concept: there’s a new player in gotham. maybe they’re a bad guy, maybe they’re a vigilante– whatever they are, they want to get rid of joker once and for all. in true stalker antagonist fashion, they give him a cryptic phone call to tell him about their plans. they tell him, “i’m going to make you suffer, just like you’ve made so many others suffer: i’m going to kill the one thing you love most. and when you’re watching me do it, begging me not too– i’ll laugh.”

“puh-lease,” joker replies, obviously not taking this person seriously. “you think if it was that easy, i wouldn’t have done it already?”

“oh, i’m not talking about batman,” they say. “tell me… when was the last time you saw dr. quinzel?”

they hang up. joker is horrified. he teams up with batman in order to find and rescue harley quinn and the entire rogues gallery gets in on it to help him. where is this story, dc. harley deserves to be recognized like this after all the crap she’s been through because of the joker. WE deserve to see her recognized like this after all the crap we’ve watched her go through because of the joker. chop chop get on it


Pregnancy Series - Part 5: Not Your Typical Love Story

A/N: I’ve been super busy this week so thank you so much for being patient with me!! I really hope you like this part, we get a small glimpse into the past! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One
Part Two

Part Three
Part Four

*15 weeks*

“So my mum and sister are coming next week and they really want to hang out with you, get to know you and stuff but I told them that I’d have to run it by you first…” Harry trails off; taking in a giant breath as he finally stops his nervous rambling.

“I want to talk with Liam,” You announce casually, not paying any mind to what he had just asked you.

“I- what?” He asks perplexed after a few moments of confused silence, “Where’s this coming from?”

“Well I’ve talked to Niall and Louis since the, um, incident,” You tell him, scooting a little closer to him on the couch as you attempt to explain yourself, “And they were very sincere with their apology, so now I think it’s time to speak with Liam.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” He shakes his head, closing his eyes as he nervously tries to think of a valid excuse for his disagreement.

“Harry,” You sigh, forcefully grabbing his chin and turning his face towards you, “You told me that he’s called you every single day for the past 2 weeks, I think we should be adults about this, babe.”

“Yeah but, what if things go wrong again,” He whispers lowly, his voice barely audible as he silently pleads with you to reconsider, “I don’t want things to get worse ‘cause I don’t want to lose either of you.”

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We matched and immediately started chatting. I was living abroad as an Au pair in Germany and we met 2 weeks after chatting. We stood by each other for 10 minutes before realizing it was in fact each other. He took me to the McDonalds Cafe then we walked around when it started raining. He let me know he didn’t date people seriously and I felt like it would just be fun to know people. The date was awful but I wasn’t in the place to turn down friends so we kept hanging out and talking. I did try to scare him off from being romantically interested but he’s a stubborn man. We got really close as friends and then one day we hooked up. We stayed close and got closer until about two months before I had to leave we told each other we loved one another. I returned back to the US. A year after I returned home (and a few months where we broke up, got back together after I visited) we are still going strong. I plan to visit in the spring and him here in the summer. I have one more year left of school and have been working to transfer to a German university. I don’t know what the future has in hold for us, but I’m amazed that such an incredible relationship came from a swipe right.

Magic Kingdom was open until 1am last night, and the rain drove most of the Guests away, so Julia, Steve, and I were able to run around and do just about everything! Every now and then, I’m reminded of how crazy and wonderful and amazing it is that hanging out in Magic Kingdom is a normal thing for me, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to surround myself with this world constantly. Last night was wonderful, and I’m so thankful for the memories I created with two of my best friends. ❤️✨☺️ (at Magic Kingdom)

Leaving you is not the end of the world for you…

You can still breathe without me by your side. I don’t want you to stop living your life just because i left. I want you to continue moving forward and don’t wait for me. Don’t wait for me to come back, i chose to leave and i don’t know if i have plans on coming back. I chose what’s best for the two of us, for you…

I don’t want to see you suffering in pain because of me but i have to leave. I never had the courage to tell you why, i guess things are better off unsaid. You can just hate me or curse me to death for leaving you hanging but my decision is final.

Please don’t wait for me. I don’t want you wasting your time to someone like me who only hurt you and left you dumbfounded. I’m no good for you. I want you to be happy without me and i only want what’s best for you. I never told you the reason why not because you’re not worth it but because it doesn’t matter anymore.

I want you to go on with your life. I don’t think i’ll be back to you, i don’t know if i can make it. I don’t want to hurt you once again and that’s why things are better this way. Please be happy for me. Stop crying at night wishing for me to come back. Stop asking your friends about me and if you should wait. Just don’t. Please be okay for me. I want to see you again with a smile on your face even if means being with someone then i’ll accept it.

I don’t want to regret the day that i left you but i know i’ll regret that i let you slip away from me. And for the last time i want to say, i’m sorry…i really am.

—  a letter from the one that got away
  • Trump:You could replace me with a tape recording of my previous speeches and absolutely nothing would be different. I'm just here because I lost the last election when I didn't show up for the debate and it actually made me think for a half second that I wasn't the greatest human being in the universe.
  • Ted:You look like a man the market for a nice, gently used vehicle. Hardly any miles on this bad boy! Hang on I'm getting a message from my headset… What's that?… I'm here to run for president, not sell used cars? Ah well what's the difference?
  • Rubio:Obama knows exactly what he's doing.
  • Everyone else on stage:Boo! STFU Marco! never mind that practically every one of us has said the same thing at some point, we're all going to pretend that this is some radical ridiculous idea you have and that you're so stupid and inexperienced because you're our biggest threat!
  • Rubio:Mmmk.... It's still true though.
  • Carson:Uh um uh uh uh m mmmmphhmmmppm *whisper whisper mumble*
  • Kasich:The great thing about me is that I'm basically a liberal progressive and that's why people want to vote for me to reinvent our party!
  • Bush:*quiet sobbing*

happy birthday to out one and only, jackaboy!!!!

Dear Sean/Jackaboy,

Thank you so much for making us happy in your own little way. Thank you so much for being an inspiration for us and for being the kind of person that’s always there for us. Thank you for being the Jacksepticeye that you are now. You are a silly goofball that love cake and cookies, and as well as jokes! (like me!!) More importantly, thank you for being that friend that I never had. I hope you keep being the way you are and even if you do change, we’ll still be there for you. And oh yeah, YOU’RE AN OLD GEEZER NOW!!!!! How does it fell being a grandpa? :DD Nah, i’m just kidding with you! You’re still that li’l 6 year old at heart. Even if you are a grandpa, YOU’RE THE BOSSIEST GRANDPA THAT HAS EVER BOSSED! 

I hope you have an epic time hanging out with your friends there in LA!

Please continue on what you’re doing and keep enjoying life!! I love you jack!! All of us loves you. Keep smiling and stay determined.

-From, a fan.

Nori gasped when he stepped through into the gardens, mouth open in wonder. It was impressive, Dwalin had to admit. It was spring year-round in the botanical garden. Anything that needed to winter was moved out from time to time. The pots and trays and hanging baskets were always arranged to display their plants’ beauty to the best effect. Oin liked to remind everyone that the gardens were for medicinal benefit, but they were clearly also maintained for beauty. It was a luxury to be able to walk them and admire.

from chapter 6 of the court dancer AU “Orchids and Bells”, written by @thorinsmut and illustrated by me. I’m quite pleased with this one, it’s not often that I just use so much green 

and now that we’re on the pain-and-crying train already, here’s I Remember You with Frisk and Flowey


You’re so annoying, you pitiful little plant
I’d like to help you, but it seems that I just can’t
I thought you were nice, but you’re really, really, really not

Every time I move, eventually you find me and start hanging around
Just another lame excuse to see me mad, it’s getting me down
You know, I’m actually glad to see you
Maybe I’m the one who’s nuts

(Frisk + Flowey argue, in the middle of it, Frisk finds a note from Asriel)

Frisk (reading aloud):

Frisk (and Chara, if you’re there)
Is it just you and me now in this world that I’ve exiled?
That must be so confusing for a human child
And I know you wish that I could come back with you
But I’m losing myself and soon you’re going to lose me, too

These souls are keeping me sane, but I’ll have to set them free
And I need to save you, but who’s going to save me?
Please forgive me for whatever I do
When I can no longer love you

Flowey (reading from the same note):

Frisk (and Chara, if you’re there)
I can feel myself slipping away
I can’t remember what it made me say
But I remember that I made you cry
I swear I didn’t mean to, we’re not the same, Flowey and I


These souls are keeping me sane, but I’ll have to set them free
And I need to save you, but who’s going to save me?
Please forgive me for whatever I do
When I no longer love you

Please forgive me for whatever I do
When I no longer love you

anonymous asked:

Did you have the date? How was it?

yes I did!!! It was so great we get along so well and she’s so fucking cute oh my god. We took the train downtown and walked around and got food and then went back to her place and just talked and it was so nice and we’re hanging out again today!!!! Also she told me she’s smitten with me. i’m so happy and gay

KYLE: I’m going to see him right now!
STAN: Isn’t he in class?
KYLE: That’s okay! It’s just Mr. Adler there in shop class, he won’t give a shit!
KYLE: Thanks Stan!
KYLE: Oh, and uh, dude?
STAN: Yeah?
KYLE: Do you like, wanna… hang out or something? One of these days?
KYLE: I always have free period this hour, so you know where to find me, okay?
STAN: I- yeah. ‘Course I’d love to hang out with you dude!
KYLE: Sweet, okay! See you tomorrow, then!
KYLE: Wish me luck!

STAN: Bye dude! Remember: don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith for people you care about!
STAN: The worst he can do is never talk to you again!
KYLE: I won’t!

STAN: … I wish I took my own advice.
STAN: … God, this was such a bad idea. I shouldn’t have pulled a Kenny.

At work this week one of my colleagues said to me “I think you have glitter in your hair.” I went to check in the bathroom and the glitter was just water droplets hanging around from my shower that morning.

I love my hair.

Happy Black History month y'all!

I can still remember those moments. I still have flashes of them all the time. Laughing. Smiling. Just talking. The things you told me. The things you showed me. The moments I’ve gotten lost in. I can still close my eyes and see every moment we shared. You, your head turned around to look at me. Me, looking at you and hanging on to every word you say. Us, just too normal good friends. It’s just beautiful. And I miss it. A lot.
—  remember? // Krystal

anonymous asked:

could I be honest with you regarding some of the fans in the da fandom?? honestly, I'm like, pro-mage for life, but some of the other pro-mage ppl scare the living shit out of me, no joke. ur not v scary, tbh, but like. ive seen some posts from certain tumblrs that honestly scare me into not wanting to share my opinion ;;-

man no i feel you so much

i dont really hang w/ that part of the fandom tbh my dash is really neutral i only follow like 80 people and theyre all really chilled 

tbh i feel like people need to take a step back and remember its a bunch of pixels and that, no, mages dont represent some oppressed group in the real world, theyre just a fictional group…….

im so pro mage like, all my main heros are mages, but im not gunna shit on someone for liking templars eyes emoji alistair and cullen are cute af

dont let shitty people stop you from sharing your opinion honestly. joke though i may w/ my pro templar friends, you do whatever you want to with your world state. its for YOUR enjoyment after all, not anyone elses

tldr: duncan didnt die for you to shit on other peoples choices in a video game


I love that song. It makes me nostalgic for little kid days and long car trips. 

Currently: Listening to Phil Collins on repeat at unnecessary volume while folding laundry. I should also probably start reading Madame Bovary soon, and I’m thinking about adding a polaroid wall to my room so I hang a bunch more flowers on it. 

….because that’s just such a ME thing to do.

Also, had ice cream for dinner tonight. So I’m feeling like such a cool kid. Nine year old me would be so happy. 

Nineteen year old me…still pretty happy. 

Life Is Strange in The Sims 4 - Screenshots

Screenshots from Sims 4 with LiS characters! From now on I’ll upload these every sunday so I’m not spamming anyone lol. Hope ya’ll like! 


When you have to pretend you care but you don’t. Kate Marsh doesn’t care.

Max after smoking from her girlfriend’s pot. (She actually had a fight)

She does look like she smoke something, no joke. Max, you were a good girl. But you’re still my fave of them all. 

Victoria telling stories to the mirror because nobody wants to hear them.

I smell beans… where them beans are?!

“Don’t look at me. I have clouds in my mouth.” - Rachel Amber

Being tense with yout bae.

Just LOL.

Feeling sexy and sassy. 

Hanging with bae even if she’s pissed.

Warming those beans.

Perfect shot for the Everyday Heroes Contest. Watch the world buuurn.


Trying to be badass with bae and taking a picture so you can be a badass photographer.

Making fun of Mr. Jefferson.

Did I mention he likes being slapped?

The ultimate break up.

David Madsen is always watching you.

The dorm’s entrance. Thanks Blackwell students.

That was all for now. ^-^