today pagan and i spent the whole day hanging pictures in my room. they helped me pose my bioshock figurines all cool and im really excited and happy 

we have to finish tomorrow because we need my dads help (the drill) to hang 2 really heavy pics and then i just need to wait for my record to come in the mail and my atlas print from luca to come, and my genderbender bas print to come from arden!!!!! and then it will be Complete and i am Very happy and excited

my bioshock stuff looks so good though its. unbeliveable i ammmmm. so hap

one thing that bothers me is when im watching a show or a movie and theres a real famous actor in it i dont picture that actor as their character its just that actor. like im watching the x files and some kid who controls lightning is hanging out with jack black. not jack blacks character. hes just hanging out with jack black

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Just got into med school woooooo! Pulled off the waitlist super late!!! Any advice as I start year 1 in a few days???

that’s my excited face for you!

My only advice before you start is:

  • sleep a lot
  • catch up on all your shows and newest movies you wanna see
  • do some quality hanging out with your friends and family
  • cook some meals and freeze ‘em (you’ll thank me in about a month)
  • buy stock in highlighters. 
  • send me your info so I can add you or update your info on the medblr spotlight

So I went for drinks with that lawyer guy.

To be honest, I’m not going to attempt going on dates. I don’t even believe in that? I’m more likely to become interested in someone if I work with them on something or just ‘hang out.’ The process of getting to know someone is too much for me and I don’t like having to be conscious of it? Does that make sense? I want to naturally be interested in someone. Not FEEL like I have to be because we are on a date.

Point of the story, I’m going to be single forever because I’m picky as hell. I don’t mind. It’s not a problem but I should just stop wasting people’s time because chances are, I will not pursue anything other than free food/drinks.

Meh whatever.

Hey guys! I was saving my very first follow forever for when I reached 500 followers, but couldn’t wait any longer, as I really just wanted to thank you all. 

I created this blog about 3 years ago but was inactive for over a year because I couldn’t seem to get the hang of how to use Tumblr or what it was all about, which is ironic considering how much of my life I spend on here now haha. This blog truly is what I love to do and the place where I feel I can be myself without judgement, and considering that I don’t make gifs or that I’m not particularly too involved in the Tumblr community, I’m astounded that I’ve even reached this amount of followers. I’ve never actively sought followers and honestly, everything I do with my blog is because I want to do it or because I like it, so every single follower I have means even more, because that means you’re following me just because you like what I’m posting/doing.

So I want to thank the opportunity to thank any of you that have followed me/still follow me, those of you that have liked/reblogged my posts or that have left messages for me - it means so much to me and despite my lack of communication with most of you, it truly does mean a lot. 

Before I start I should apologize if I’ve missed anyone, particularly any of my mutuals. I’m inexperienced at this and the chances are I’ve overlooked some of you, and if that’s you, I’m sorry!

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italics - mutuals

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It literally makes NO sense that Meredith doesn’t just say to Derek or to anyone speculating about his cheating that the woman’s behavior on the phone made absolutely no sense if there wasn’t something inappropriate going on between her and Derek. She answers Derek’s cell, which obviously has caller ID, and this woman is one of his fellows so her answering his phone just to hang up makes no sense unless she’s guilty. She would have just said who she was and that Derek forgot his phone. Instead, she just acts silent and weird (like she is deliberately trying to bait his wife) and then hangs up. That makes no sense, none, especially considering she apparently calmly told Derek on the phone that Mer called afterward.

(Not to mention that Derek was running home to fix his marriage so fast that he forgot his phone BECAUSE he had just cheated and felt guilty.)

And it still pisses me off that Derek never confessed about the cheating. He lied about it and Mer never found out the truth.

This entire subplot was poor writing and just really ridiculous and stupid to push into the narrative right before killing Derek off.

i feel like there’s so many misconceptions about introversion/extroversion and these misconceptions need to be dealth with

1. introverts can be outgoing. just because you like people and like socializing doesn’t invalidate how you feel being around people. i’m not a social butterfly but i do have a large group of friends and cousins and that i hang out with regularly and they may see me as outgoing because i like hanging out with them and that’s okay. you can be an introvert and like people and like talking.

2. extroverts can be quiet/shy. they also need some time every now and then to be with themselves and process everything that’s been happening. it’s okay to want to be alone every now and then that doesn’t invalidate your extroversion

3. there is nothing wrong with being quiet/shy or being too exhausted to talk to people and there is nothing wrong with having lots of friends and being a social butterfly

it’s literally as simple as that

my coworker just had her 17th birthday party and I was asking her about it just as a matter of course, like, it’s nice to ask people how their birthday was, and the conversation ended with her being like “hey btw whenever you go to a show at sluggo’s [all ages venue by my house] let me know, I never have anyone to go with” and now I’m like, idk! Idk! I want this baby to come to shows yes I want her to experience these things and grow up and into diy punk like I have, totally, but hanging out with a freshly 17 year old is weird. I’m 24! That’s so much older than 17! I mean, I know her dad and am friends with her stepmom, but I wouldn’t want to take on an air of like I Am Your Chaperone, but I also don’t want to be like “we are here as friends who hang out” so I feel ????????? what are politics of age differences what do I do (this is a real request for advice)

To the people defending Austin

Alright so I used to be in a relationship with this guy and he(was an asshole) but he was like Austin and I was like Liz. We were once at this event and he was hanging all over me and he was so clingy and constantly hugging me and I was just trying to sit and talk to someone but he would just keep hugging me and I made it known that I was uncomfortable. I tried to move away but he would just follow me. This relationship lasted for 2 months. I finally decided to end it because I couldn’t deal. I would have done it sooner but I’m really bad at confrontation therefore breaking up was impossible for me( finally did it though). But I (throughout the entire relationship) wanted out. I would never reciprocate how he acted towards me(like how Liz is with Austin). But I was just bad at escaping my situation. Once I was at his house and he kept kissing me when I was trying to pull away and it was the worst experience of my life and I felt so disgusted and disgusting. Liz has tried getting away from Austin. She pushed him away when he tried kissing her. Austin is literally insane. He’s a creepy, persistent, gross, person who needs to be separated from Liz immediately. Sorry I just saw someone defending Austin and it made me disgusted. Another point: we are not making Austin out to be the bad guy just because he’s the guy. Remember Ginnamarie and Nick from bb15? We didn’t hate Nick. In fact we disliked Ginnamarie. So don’t assume we are making him out to be the bad guy just because he’s make. Austin is genuinely creepy. It’s obvious that Liz isn’t into him but he keeps trying to make her reciprocate and it quite honestly disgusts me. Also keep in mind that Austin cheated on his GF on national TV :-)

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Did he wink at you at the show? i know he flirts with peopel during the show, you are so lucky

It was actually before the show, I had gotten tickets and was just kind of hanging around the park, sitting with my back against this massive tree trying to read when he stepped out to go for a run. Well, he went for his run and when he got back, I kind of glanced up, we made eye contact, I raised my eyebrows and he smiled and winked at me. 

It was a bit surreal.

honestly I’ve gotten to the point where I like being alone so much that texting most people or hanging out with people outside of my family just makes me feel stressed, and I’ve realized there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t really believe I’m socially anxious, I just think that I prefer solitude and a lot of people just create noise that I don’t need. so I’m done trying to push myself to be outgoing when it doesn’t make me feel good, and I’m much happier bc of it. fuck what society tells us about socialization being necessary for happiness!

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"You don't have to stay" and Hayffie?

You don’t have to stay, you know.” he mumbled, keeping his eyes on the drip they had hooked him to almost as soon as they had arrived in Thirteen. Supervised withdrawal, they called it.

“Don’t be preposterous.” Effie huffed, tugging on her uniform.

She looked out of place in it, it hang on her bony frame, unflattering to her figure and too big for her not to appear lost. Her hair had been tied back in a neat bun, giving her a serious look that didn’t quite suit her. He barely recognized her to be honest, and as loathe as he was to admit it, he already missed the bright ridiculous clothes.

“Just saying.” he shrugged. “I don’t need you to hold my hand.”

“You will need me to hold your hand when you start hallucinating.” she commented, slipping her palm against his and entwining their fingers. “I will do my best to cheer you up.”

“Which means you will annoy me until the hallucinations go away.” he snorted.

“You are rude beyond belief.” she sighed almost with disappointment. “Thirteen years of working with me didn’t cure it, I’m afraid nothing will.”

He rolled his eyes, grateful for her nonsense. He was scared and she knew it which was why she was right next to him instead of hiding in her newly assigned compartment.

He would have wanted no one else to hold his hand through this though.

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I've been dealing with my depression for the past couple years now and I've pretty much learned to just ignore it through out the day I'm perfectly fine unless some this gets to me (which is extremely rare) but at night time is when everything I've been ignoring comes back to me and sometimes ill cry for hours at a time (quietly so know one can hear me) and the only person I've told about everything is my ex and after I told him was when he became my ex :/

than he was just not the right guy, he didn’t understand it and its just not meant to be, but you will find someone else that’s gonna accept you for who you are and who deserves you, just please hang in there, it gets better :c

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Hello! First off, I LOVED Unspoken, and I would have read Untold by now if any library near me had it. :( Any who, this may seem kind of dorky, which it is, but is there like an authors' conference or something where all the authors of YA novels, like Cassandra Clare and Holly Black and you, just meet up and hang out? Because I think that that would just be pure awesomeness. Well, thank you for your time. BYEE!

First off, thank you I love you! And you can totally ask the library to get in Untold, and they usually will, because libraries are magic.

There are a bunch of authors’ conferences! Maureen Johnson, Leigh Bardugo and Robin Wasserman helped pull together Geekycon, which just happened this past weekend and featured amazeface authors such as Holly Black and Jenny Han. I have never been but I am certain it is awesome!

Several conferences I have been to and really enjoyed: Romance Writers of America, Romantic Times (Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr used to run the YA track, and now Kami Garcia does, so you know it’s gold), YAllfest (Margi Stohl and Leigh Bardugo, among others, WINNERS ALL), Los Angeles Festival of Books, Boskone, Sirens, World Fantasy Convention, Nine Worlds, TLA, North Texas Teen Book Festival, Austin Teen Book Festival, New York… Teen Book Festival… 

I really enjoy a conference/convention: I met Ally Carter and Jennifer Lynn Barnes for the first time at a convention in Tulsa, and have been successfully following them around for years now… *coughs* I mean, I ‘made friends’ with them. (WHETHER THEY LIKED IT OR NOT.)

Conferences are mainly for readers, though: you see writer friends, but also reader friends… blogger friends… all friends, and you do signings and panels. (Six authors discuss ‘Kinky Leprechaun Romance: In or Out of the Pot of Gold?’ Note: I just made that panel up.) And I hope it’s fun to meet writers, and discuss CRAFT but also FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. (Personally I am better at discussing favourite characters but I try to sound intelligent when I discuss craft…) So if there’s a convention/conference near you, totally go, if that sort of thing sounds like the sort of thing you like.

For just hanging out, we have to go on holiday together, like any pack of loser friends. ;)

if were friends and youre talking to me and you want to Stop talking to me please Tell me, just be like “okay time for me to sleep! good night!” or “i have to go to work now :/ ttyl?” or “shoot gotta run ill text you tonight”
the key here is: display that there is an Actual Reason for not continuing to converse with me, do Not leave me hanging, and ensure that i know that we Will speak again soon

bc i typically continue conversations indefinitely, i will not stop as long as i have a willing participant, i will stay awake for three days talking to you if you keep up with me

and if you Dont initiate contact with me or we dont speak for like a week i will assume we arent friends anymore and will ignore all your subsequent attempts to communicate with me


Gregory:  *regretful tone*  I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to say that. *sigh* This is why I avoid being around people.  I just never know the right things to say.

Ebony:  Why didn’t you just tell me that? We could have met at the park or something.

Gregory:  You’re so pretty and so good with people…I just thought I could get over it.  I wanted to impress you, but instead…I made a big mess.  Your parents probably think I’m crazy.

Ebony: No they don’t.

Gregory:  I…uh…I’m really, really sorry about all of this, but … I hope that we can hang out again. See you later?

How About Now? - Wonwoo Scenario

As you hurriedly searched for a nice outfit in your closet, you received a text message from your boyfriend Wonwoo.

Hi Jagi, I’ll be at your house in about 15 minutes, I can’t wait to see you and the boys are really excited too^–^” - Wonwoo<3

“Wait, what if the boys don’t like me? Will they judge me?” All these types of questions ran through your mind as rushed to put on an outfit you finally found.

Just as you were finishing the last touches of your makeup you heard a knock on your bedroom door.

“Yes? Come in” you said as you turned around to see who was coming into your room.

“Hi Jagi” he said while he walked up-to you and gave you a big bear hug. “ Are you almost ready?” he asked as he kept his arms hanging loosely around your waist. “Y-Yeah just let me get my purse and we can get going” you smiled trying to hide your nervousness. You grabbed your purse and headed to Wonwoo’s car.

While he drove, you held his other hand. “Wonwoo, c-can I tell you something?” he glanced over at you worriedly. “ Of course what is it?” his grip on your hand tightening slightly. “ I am really nervous..”

“Nervous, why are you nervous?” he asked as he drove into the parking lot of the apartment complex he lived in with the boys. You stayed silent as you entered the complex and entered the elevator to the 7th floor. As you stepped slowly towards the door. You finally broke the silence, “ It’s just- what if none of the boys like me? I want to leave a good impression of myself. You know me, I’ll probably make a fool of myself. I’ll-” he interrupted you. “Hey, hey (y/n) you’re worrying about nothing, I’m sure the boys will love you. You’re such a kind and beautiful girl..” as he looked at you his eyes wandered to your lips. He had such a desire to feel how they would brush gently against his. Next thing you know, he was leaning in on you and you slowly closed your eyes, waiting for this moment to finally happen.

Just when he was only 2 cm away from you, someone decided cut that moment short. You shuffled to stand behind him as you heard someone open the door.

“Hey hyung! What took you so long? Where’s your girlfriend?” Dino, the youngest asked curiously. You took a deep breath as you stepped beside Wonwoo. “ Hi, I’m (y/n), it’s nice to meet you!” you smiled timidly. “Oh hi! It’s really great to finally meet you” he said excitedly as he bowed. “Guys, Wonwoo’s here, come say hi” he yelled for the boys to come over to the living room.

“ Hi (y/n)” they all greeted you. “ You know Wonwoo won’t stop talking about you, like ever” Hoshi said. You looked at him and just saw a tint of red growing on his face. 

“ We should watch a movie!” Mingyu added, hoping to get rid of the growing awkwardness. “ Okay, me and (y/n) will be in the kitchen to get the snacks” Wonwoo added as he grabbed your arm and pulled you into the kitchen.

“Jagi, what should I get?” you asked. “ Oh, you should grab the popcorn, it’s near the top shelf at that cabinet” he pointed to the cabinet before he grabbed some sodas from the fridge.

You started going on your tiptoes as you tried reaching for the popcorn box. “ugghh, I’m too short to reach this damn cabinet” you grumbled quietly.

“ Do you need some help?” he asked while laughing. “ Here” he put his hands on your hips to pick you up, but there was no movement. He moved a lot closer to your face than he necessarily had to, but you weren’t complaining. This time, you were leaning into him, quickly putting your arms around his neck. “Finally” he thought, he definitely had his chance this time.

At least he thought.

Someone entered the kitchen. “ Hey, i just came to ge-” Dino’s eyes widened open “ AHH, I’m sorry, I just came into the kitchen to get something for myself and I didn’t think you guys were about to kiss and I…” he rambled on and on. “I- I’ll just go now” his eyes wandered to the floor as he scratched his head nervously walked back to the living room.

Wonwoo rolled his eyes. “ Why does this keep happening” he muttered to himself. “ Why does what keep happening?” you questioned hesitantly, you had an idea of what he was going to say.

He sighed heavily, “ It’s like every time I find a chance to finally get to kiss you, someone has to interfere and ruin the moment.” his face reddened as he explained.

You thought for a moment and glanced over to the living-room, “Well… it looks like everyone is too focused on the movie to stop watching it at any moment now.”

He looked over then smirked at you. You approached him as put one arm around your waist tightly and the other gently around your neck. He pressed his lips softly against yours as you tilted your head slightly as you deepened the kiss. He pulled away which made you frown a bit but the smile he gave you made it all okay. He moved the strand hairs away from your face and tucked the behind your ear, “ Those interruptions made it all worth the wait.” he whispered as he sneaked in another small peck before another group member walked into the kitchen.

Originally posted by meigeum

omg i hate him soooooooo much ;-;

then again i love being wonwoo trash lol

~Admin Dhalia<3

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Okay - baltimore RD meetup! I'm thinking around 3 PM the day of the show at the corner bakery on E Pratt in the inner harbor, bring stuff to make signs or just hang out and then we can all make our way to M&T together when we're done. If there's interest we can also meet up after the show to go to an all-night diner, I know there's one in Towson about twenty minutes from the stadium. Anyone interested in this please message me and we'll work from there!!

Everyone going, consider joining the meetup. It’s always super fun!

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