was important before, so what was it?”, he gently grabbed me by my arm and turned me to see my face. “Were you crying?”

“Sorry Montgomery, I’m going home, I have to find Jeff”, I released my arm and walked outside.

“Why, party hasn’t even started properly yet.”, he said going after me.

“Yes, it has. I’ve been here for two hours but you were too busy to see, Montgomery, and I’m done”.

“I just want to tell you, I didn’t…”

“De la Cruz, that’s my man!”, Bryce interrupted him. “So, how was it upstairs? She any good?”, he asked putting his arm at Montgomery’s shoulder.

“Both of you are disgusting”, I rolled my eyes and walked away.

“Come on, Y/N, you can have some of that too”, Bryce shouted.

I was walking around looking for Jeff and avoiding Montgomery, I was already humiliated enough for one night.

“Hey, I was looking for you everywhere”, I said when I finally found Jeff.

“I was in the house, on the phone”, he explained.

“What’s up?”

“Take me home, please.”

“Why? We barely even came here.”

“We’re here for like two hours and I’m done”, I sighed. “I’m not asking you to leave party for good, I’m asking you to drive me home.”

“Were you crying?”, he asked.

“What?”, I pretended I’m surprised as if I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“You have smuged mascara on your face”, he crossed his arms.


“Maybe. Can you drive me home?”

“Does it have anything to do with Montgomery? I can kick his ass, you know that.”

I laughed a little bit.

“I don’t want you to kick his ass, you’re better than that.“

“What’s up, guys?”, Justin came up and wrapped his arms around me and Jeff.

“What did I tell you about your arm around me?”, I asked.

“I actually want to talk to you”, he said.

“I’ll leave you two. Bro, make her stay at the party”, Jeff patted Justin’s arm and left us.

“You’re going home?”

“I want to but Jeff doesn’t really want to leave party for 20 minutes”, I sighed. “What do you want to talk about?”, I asked. Not about Montgomery, please, I told to myself.

“I had fight with Jess”, he said and I realized that she in fact wasn’t here, “ and Bryce… And my mum and meth Seth are thing again so…”, I saw he wasn’t comfortable talking about that and I already knew where this was going to.

“You want to crash at my place?”

“I can sleep in tree house, please”.

“Don’t be silly. My mum is out of town,y dad is chill, you’ll sleep in home. But I have one condition.”


“You’re leaving party with me and we’re doing it now.”

“Okay, it sucks anyway. Wait, I’ll just take my things”, Justin run inside and I looked around looking for Jeff again, this time to tell him I’m coming home with Justin and that he can stay. He wasn’t anywhere around to be seen so I decided text will be enough.

I went home with Justin, have fun XX

I spotted Foley talking to Montgomery and slowly walking my direction. Please, don’t bring him here, please don’t bring him here, I prayed. Luckily, Montgomery went to the beer pong table and Justin joined me.

We walked in silence, but it was good, comfortable silence as neither of us really felt like talking.

“Dad?”, I asked opening the door when we got to my house.

“Here”, he said from living room.

“Hi, I’m with Justin…”

“Kids today, I have to teach you everything”, he sighed standing up from the couch. “If you bring boy home in the middle of the night, he walks in by window, you don’t tell parents about it”, he joked as he obviously knew Justin was in relationship with Jessica and besides that right after Jeff he was the closest to me out of all boys.

“Damn, Y/N, I knew we were doing something wrong”, Justin joked.

“So umm… Justin had a fight with his mum”, I started, “and her boyfriend… And Jessica, besides her dad is super strict so I thought…”

“He can sleep in guest’s room”, my dad smiled.

“See, I told you”, I looked at Foley with triumphal smile.

“Thank you, Mr Y/L/N”.

I went to the kitchen, took some snacks and went upstairs with Justin. We still didn’t feel like talking so we watched a movie.

“So ummm…”, Justin started in the middle of the movie. “I heard you and Tina had a fight again”.

“We didn’t have a fight”, I rolled my eyes. “After the game I was waiting for Jeff and she left girls’ room, spotted me and started talking her shit again.

“What is her problem with you, really?”

“Really, I don’t know. I wasn’t even aware or her existence until she and Montgomery started going out”, I shrugged. “What did you and Jessica fought about?”

“You and Montgomery”.


“She thinks that there is something going on between you two and that he tells me everything, unlike you, and she got mad I don’t want to tell her what is happening. Not that I know”.

“God, I’m sorry Justin”, I sighed. “I’ll talk to her, I promise”, well I told Sheri everything because she saw us, but never talked about it with Jess and if everyone started getting suspicious, than so did she.

“It’s okay. So… There is something to talk about?”, he asked with a grin.

“No, there is not. I will tell her that nothing is happening. Now shut up, cause I want to finish the movie”.

I lied to him. Again. I was going to tell her everything. And because, well, Jess wasn’t to good with keeping her mouth shut, she would tell Justin sooner or later.

We finished the movie, Justin went to his room, I quickly washed and get to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep because it felt very hot in my room so I opened window and laid in bed again. When I was almost sleeping I heard some weird noise and looked at the window scared.


I sighed with relief.

“Montgomery, what the fuck are you doing?”, I whispered when he got into my room through open window.

“I want to talk”, he said loudly.

“Shhhh”, I covered his mouth.

I much as my dad was okay with Justin sleeping in guest’s room, he wouldn’t be okay with boy coming into my bedroom through window.

“Are you drunk?”, I asked I as smelled alcohol.

“Yes”, he nodded his head.

“What do you want?”, I sighed.

Before he could answer I heard steps outside my room.

“To the closet and keep your mouth shut”, I hissed and closed him in the closet and laid in bed.

Seconds after my dad opened door.

“Sweetie, you’re okay? I heard some noise”, he asked.

“Yeah, it’s good. I stood up to open window, stood on remote and tv started playing”, I pointed at remote that in fact was on the floor very close to my bed.

“Okay, sleep well.”

“Thanks”, I smiled as he closed the door and I could hear he went back to his bedroom.

Quietly I got up from bed and went to the closet.

“What do you want, Montgomery?”, I whispered.

“I needed to see you”.


“I miss you, Y/N”, he said taking some hair of my face.

“What?”, I asked a little bit numb.

“I miss our thing… What we had”, he said pulling me closer and placing his lips on mine.

For a moment I felt vulnerable feeling his kiss, his hands tightened on me and his lips started going down my neck. But then I shook off from first shock and pushed him away.  

“Montgomery, stop”, I said not looking at him. “We’re done”.

Why was he doing it to me… Few days ago he examined Tina’s throat with his tongue in the middle of school hallway and few hours ago he literally fucked a girl at a party.

“I never got my goodbye kiss”, he insisted.

“And you won’t”, I tried to take a step back but he pulled me in.

“You just don’t understand anything”, he mumbled.

“I’m pretty sure I understand everything”, there was nothing to not understand, he came here hoping to get laid.

“You’re pretty, yes, but you don’t understand”.

“Montgomery, leave, please”, I sighed.

“Is that what you really want?”, he asked mumbling, because his drunkenness only let him mumbling.


“Yes”, I said not looking at him.

“Tina would take me back any second, you know?”

“Well, I’m not Tina, you know? Montgomery, go home”, I sighed.

“Whatever”, he chuckled. “So no goodbye kiss?”

“No”, I crossed my arms.

“I’m going to Vermont for Christmas, I might not come back.”

“Bye, see you at Jeff’s New Year’s Eve party”, I gently pushed him to the window.

“See you, babe”, he said walking out.

“Don’t call… Whatever”, I sighed looking at him crawling out of the window, praying he wouldn’t do much noise.

When he got down safely I laid back in bed but couldn’t fall asleep for another few good hours.


“Wake up, wake up!”, Justin stormed into my room at 9 am in the morning.

“Jesus, Foley, do you know what Saturday is for? Sleeping”, I said covering my head with pillow.

“Wake up, your dad is making pancakes”, he said and literally jumped at me.

“Ouch! Get off me”, I pushed him away. “He’s literally making them because you’re here. If it was just me and him there would be cereals, so thanks for being here”, I said getting up.

“We’re eating and we’re going to Jessica”, he ordered. “You’ll talk to her, and me and her will make up”.

“Still, you can’t sleep at her place.”

“My mum called me, meth Seth got away again, so it should be okay for next two weeks.”

We went downstairs, ate breakfast, I quickly changed and did my makeup and we left to Jess’ place.

“You remember about Trixie, right?”, dad asked.

“Yeah, I’ll go straight there”, I said.

We decided I’d walked in Jess’ home alone, Justin would wait a street away and came in after I explain her everything.

“Hi”, she said surprised to see me.

“Hey, I have to talk with you”, I said walking in and going to her room with her.

“What’s happening?”, she asked.

“It’s about me and Montgomery…”


“Okay… That’s a lot”, she said when I finished telling story.

“Yeah… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I just wanted to keep it a secret and Sheri knows only because she saw me with him.”

“So you’re telling me Justin doesn’t know about anything?”, Jess asked and I shook my head. “God, I’m so stupid, I have to talk to him”, she said reaching for her phone.

“Actually… He’s somewhere close, he came here with me, I told him to wait outside before I finish.”

“Let’s go see him”, got up and we quickly left the house.

We found Justin, the two of them make up so I decided it was time for me to go.

“Okay guys, I’ll leave you now, I have to go to Trixie”, I said.

“Wait, I can drive you”, Jessica offered.

“No, it’s okay, it’s not that far and a walk will be good for me”, I smiled. “Bye, guys.”

They walked inside and I went away. As I was walking I decided to call Montgomery and be as cold as I can and tell him that he can’t just show up at my place when he’s drunk.

“Hello?”, he answered phone with sleepy, raspy voice.

“What were you thinking, Montgomery? You can’t just walk into my room by the window when you’re drunk”

“And when I’m sober?”

“I’m serious. Honestly, how much did you drink yesterday to show up and my room in the middle of the night to tell me you miss me?”

He didn’t answer for few seconds.

“I just want things between us to be normal again”, he said finally.

“What do you mean by normal?”

“I just miss talking to you, okay?”

I stopped walking and bit my lip.

“Okay, listen… You’re going to Vermont for Christmas, I’m staying here, we won’t see each other, atmosphere will get clear and when we meet at NYE party we’ll act normal. Just like it was before anything happened okay?”

“Okay”, he agreed.

“Look it’s almost like we’re adults”, I laughed.

“Not sure if I like that”, he mumbled and that made me stop walking again. “Okay, I have to get ready for a plane. So I guess it’s time to wish you merry Christmas in advance.”

“Merry Christmas, Monty”, I smiled to the phone.

I hung up and took a deep breath.

“I’m adult, I’m adult, I’m adult”, I mumbled to myself and went to babysit Trixie.


“You’re sad today”, she said after she realized I put zero effort in drawing in colouring book.

“No, I’m just tired, sweetie”, I smiled at her. “I had a tough week, you know”.

“Is it because of your broken wrist?”

“Partly, yes”, I nodded.

“I heard your mum telling that one girl did it on purpose to you.”

“You overheard, Trixie, that’s naughty and you don’t want to get on a naughty list few days before Christmas, do you?”

“Why did she do that?”, she continued and completely ignored what I was saying.

“I don’t know if she did that on purpose, sweet…”

“Your mum said she did and that she got suspended. And that Montgomery took you to the hospital, so maybe he knows if she did”, kid was stubborn. “We can go and ask him!”

“What? How do you even know Montgomery?”

“We saw him on a Halloween, remember?”

“Right, we’re not asking him about anything, understood? Keep drawing”, I told her a little bit surprised that she even remember she met Monty almost two months ago.

Kid was stubborn and smart and that was the worst combination.

“I just…", she said quietly. “I just want to know if someone hurt you intentionally… Because you’re sad cause of that and I never want you to be sad, because I love you very much”.

My heart melted that exact moment.

“Sweetie”, I hugged her. “I love you too, very, very much. But really you don’t have to worry about anything, okay? That girl is not in cheer team anymore so she won’t hurt me or anyone ever again or purpose or not. Okay?”

“Okay”, she nodded her head and started drawing again.

“Sit here, I’ll make myself some coffee”.

I left her in the room and went down to the kitchen. When I was slowly walking back to the room with a mug full of coffee I heard her talking to someone.

“Trixie?”, I asked opening door to her room. And then I saw her. With my phone in her hand. Facetiming Montgomery. “What the heck?”, I put my coffee on the shelf next to door and quickly took my phone. “Trixie, what are you doing?”

“Montgomery explained me everything”, she said with a smile. “He said it’s not really important how did you injured your wrist, it’s important that nothing worst happened and that you’ll be okay in few weeks”.


She cleared her throat looked at me, at my phone and at me again, then I realized facetime with Monty was still on.

“uhh.. Hi”, I took my phone up and left the room. “Sorry about her. She’s just stubborn and needs to know everything. And overhears a lot of things”, I laughed.

“It’s okay”, he smiled. “She loves you and she worries, that’s normal.”

“She’s six, she shouldn’t worry. Anyway, thanks for talking to her”.

“No problem”, he smiled a little bit.

“Bye”, I took one last quick glance at his brown eyes on my phone and ended the call.

“Okay, young lady”, I said when I got back to Trixie’s room. “You can’t do that”.

“I know, but now I don’t have to worry”, she shrugged with smile on her face, drawing in the book like nothing happened.

“What exactly did he tell you?”, I asked.

“I think he likes you a lot”.

“Really? Why do you think so?”, I took my coffee and sat next to her.

“Because he said he worried about you when you fell down. And you worry about someone when you like that person, right?”

“You know, you can also worry people in general, because that’s what good people do”, I tried to drift her away from imagining that Monty likes me a lot.

“I think he likes you a lot. He gave us a lot of candies on Halloween and he missed a game to go to the hospital with you. Dad never misses game on tv for anyone and he loves me and mummy and Montgomery missed game for you…”

“Trixie, things aren’t that simple and obvious in real life”, I interrupted her.

“I don’t think I wanna grow up”, she sighed with tiredness in her voice.

Masterlist: One-Shots of Characters M-#

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***: 100+ notes

Mood Lighting Series:

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Someone Shot Our Innocence- Adrinette Month Day Twenty

She pulled away from the blonde, and gave a large, false smile. “Ahem. Sorry, Chlo, but I have to get out of here. I’ve been entirely traumatized by that horrible Agreste, and I need to go home and lie down! But hey, send me the project later, and I might look it over. Cover for me or else. Kisses!” Marinette tossed her hair, turning to leave the classroom. Honestly, some people were just too pathetic to bother with. Chloe was one of them.

She strode out, into the daylight. She knew she’d get in trouble if her parents found out she’d cut school, but that little do-gooder would never tell on her, would she?

“I might cancel your birthday party for this,” she heard a voice say… Mr. Agreste? “I thought I raised you better than this.”
“Great. I’ll just sneak out and you know it, old man.”

Was… was that Adrien’s voice? Huh. She’d never heard him so… furious. Where were they?

“Then I’ll lock you in your room. I don’t like doing this, I hope you know that. As a parent though, I can’t let you think it’s okay to treat people like that.”

“Yeah, and I can’t wait until I’m eighteen and you can’t legally keep me in Paris anymore!”

The car. The voices were coming from the car. Wait, was it Adrien’s birthday? How… interesting. This could be a chance to cause chaos… AND annoy Gabriel Agreste. Anyone who her kitty didn’t like, she’d always be up to piss off.

So it was settled. She’d break into the manor, and throw Adrien the party of the century. A party that, knowing her, and knowing that brat of a boy, nobody would ever forget.

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Bechloe One Shot: Blind Date

What’s up nerds? This was requested by @metalheaddrummer. I hope you like it, dude!!

Chloe agrees to let Jesse set her up on a blind date. The big surprise is who Chloe’s date ends up being… (You guys know who it is…. ;)

“What’s up, Red?” Chloe heard a familiar voice call from behind her. She was surprised to turn around and see Jesse approaching her.

“Jesse, hey, what’s up?” She continued to scroll and look at her laptop.

Jesse came over and sat down beside her, smiling. Chloe gave a slight smile back. She felt weird. While she had talked with Jesse on numerous occasions, it had never been without Beca there, unless it was a “Hey, have you seen Beca?” Either way, her best friend, and also his girlfriend, was the center of Jesse and Chloe’s relationship. She knew Jesse knew that Beca was at work at the radio station. So he had to be talking to her for some other reason.

Chloe waited for him to say something. He seemed to be trying to figure out how to start the conversation. Chloe sat her laptop down at her feet and turned toward him, “Something you need, Jesse?”

He looked up and chuckled, “Uh, yeah… Kinda. Are you seeing anyone?”

This question took her by surprise. Not just because of who was asking, but because no one had really asked her that in almost 3 years. She had dated since she had been at Barden, but nothing had been serious. A few guys here and there, and one drunken night with a small brunette girl who reminded her so much of the reason why she couldn’t give her heart to anyone else.

Jesse could see the surprise on her face, but misinterpreted, “Oh, hey, it’s not… I don’t want to know for me. I have this friend who’s looking. Really nice, guy. Tall. Good smile. I just thought maybe you guys would hit it off.”

Chloe’s expression didn’t change. “Oh. Jesse, I don’t know… I’m not really all that into blind dates…”

He reached over and grabbed her hand and squeezed, “Please, Chloe. Trust me on this. I think that you are really going to like who I am setting you up with. I think I know what you like better than you think I do.”

I seriously doubt that,” she thought to herself as her mind drifted to Beca. That’s really the only person she wanted. Beca. Jesse’s girl. The long-term lover of the guy who was trying to set her up on a date.

She had been infatuated with her ever since she first saw her walking around at the activities fair, hair pulled back showing off her “ear monstrosities” as Aubrey so often called them. Beca’s stand-offish attitude and innate disgust for group activities had been threatening to her college bestie, but Chloe had seen right through her tough attitude and immediately felt drawn to the caring, passionate person underneath.  

Plus, she was beautiful. Breathtakingly so, and as the years had drawn on and their friendship had grown and deepened, Chloe couldn’t stop thinking about her. About wanting to kiss her, wanting to caress her soft cheeks or lace their hands together. No matter where Chloe went or what she was doing, something always seemed to remind her of Beca.

The Bella’s often went out and did things together, and whenever they would, sometimes Chloe would let her emotions, and her hormones, get a little out of  control and she’d slip up. 

Like the time the Bella’s all took a trip to Six Flags. They were standing around deciding what ride they wanted to get on first, but their large group was in the way. A woman was trying to walk past them with her family, but Beca was in her path, so Chloe casually slipped her hand around Beca’s waist and pulled her back. It was a simple thing. Something she would’ve done to any of the girls,  but she left it there just a little too long. She found herself almost pulling Beca into her and when she realized this, she immediately let go. Beca didn’t notice, or if she did, she didn’t say so. Beca always seemed to miss Chloe’s “slip ups.”

Jesse waved a hand in front of Chloe’s face, “Earth to Chloe, you in there? Come on, just say yes. It’s one date. It won’t kill you, and you’ll be surprised by how into it you’re going to be.”

Chloe sighed and racked her brain for a good excuse as to why she shouldn’t give it a try. “Okay, fine. When and where?”

Jesse bounced with excitement, “Okay, awesome! Tonight, Grace’s, say… 7?”

Chloe whined, “Grace’s?… That place is expensive and fancy… That means I’m going to be broke AND I have to wear a super nice dress.”

Jesse got up to leave, “Don’t worry about paying. That will be covered. When you get there, the reservations will be under my name.You’re not gonna regret this, Chloe.”

Beca got off work and had a message from Jesse telling her to meet her at the restaurant. It was odd of him not to come pick her up, but he said that he had some things to take care of before meeting her.

Beca was happy with Jesse, but over the course of the past year they had become more like friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. They still went out, held hands, and kissed, but that initial spark between them was gone, and she was sure that he felt that way too. Tonight’s date was probably his last stitch effort to fix it.

She expected that he would have some kind of elaborate night planned. Dinner at Grace’s, a walk in the park where she would then be serenaded by the Bellas or the Trebles, and then probably some poem that we would read aloud to her. Jesse was a big romantic and Beca could get into it sometimes.

She got ready, grabbed her coat, and headed out the door. When she arrived at Grace’s she didn’t see Jesse waiting for her outside. She tried calling him, but he didn’t answer. “He’s probably already inside,” she thought.

She stopped at the hostess desk, “Excuse me, I’m looking for my date. I was supposed to meet him here at 7.”


“Jesse Swanson.”

The woman stepped from behind her desk, “Right this way, Miss.” She led Beca to a table towards the back.

She waited for almost ten minutes and she was growing anxious when she saw the hostess heading back toward her table. She was taken aback to see Chloe step out from behind her. “Chloe? What are you doing here?”

Chloe was just as confused as Beca, “Um, I’m supposed to be meeting Jesse’s friend here for a date… What are you doing here?”

“I’m supposed to be meeting Jesse here. He didn’t say anything about double dating tonight.” Beca felt her phone buzz in her hand. It was a text from Jesse.

Beca,  you and I both know that things have been kind of dialing down between us for some time now. But there’s someone in your life things haven’t dialed down with. At first, I tried to ignore it. I thought you guys were just really good friends. But the more you were around each other the more I could see it. You like her, Beca. And she likes you. You and I have never looked at each other the way that you two steal glances all the time. I may be the craziest man in the history of the world for this, but I’m setting you up with Chloe. Enjoy yourself. No hard feelings. I expect details as to how this night goes. Love you (in some weird twisted maybe platonic, maybe not kind of way.)

Beca stared at her phone for a long time just re-reading what Jesse had just sent. She looked from her phone to Chloe, who was still standing with her coat on.  “Umm…” 

Beca’s head was spinning. She was kind of embarrassed that she had let her feelings for Chloe show so openly, but she also felt butterflies in her stomach. She always got that feeling when Chloe was around. She looked at her friend, her potential date, and she was short of breath because of how beautiful she looked. Her hair as curled and falling on her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with eye shadow she had on. Beca’s eyes drifted to her lips which were bright red. Damn, she looks amazing… 

Before Beca could try to explain what was happening, Chloe’s phone went off.

Chloe, she’s all yours. Take care of her, will you? She really likes you.

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Beca… Um, Jesse just text me, and… Well… I think that…”

“He set us up.” Beca finished Chloe’s sentence.

Chloe’s face was as red as her hair. “Look, Beca… We can just leave. We don’t have to do this. I don’t know what he was thinking. I swear, I had no idea…”

Beca went around the table to Chloe’s side, “No. Don’t leave. Here, let me take your jacket.” Chloe let Beca pull her coat off her shoulders and watched her hand it to one of the employees. She came back and pulled the chair out, “Sit down.”

Chloe shook her head, “Beca, I… Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, really sure because we can just forget it all and go home.”

Beca’s face softened at how nervous Chloe seemed to be. Chloe, who always seemed so put together and in control. The girl who never faltered when a guy would make a pass at her at party. The girl who could confidently stand on a table and dance to the song “Get Low” after only consuming two alcoholic beverages was nervous about potentially being on a date with Beca. Beca the tiny, socially awkward DJ.

She smiled and crossed to Chloe realizing that tonight she was going to have to be in control, and for some odd reason, she felt it. She felt excited and empowered. She wanted to be here with Chloe so badly that all her usual fear and anxiety seemed to melt off of her and pass onto Chloe.

 “Chloe, do you honestly think that I don’t notice how you make excuses to touch me? That you fight for the spot on the sofa next to me on Bella Movie Night? Oh, and that you are constantly eye-balling my cleavage?” 

The look of embarrassment increased on Chloe’s face. “There are reasons why I never pulled away from you. Reasons why I always made everyone else move off your spot on the couch… Look, I don’t really do emotions and feelings well… But, you look incredibly beautiful tonight. More so than usual, if that’s even possible. I want you to sit down and have dinner with me. Just the two of us. And if you’re up for it, I may even slip my foot over next to yours underneath the table.” Beca gave a wink and Chloe laughed.

“Okay. I’ll have dinner with you.”

They ate, talked, and laughed all through dinner. When desert came, Chloe felt a soft foot rubbing against her leg. “Oh my God, Beca…” Beca didn’t look up, but just grinned when she felt Chloe’s foot playing with her own.

They were walking out the door carrying to-go boxes toward their cars. “So despite us being set up in such a strange way, this has been pretty great,” Beca said as she stopped beside Chloe’s car.

Chloe nodded, “It has.” She hesitated and looked into Beca’s eyes.

“What is it?”

“If you knew that I liked you and you liked me, why didn’t you ever say anything?” Beca looked up at Chloe, seeing she was kind of hurt.

Chloe could see Beca wasn’t expecting that and she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “I don’t know… At first I thought that you were just fooling around. That you were “play flirting” I guess. But the longer it went on, the more I wanted you to be real flirting. But I just couldn’t imagine you being into me. You are so great. You’re kind, sweet, caring, talented, gorgeous, and I am… Well, I am me. Plus, I had never had feelings for another girl like that before. It scared me, you know. Currently does scare me. Especially with you standing in front of me with those blue eyes that I could get so lost in…”

Chloe blushed and smiled rolling her eyes, “You don’t have to sweet talk me, Beca. I’ve already fallen.”

Beca had been different all night. She had been more confident in her actions and words. Chloe could see that confidence fading now as she looked up and fixed her gaze on Chloe’s lips. “Well… Good… Then… Then I can… Uh, I can do this…” She reached up and placed her hand on Chloe’s face pulling her lips down to her own. It was soft and sweet. Beca pulled back slowly finding that Chloe was following her not wanting the kiss to end.

“I owe your boyfriend big time,” Chloe giggled as she licked her lips. She could still feel the tingle of where Beca’s hand and lips had just been.

“Ex-boyfriend, I think…” Beca said scratching her head.

Chloe smiled and put her hand on Beca’s waste dragging her closer, getting to leave it there this time. “Well, since he is your ex, I won’t feel as bad about doing this.” She pressed her lips to Beca’s. This time the kiss was more urgent.

Chloe gently pushed her tongue to Beca’s barley touching it, but it was just enough to make Beca want more. 

Her whole body was beginning to heat up. She wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waste and slowly let her hands fall lower onto Chloe’s backside.

“What do you say we rendezvous some more back in my room?” Beca was smiling from ear to ear.

Chloe returned the large smile, “I think that sounds great. I’ll meet you there in ten.” Chloe watched Beca practically run to her car. Chloe grabbed her phone and started typing:

You have no idea what you have done. Thank you so much!! We owe you, big time!

Chloe hit send and then jumped into her car to race back to the Bella house, where she could finally be with Beca in the way that she knew it was always meant to be.

anonymous asked:

hi hi could you do some angst of mc breaking up with them? how would they react, would they try to get her back, that things... Thank you!

I freaking love angst and was so happy with this request! But I’m only doing the breakup rn to make it hit your feels lmao
I decided to go all out. But got too excited and wanted to post it right away so Yoosung and Sevens will come later today or tomorrow. But if you like this part and also want me to write Saeran or V let me know!

The breakup part 1

- He thought it he had it all. even though he thought it would never happen it did. Finally he was happy. the company was doing great and he had an amazing wife. He was trying to become more social, more human and thats all because of her. He just wanted to do everything with her. Go on dates, take her to parties, going on holidays. But lately things changed. He didn’t understand why nothing happened. They’ve never even fought before. He came home from work it was a late night so suspected that she was already asleep. All the lights were off and it was so silent, he could feel himself getting tense. He walked into the bedroom and noticed she wasn’t there. In fact all her belongings were gone as well. Except a letter that was laying on the bed. “Jumin, I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly but this has been bothering me for a while now and I couldn’t take it anymore. You can’t expect me to just sit inside all day waiting for you to come home, only leaving the house when you’re with me. I’m not a pet Jumin! I’ve tried to make this clear to you many times but you don’t get it and I’m done. Don’t try to call me, text me or even track me because I won’t come back. You should’ve listened to me - MC” He couldn’t breath. This couldnt be happening his princess couldn’t be gone. He wanted to call his guards screaming how they could’ve let her walk out of the building. But his legs wouldn’t move a muscle. All the saliva in his mouth was gone unable to speak. If she didn’t want him to contact her then that’s what he’ll do. He decided to finally listen to her.

- It was fun at the beginning. Zen was a classical gentleman. He’d do everything for you. Honestly everyone would be jealous of this relationship you had. But when he got a new role things changed. He didn’t pay as much attention to you as he used to. I mean you didn’t really mind since you’ve always been very supportive and you totally understood that you weren’t his top priority right now. But there came more nights where you had to eat dinner alone even though he said he’d be home. Or nights where you had to go to sleep alone. There were even nights where you didn’t even see him in the mornings. He also didn’t call or text at all only to say that he wouldn’t make it so that you should go to sleep. One day you forgot to buy groceries so even though it was already late you went anyway. You passed a bar when you suddenly heard laughter you recognized right away. You walked in and yes there he was, sitting at the bar with some female colleagues. “ hey isn’t that your gf Zen?” He slowly looked turned around to see you standing in the doorway with tears in your eyes. You could see that he had some drinks. He sighed, “ yeah what a burden” and continued the conversation. You stomped out, called a friend and went ‘home’ to grab your belongings. You were gone and sure as hell weren’t coming back.

Mabel Pines sentence starters - part nine
  • Two words, ____. Move. On. 
  • Do you…like someone?
  • All my life dreams are coming true right now!
  • I can’t believe this is happening. A real date! 
  • There’s something wrong with both of us.
  • We need to throw the greatest party of all time! I’m talking piñatas with tinier piñatas inside!
  • I thought you said this place was empty.
  • TV taught me that high school was like some sort of musical.
  • You’re gonna be out of town for my birthday?
  • Our party mission is going down in flames.  
  • Tell me it’s not true. Tell me you were joking.
  • You’re the only person I can count on and now you’re leaving me too?!
  • Only party chocolate can cheer me up now.
  • I just wish summer could last forever.
  • I’m saying this is my home now. And I don’t want to be saved!
  • Here the sun shines all day, the party never ends, and now that you’re here, it’s finally perfect!
  • Trust me, you guys are gonna love it here.
  • I know it sounds too good to be true, but just give this place a chance!
  • Does it really matter if it’s real or not?
  • For once, stop listening to your head and listen to your heart.
  • Hi, there! I love your headband!
  • How many valentines did you get?
  • You mean it? You’re really coming home with me?
  • Have I actually been listening to the same song for an entire week?
  • The real world can’t be that bad, right?
  • Admit it. This is the best day of the end of the world.
  • Trust me, tomorrow’s gonna be great!
  • Don’t turn this into a big deal.
  • I know that hurts because I’ve accidentally done it to myself! Multiple times!
  • When one door closes, choose a nearby wall and bash it in with brute force.
  • Don’t you remember? Even a little?
  • It’s time for us to grow up.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven| Part Eight

Requested Steve imagne

 "Don’t touch me! I’ve had enough of you! You don’t even love me!“ I screamed at Steve with hot tears running down my face. ” Aww, don’t say that. You know I love you!“ Steve answered, trying to grab my waist. I pulled back, not wanting him to touch me. I was sick of the parties, the alcohol, the girls. Knowing I’d say something I regret, I knew I had to leave. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door towards my car.

   At first I had no idea were to go. I started towards home, but then I realized I didn’t wanna go home. I hated my home. All that ever happened was either constant fighting or nobody was home. I hated being alone though, ever since I was a kid. I remembered when it was just me and my older brother most of the time. I never knew where my parents where most of the time. All I knew was all my parents did was fight and I had one tuff brother. That was when I was nine though. Now I’m 17, and my brothers twenty-one. The old man divorced my Ma when I was ten and has re-married four times in the past seven years. Thinking about my childhood and my brother, I knew exactly where to go.

   When I pulled up to the old, rusty playground, I looked for the once cleared opening. Nobody plays at this playground any more, but it was where my brother and I spent most of our time long ago. Actually it was through the “hidden” path into the woods a little bit. I’d been there a few times lately, I just could never find the entrance. After I found the opening I walked trough it and followed the trail. The sun would be setting in about  ten minutes, so I’d try to hurry. After I walked for about thirty seconds, I saw the old, broken sheds of old glasses of soda. This is where my brother and I used to come when our parents fought. We’d take turns smashing stuff with  my brothers baseball bat. It was still laying there in that hollow tree we would keep our keepsakes in. This was the only place that I felt completely comfortable alone. Remembering why I was there, I suddenly felt really angry. I grabbed the bat out of the tree and ran my hand down its smooth wood. I thought about all the times Steve’s put off hanging out with me, and went to a beer blast with Soda instead. Or all the times where I overheard other girls talking about how he was flirting with them at parties. With a deep rage growing in my stomach, I swung the bat over my head and smashed the fallen down log in front of me, smashing the glass soda bottle that was there. 

  Tears started streaming down my face as I threw myself down next to the log and covered my face. I heard a voice which immediately shut me up.            “Hello? Who’s there! I have a baseball bat!” I said my throat turning dry. I grabbed the bat then saw a figure coming along the trail. “ Y/N, its okay its just me Steve. Are you okay?” he said grabbing my hand pulling me up. Unexpectedly, I grabbed him and buried my face in his neck. At the sudden force, he almost fell. “I’m sorry Steve!” I began to cry again. “ I know your lifes not perfect and you can do whatever you want! Its not my place to tell you what your aloud to do!” Steve just wiped away my tears and told me that he really does love me and he promises things will change. He took me home where he never let go of me the rest of the night.

I'm not her (part 3)//(N.M)

Y/N changed my life for the better like no one has. I rarely go out to parties seeing as I come home to Y/N. She is the party I never want to leave. But what do I have now. NOTHING. The girl who keeps me sane is not here.

I need to get her back and tell her the stupid mistake I did was nothing. She is my world and I wouldn’t trade for anyone not even Ana.

*1 week later*

*Y/N’s POV*

I haven’t been feeling good this past week. Photos on twitter are being shared and a video. Nate and Ana. Just thinking about it makes me angry and upset. Nate choose her. I’m not her. I planned a doctor visit weeks ago seeing as this has been going on for weeks on end. I receive a text message. Swazz.

To: Y/N
From: Swazz

Y/N, I no what Nate did is unexplainable but he’s a mess without you. Come home. The home you and Nate share together.

To: Swazz
From: Y/N
He’s doing fine he’ll get over it. And that is not home not anymore. Home is were you feel loved and not used.

I know what I said was hurtful. He hurt me more and I don’t think my heart will ever be repaired to love someone again.

I drive to the doctors and wait for my name to be called.

“Is Ms.  Y/L/N here?” The nurse calls out scanning the room which is full of families.

“Here” I stand up and follow her into the one of the examining rooms. Right away I see and ultrasound machine in the corner.

“Um.. excuse me nurse I think I got the wrong room” I tell her as I watch her type in the computer and write on her clipboard.

“No this is what Dr. Nicholas said would be your room. The symptoms you’ve been feeling go with possible pregnancy” she explains before continuing “don’t worry sweetheart I know this is frightening. In the long run it will be all worth it since you will have your baby in your arms. The doctor will be here in a few minutes” she excuses herself leaving me stunned in my spot. A baby. I’m having a baby with someone who is not whole heartedly into the relationship. I’m snapped out of my thoughts as the doctor comes in. Surprisingly he is a young doctor I assume late 20s.

“Hello Ms. Y/L/N” Dr. Nicholas says as he sets up the ultra sound machine.

“Just call me Y/N” I tell him as I fiddle with my fingers in my lap.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine I’ll make sure you and the baby are okay” he says

“Well don’t we have to see if I’m having a baby first” I retort back before apologizing “I’m sorry didn’t mean to come off rude”

“Don’t worry Y/N. It’s fine” he rises up my shirt which I pull back down. “Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything inappropriate. I’ll be putting this gel on to see inside your stomach for any sign of a heart beat.” I gently nod. I feel so foolish even though I know how  this process works from going with my cousin.

“There” Dr. Nicholas points towards the screen. I watch his finger pointing to a nice looking shaped peanut. My peanut. My baby. Tears cascade down my face as I see the screen. Wishing I had Nate by my side at this moment. He can’t find out not when his heart belongs to another.

“I see your happy for the news” Dr. Nicholas says as he prints pictures of the screen.

“I’m happy but sad all these emotions” I tell him honestly as he hands me the printed pictures. My peanut.

“Well I’m sure whatever it is will be resolved in no time” he says as he writes something on his clip board.

“I don’t think so. I apologize if I’m telling you my personal life” I tell him as I remove the excess gel from my stomach.

“If you need a friend I’m here” he writes his phone number on a piece of paper.
“I know this is unprofessional, but you seem upset and need some one to talk about it” he says before leaving the room.

I need someone to talk to and lead me towards the right direction. I don’t know if to follow my heart or leave and never look back. For now I have my baby to take care of. Dr. Nicholas walks back in.

“I forgot to tell you that you are 8 weeks along” he says as he walks back out. 8 weeks. That night when I suspected Nate was planning a very special birthday bash for me. Instead we got caught up tangled in the sheets. A night full of lust, passion, and love. Then 3 weeks later I learn Nate’s talking to Ana again and he forgot my birthday.

I involuntarily run my hand over my non visible bump. I can do this. My peanut and I against the world. And without someone to love them back besides me.


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[Yoongi x Reader]

Genre: Fluff, A Little Angst

Word Count: 6261

—> I find myself mesmerized by this person. It was obvious how passionate he was about his music. The overflowing talent he had was amazing to experience firsthand. 

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this. I have a soft spot for Yoongi and really felt like writing him a little something. Please leave feedback - I love reading all your thoughts! xoxo

I still remember my first impression of him.

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Luke Skywalker x reader 🍊

Readers POV
No smut
Fluff ☀️
It’s so short I’m sorry..
Anon asked:
Hey! can I please have a Luke Skywalker imagine where you are pregnant with his baby and he is Super Super protective over you. thanks xx love your writing btw

Super cute ask 😭💕 sorry it took so long to post!! Hope you enjoy 😘

Luke was known for being protective over me. He would hold me close at cantinas and during dinner parties. He would watch over me when Leia and I would talk, or when we raced around the millennium falcon. But since I’ve been pregnant for about 6 months? He’s been so protective he never ever leaves my side, no matter what. He even requests to stay home from small tasks just so he can watch over me.
There was an attack on the rebellion and Luke and the rebellion fighters were going back to fight back. But Luke was so reluctant, I told him I would be fine with Leia but he kept saying he would rather stay. I told him he had to, I ordered him to. He didn’t argue at my raised voice.
“I love you.” He yelled from his fighter plane. As he was about to go out to win, hopefully.
“I love you too!” I yell back smiling widely. I wave to him and walk back to the control room. Leia greets me right away by kissing my cheek then my baby bump.
“How is my baby mama?” She chirps.
“I’m great!” I smile and hold my back.
“Tired though.” I add looking around.
“Well sweetie lets get you to my place and we can take care of you there!” He smiles. As we walk to her big house not the rebel base planet she tells me all about her and Han. They are planning on children too, but not at this moment in time. She asks how Luke and I are doing and I tell her the same old same old.
“He’s always there when I need him.” I smile looking at the beautiful sunset.
“He loves you a lot.” She smirks at me.
“I love him too.” I grin,“I’m so glad we are having a child.” I place my hand on my stomach.
“Want some tea?” Leia asks from the kitchen.
“Oh! Yes please.” I laugh.
She brings out the tea and I feel the excitement rush through me. I haven’t had leias tea in ages. It’s amazing.
“Good?” She asks, all I do is bid happily and laugh to answer.
Luke is scheduled to return soon. The resistance had won and I knew he would be in a good mood. I can’t wait to see him. I hear the familiar roar of space craft and smile widely. I step outside and see the fighter planes fly past my head to the landing base. Luke will be home soon. I prepare dinner and set up some Cozzy blankets on the couch so we can snuggle, he loves to snuggle when he gets back from missions or anything really.
“Y/N!” I hear from outside. I giggle and run to the door. I swing open the door and I’m greeted by a massive hug. He swings me round and around until he gets dizzy.
“Oh I missed you.” I say still clinging onto his pilot suit.
“I missed you too.” He smiles at me.
“You made dinner?” He laughs.
“Yes I did handsome.” I reply kissing his cheek.
“Aw and blankets to cuddle.” He says in a sweet voice.
“You bet.” I laugh. I love it when Luke comes home.
“How are you and the baby?” He asks taking a bite of his pasta.
“We are both healthy and safe.” I smile also taking a small bite of my cheesy noodle.
“That’s so good to hear.” He smiles.
Once we are done with our meal we lay down on the couch. He lays down on his back and I lay next him him with one arm sprawled out on his body.
“ I love you ” was the last thing I had said to him before I fell asleep peacefully. Knowing I’d be safe when I wake up.

EXO react to their little sister sneaking out to go to a party

Thanks anon. I’m sorry this took so long

Baekhyun: “Now listen to me, we’re going home. Whether you like it or not,”

Chanyeol: “I’m just worried about you. I’m your older brother, it’s my job to look after you,”


Y/N: “Go home, you’re embarrassing me,”

Chen: “I’ll go home when you go home. I’m not leaving you here,”

D.O: “I’m telling mum,”

Kai: *Hurts his wrist trying to get the stranger off of you*

Kris: “Why do you never listen?”

Lay: *Brings Luhan along to help keep an eye on you*

Luhan: “You do know I’m not happy about this, don’t you?”

Sehun: *Walks into the party to find you dancing with a stranger*

Suho: “Come home,”

Y/N: “I don’t want to,”

Suho: “I’ll pay you,”

Tao: “Get off her,”

Xiumin: *Watches from a distance*

I'm not her (Part 2)//(N.M)

“I’m sorry Nate, but I can’t keep being with you knowing your heart belongs to someone else” I go upstairs and pack a bag to last me for a while before I find a place. I walk back downstairs and see Nate sitting in the same position I was a while ago.

I open the door and turn around knowing I’ll be regretting it. I turn and Nate’s pleating brown eyes staring at my own silently pleating me to stay. Instead I walk out and start my car never look back.

*Nate’s POV*

I watch her leave. My heart is shattered once she muttered the words ‘I can’t keep being with you.’ Both of our hearts shattered in the process. I messed up big time and I don’t know if I can repair it.
*Nate’s POV*

I stay looking out at the door the girl who I have adored this past year. She wasn’t any girl. Her eyes lighted up with a simple mention of children. Y/N always wanted a big family.


I watched as Y/N played around with children in the park near our house. They played tag and giggled every time she pretended to trip on something, so she could be the tagged. I smiled as the children’s faces would light up when they saw Y/N walking towards them.

“Aww. I’m sorry kiddos but I have to go” Y/N told them as she gave the each a hug. The children would mumble a simple ‘okay’ and set up at time so they could play again with her tomorrow. I see her walk up to me with arms wide open.

“Come on Maloley you know you also want a hug” she teased as I wrapped my hands around her waist. I kiss her temple and smell you scent.

“From you always, baby” I say as I lift her up into my arms and spin her. She giggles trying to tell me to stop. I finally put her back down and throw my arm over her shoulder. I pull her in close to make sure she doesn’t run back to play with the children.

“Don’t worry I had enough play time today, but I’m going to be so tired after I have all my children” Y/N says as she intertwines our fingers as we near a ice cream parlor.

“How many?” I question as I ask for a vanilla ice cream in a cone. Y/N orders cookie dough before answering.

“I always wanted a big family. My children will grow up and I’ll need another baby to keep me company. While my other children are fulfilling their passion. Changing the world to become a better place for future generations.“ Y/N finished while taking a spoonful of her ice cream. While she was talking she had a sparkle in her eye that made me fall in love with her more.

"Then so be it can’t have you feeling lonely” I tease back as I kiss her lips quickly from across the table. She gives me a smile before turning towards the window.

*flashback over*

My phone keeps going off. I finally check it and see who it is. Ana.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Hey had fun tonight!❤️

I throw my phone at the wall. The screen shatters, glass all over the floor.
I have no idea why I started talking to her again. This idiotic mistake just cost me the girl who makes my heart beat like crazy. My motivational to bring out new music.

Y/N changed my life for the better like no one has. I rarely go out to parties seeing as I come home to Y/N. She is the party I never want to leave. But what do I have now. NOTHING. The girl who keeps me sane is not here.

I need to get her back and tell her the stupid mistake I did was nothing. She is my world and I wouldn’t trade for anyone not even Ana.

I hope you liked it in Nate’s point of view.