Where is Wasabi?” There in the second photo! Hahah! Sorry, Wasabi! We couldn’t resist!

These friends of mine are my headcanons for their respective characters so it was really cool to finally see them all dressed up! The whole shoot felt really natural because it was like we were just hanging out as usual, except while looking a little different, hahah! I hope you will stick around for more pictures!

Our friend who is Wasabi to us was actually in school that day, apparently to be told that he would be graduating with honors as valedictorian! Whoo!

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Hiro • Jin (me) / Tadashi • Miguel
Go Go • Kat C. / Honey Lemon • Jess / Fred • Bok
photos by Reskiy

Click here for more of our Big Hero 6 photo series (●—●) with Baymax and Aunt Cass and more!

Thoughts on The Fosters 3x05

- No Jonnor *sighs* I can handle this I’m okay

- *five seconds later*: *quiet sobbing*

- Loving this new Stef-Lena dynamic

- Honestly I thought “hooking up = sex” too so I am just as confused as Stef and Lena here

- *Callie drags Brandon into Mexico to go hang gliding*: “YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME”

- “Best friend” wow okay so I don’t ship it but man I’m pretty sure that was a stake right through Brandon’s heart there

- That visit with his grandma was rough on AJ I kinda wanted to cry

- AJ being excited about being a ride along wow that was really cute

- Me @ Brandon & Callie when the cops showed up: “Mmm dear we are in trouble”





- Brandon’s going back to Idylwyld *pretends to be excited*

Check it - “Clueless” by gwencooke is currently the highest scoring design in our Clueless design challenge! Here’s what Gwen had to say about the inspiration behind this submission:

“When Clueless came out in 1995, I was just 7 years old. I remember seeing this iconic movie poster hanging up at a local store and begging my father to let me watch this movie with the girls who wore the pretty dresses and had cell phones. He pretty much told me, ‘As If’… I was too young. Years later, I finally got my wish, and this movie is still remains one of my all-time favorites.”

Artists, you still have 10 days to submit to this challenge for a chance at $2,500 in prizes!

2PM: When his girlfriend has a sexy concept that involves a lot of male idols.

Oh how I love requests like these, it’s always fun to think of ideas for them! Hope you enjoy~


Nichkhun: *Calling ever idol included* Hey Minhyuk? Good luck with filming of and one more thing.–Don’t you dare try anything on [Y/n] if you know what’s good for you. Bye~ *Hangs up* Now who to call next?

Taecyeon: *Visits* Hey [Y/n], how’s it going? *Hugs* I’m so lucky to have you as my girlfriend~♥ Hopefully now you guys realize you don’t stand a chance with her.


Junho: *Watches* -10 seconds later- OKAY THAT’S IT, LET ME AT THEM–LET ME GO!!!! *Being held back*

Chansung: If any one of them starts getting too close just sick it to them!–It would be an act of self defense after all so you shouldn’t get in trouble.

so full story, we were walking down the street to the library, and on our way there a guy that was walking ahead of us stopped and let us pass him. it pinged my radar as weird so i got a good look at his face and clothes. we didn’t realize he was following us, and we went into the library and went about our business. when we were at the circulation desk, my roommate was filling out a form and i was sort of just hanging around, and i noticed the same guy hanging out near the circulation desk. He clearly saw me noticed and recognize him and he turned away quickly.

i told my roommate, and we decided to go into the computer lab so i could charge my dead phone and she could post to facebook about what was going on. we stayed in there for like 15, 20 minutes. the guy was still over by the circulation desk when we came out, so i thought, maybe i was wrong, maybe he’s not following us or anything (because we were completely out of his line of sight for 20 minutes afaik). we had to walk by him to get to the printers and he looked up, saw us again, and then started low key trailing us around the library, eventually walking past us and going into the computer lab, where we had been.

so we ducked into the kids’ section, figuring it would be REALLY obviously on purpose if he followed us in there. he didn’t, but we told the librarian at the kids’ circulation desk. she took us to her boss who had us point him out on the security cameras. when we did, he was sitting back to the camera looking at computer screen, and immediately she was like “I saw that guy loitering by the circulation desk, he was acting really strange”. She offered to call the cops but we just asked her and the other librarians to make sure he didn’t leave the library while we left, and then we went out the back through the park and made it home.

long story short he was definitely gonna murder us men are so fucking useless honestly

what was i expecting

nah Stef didn’t die

nah Connor didn’t die

nah Jesus didn’t die yeah no it’s all good haha tricked ya

nah Callie just went to mexico to hANG GLIDE


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I'm soo glad you feel the same about mmfd, I was so upset with how it ended and in a way I feel it's tainted the whole show for me which is so sad bc it was something I could really relate and rely on but I agree with you how bad it was that she was distancing herself so much from everyone and at the start when Katie was telling her she was a burden I was waiting for them to prove how wrong that was but I didn't feel it did and it's just sad to see a good show end that way

Let me tell you a story, so I have a friend (not active on Tumblr) who I turned onto the show earlier this year. Literally we texted through every episode of series 2 she watched and when she hit episode 5 all I got was a text from her that said, “I don’t wanna be friends anymore.” I told her to hang in there - it would be worth it but that she needed to power through. Even if it was 1AM and she has two kids under the age of 5 - POWER THROUGH AND GET TO THE END BECAUSE IT’S WORTH IT. WORTH IT!!! BUT IF YOU STOP NOW YOU’LL JUST BE IN PAIN AND SAD. DON’T STOP. YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DEAD. I stayed up with her and we live texted through them all. I know she loves me, but I was breaking out into a light sweat and regretting the recommendation that she watch the show. I literally had moments where I was like, What have I done? This was all a huge mistake. I regret every life choice that brought me to this moment. I’m never recommending show to anyone again in my life. MMFD is precious to me and no one can ever misunderstand it. Needless to say, our friendship survived and I bought her MMFD typography art by Hannah for her counseling office.

So, I’ve kept her abreast of series 3 developments and sent her teaser links, etc but I kind of never sent her links to watch the full episodes for several reasons (mostly me traveling and being distracted, but then once I started watching I knew it wasn’t going anywhere good). Well, she found them. SHE FOUND THEM ON HER OWN!!! This afternoon she texted me and said, “I found ep1 - starting it now!!!” I saw the little blue bubble on my phone and I fumbled with it in my hand to type, “OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO”. Needless today, when she finished episode 1 she texted me back and said, “Remember that time I didn’t want to be friends with you anymore?” So, I had to break the news to her…

For me, the final 3 episodes really don’t impact my love for the show because the reality is I just don’t see them as connected to the greater whole. How Bidwell ended series 2 is actually a good stopping point (now that I know what my option was to carry on) and doesn’t feel incomplete. BASICALLY, I’ll just hype of the first two series and begrudgingly address the 3rd when necessary. I do think there’s a great possibility for a movie or special in the future though, especially since the cast said they are game. It would be easy enough to to “handle” the series 3 developments briskly in that context as well. All in all, I think there are positive options on the table for either taking the show as-is through the end of season 2 as a brilliant package and for a possible “future” view through a movie/special. 

I won’t spend much time talking about Katie because…well, my eye rolls don’t properly translate to text on tumblr. You’re right, they didn’t meaningfully resolve her role in helping add velocity to Rae’s tailspin. I would like to vote that Katie needs to get into some therapy herself - I’m a little concerned with how quickly Rae became her life (she was driving her around, mentoring her, creeping on her boyfriend, hanging out with her friends). You know, I never thought I would actually say that I liked what Bidwell did attempt to do (albeit too briefly) with closing out the Liam storyline in series 2, but here I am - comparatively he did a much better job and the Rae/Liam friendship even made sense unlike the Rae/Katie one. 

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kay so i was hanging out with my brothers best friend and then this really fine michael lookalike sat down near our table and my brothers best friend just said "aye, caitlyn, you're single, right?" and i just glared at him. then the lookalike got up, gave me a piece of paper then left. long story short it said: "Single, huh? Call me then." HOLY FXK IM GETTING MY OWN MICHAEL

good luck

Good evening, guests, and welcome to Derscity. My name’s Dirk Strider, don’t wear it down. I’m here for yours and the club’s protection. Don’t rely on me for entertainment, unless I’m kickin’ it at the turntables. We’ve got Roxy and loud music for that. Enjoy your night.

sup welcome to derscity the names dave strider. ill be your entertainment. you can rely on me for having some swanky ass beats and getting your night life started. if you have any questions ask rose dirk or roxy because im mainly here for the music and dont know fuck all besides being the dj here. have a great night

hows it hanging? :o im roxy lalonde but u can just call me rolal 2 skip all that formal junk am i rite lmao. im the swankiest bartender arnd these parts - im ur grl if ur lookin 4 the best drinks to knock u off ur feet ;3 enjoy ur night @ derscity :3

Welcome to Derscity, everyone. My name is Rose and I’ll be your server as well as the first of the staff members you should consult if you have any questions regarding- well, anything. And if I don’t have the answer you’re looking for, Dirk certainly will. Just refrain from giving him any grief at the door. We look forward to having you here. Enjoy your evening at Dercsity! 

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I have a boyfriend. He doesn't allow me to hang out with my friends. even though they are girls, he still doesn't allow me to go. He also doesn't allow me to play social media. He just want me communicate with him only. But, i've lost communication with my best friend. They mad at me because I can't decide to leave him. The fact is I can't just leave him. I also want to hang out, chatting with all of my best friend. What should I do? I can't choose one of them

Honestly you’re gonna have to break up with him, he’s exhibiting unhealthy signs of dominance/aggression and it can turn into a more abusive relationship if you don’t get out of it fast. Never ever date someone who won’t let you do something or thinks they hold some sort of authority over you because nobody controls you except yourself. Your friends’ anger is justified to an extent but it’s a bit misguided since they should be supporting you & helping you get out of this relationship xx


I wish I could just go down to the boob store and try some on. I’d be like oh let me try on those DD’s. Hey how do these look when I’m on my hands and knees taking a dick doggystyle? Do they hang too low? Or swing too much?



Peter licked his lips silently before carrying on with his lullaby. It was like this most nights. He would sit on your windowsill – being the only girl meant you were given your own treehouse, away from the boys – and play his pipes until everyone was asleep. Whenever you asked why he used your bedroom window specifically he would always reply with, “It lets me see all of the island so I can tell when everyone is asleep”. You didn’t really believe him though. Something about the devilish twinkle in his eye when he delivered the line always made you suspect there was another reason.

He readjusted the way his back leant on the windowsill, glancing to his left to look at you. One of your arms hung loosely off the bed, twitching every-so-often. You were tangled in your blankets, mouth hanging open just slightly as you breathed deeply. The way the moonlight hit your face made him stop for a moment, his pipe falling gently onto his lap. Your (H/C) hair was falling lightly into your shut eyes, illuminated and shining. Your chest rose and fell steadily.

“Beautiful” he mumbled, turning back to face the moon. That was the real reason he always your window. There was something about the relaxed face you pulled as you slept that drew him in. It made him calm to see you so peaceful.

Peter was just closing his eyes as your door creaked open. He frowned, listening to the soft sound of the little footsteps making their way to your bed. He waited until the mystery person was just about to reach out to you before shuffling, alerting them of his presence.

“Peter?” the small voice asked, edging away from your sleeping body.

“Shh, she is tired. Let Mother rest” he replied, straightening his back.

The boys had given you the nickname weeks after you arrived on Neverland. You lived up to it to say the least. You tended to their cuts and bruises, told them stories around the campfire, sung songs when they were restless. You smothered them with a kind of love many of them had never had before. So needless to say, they were very protective of you. Peter especially.

You didn’t baby him like the others. You treated him with the respect he deserved. If anything, you were his partner in crime, always helping with his schemes. But still, you kept a watchful eye over him and made sure he was okay. He didn’t tell you often, but he appreciated it.

“Come into the light” Peter whispered, motioning with his hand.

The little lost boy nodded and crept toward him, playing his hands nervously. It was Jacob, the youngest of the group. He was a new addition and struggled fitting in with the other boys, as they were much older than him. I mean, the child didn’t even reach up to your hip. But still, he did his best to help with chores and had taken a great liking to you.

Peter noticed the tears that had stained the child’s cheeks and frowned.

“What’s wrong Jacob?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. He wouldn’t admit it, but he had a soft spot for the small child. It seemed you were rubbing off on him.

“The Neverbeast, what if it gets me?” the boy’s bottom lip trembled as he looked around nervously.

“The Neverbeast?” Peter almost chuckled, but decided it wasn’t best for the situation. Jacob was about to burst into tears. Gently, he lifted the child onto his lap, brushing the hair out of his eyes.

“Felix told me about it” Jacob sniffed “he said it comes out every night and eats the littlest lost boys if it can find them. What if it gets me, or Mother? Mother is very little too”

He was almost hysterical, and Peter didn’t want him to sob in case he woke you up with his cries. Cautiously, he turned himself and the boy so his feet now dangled off the edge of the window, making sure he had a tight grip on the child so he didn’t topple to his death.

“Now, now. Dry your eyes, you’re both perfectly safe” Peter assured, clearing his throat quietly.


“Well, did Felix tell you about the Neverbeast’s weakness?”

Jacob shook his head and Peter chuckled.

“Of course he didn’t” he mumbled, slightly glad Felix had said nothing else on the fictional monster.

“Look out there, right in the sky, and tell me what you see” he pointed out into the darkness.

“The moon” Jacob mumbled, slightly confused.

“Exactly” Peter nodded “And the Neverbeast is very allergic to moondust”

“Moondust?” the child frowned.

“Little particles of the moon that fall down each night” Peter explained nonchalantly “It’s highly poisonous to the Neverbeast. Anywhere covered in moondust is off limits to the creature”

“Now” Peter dragged his hand along the windowsill, praying no one had done any cleaning that day “What’s this on my finger?”


“Not just any dust” Peter shook his head quickly “Moondust. I made sure there was some in every tent before I went to play my pipes”

“So moon dust appears every night the moon does” Jacob pondered, to which Peter just nodded simply. It seemed that the little lie had cheered the child up, but moments later he was frowning again.

“What about the nights that the moon doesn’t appear?”

Peter thought about it for a moment before gently squeezing the boy’s hand.

“I’ll protect you those nights” he whispered “You and Mother”



You smiled softly, watching as Jacob slowly fell asleep in his arms.  You had been awake since Jacob crept into your room, your instincts telling you someone needed you. But you stayed silent as Peter handled the situation. It warmed your heart to see him so openly show affection, you could tell he was softening up slightly. You only hoped it was because of your influence.

It was only when you were completely sure the child was fast asleep that you sat up and stretched, catching Peter’s eye.

“I’ll have a word with Felix, make sure he stops spreading stupid rumours. Because, as cute as that was, I don’t think I can listen to it every night” you murmured, slipping out of the protection of your warm covers.

“I only did it so he wouldn’t cry. His wails would wake up the full island” Peter huffed, embarrassed that you’d caught him.

Sure” you grinned, softly taking the sleeping child from his arms and walking out the room. Peter followed behind you silently, watching as you tucked the child into his own bed, even following you back to your little home once again.

“It’s nice to see you care” you muttered, bristling in the cold night air, breaking the comfortable silence between the two of you.

“I have no idea what you mean” Peter dismissed your words, rolling his eyes.

“Why else did you comfort Jacob, why else did you hold him as carefully as he slept, why else did you walk me back?” You chuckled at his annoyed look – he knew you were right “You’ve gone soft Pan, sorry to break it to you”

“I have not” he insisted “I’ve told you why I comforted Jacob, and I only followed you so you didn’t trip over a branch or something and break your neck. You’re not known for your gracefulness (Y/N)” he smirked.

“It’s okay to care Peter” you whispered, brushing off his sly comment.

He stared at you blankly, refusing to admit it.

You let out a long sigh turning toward the ladder that led to your tree house, intending to head straight indoors. But, a rash decision made you pause, and turn back around.

Slowly, you reached up on your tip toes and placed a small kiss on Peter’s cheek.

“Thanks for protecting me, o great Neverbeast Slayer” you smiled, resting your forehead on his shoulder.

“Whatever” he grumbled. He didn’t push you away however, just wrapped his arms around you shamelessly.

PM || Rycie
  • Ryder:Well, I kind of felt weird about it at first, but uh… people kind of keep bugging me, I guess.
  • Ryder:I mean, you noticed James trying to pair me up with Lily for Umbra stuff, right? And now Spencer’s all over me accusing me of being into Madison just because we’re co-captains and have to hang out to get Frog Choir stuff ready. I just want people to stop bugging me.
  • Gracie:I see. So you want time to get over everything at your own pace and not be constantly reminded of things or being told to move on, or that you're not moving on because you're not dating... I completely get it.
  • Gracie:I have noticed, but I just didn't want to get involved since it's not my place to. I guess now it is.
  • Gracie:Are you sure about it? Like really sure? Because we have to be convincing, you know...

After making Alex finally hang my poster…

Him: “Jfc, babe. You think that frame is big enough?!”


How You Bring Me Back To Life

Stydia Month  Week 4 Headcannon Week  Day 1- Lydia finds out about Peter

 “Apparently Jackson’s home.”

 “What?” Stiles’s eyes jerked away from his computer screen and he gaped at Scott.

 “Jackkson’s back. Lydia texted Kira, who texted me.”

 “Well, she’s not, like, hanging out with him?”

 “Yeah.” Scott eyed him. “What’s the big deal? Hanging out with hot girls is death remember?”

 Stiles shook his head. “I don’t like it. I don’t trust Jackson.”


 “Always.” Stiles got up and started pacing. “He’s so… He’s just a..”

 “Threat?” Scott offered.

 “Yes!” Stiles waved his arm in Scott’s direction enthusiastically before stopping. “No! No. Not threat. Why threat? Wha- Why? No. I’m- Pssh. I’m over that.”

 Scott raised his eyebrows. “Yeah. I can see that.”

“Shut up.”


“So.” Jackson took a bite of his burger and leaned back. “On a scale from one to ten, how much has changed?”

 “Fifty. At least.” Lydia shook her head and took a drink of her milkshake.

 “I was surprised Stilinski wasn’t with you.”

 “Why?” She looked up.

 Jackson’s eyebrows arched. “Please tell me he’s asked you out by now.”

 Lydia rolled her eyes and took a drink. “Yeah, right. Please. Like that’s ever going-”

 “Cut the crap, Lydia. I know he’s in love with you. Always has been. Why do you think I treated him nearly worse than I treated McCall? And you? I saw you that night at the lacrosse game. And I’ve talked to Danny. We broke up a long time ago. It’s okay.”

  Lydia flipped her hair over her shoulder, hoping to keep her cool exterior. “I am not in love with Stiles.”

 Jackson rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I just can’t believe he didn’t ask you out. I know he’s always been right there with you through all of it.”

 “Not all of it.”

 “Ah, right. The girlfriend.”

 “They broke up.”

 “Not the point.” He cocked an eyebrow. “Does it bother you?”

 “Believe it or not, I don’t want to talk about this with you.”

 Jackson shook his head. “My bet is you don’t want to talk about it at all. Just because you want to lie to yourself. Has he told you, by the way?”

 “Told me what?” Lydia asked, being sure to use her best annoyed tone.

 “That he was the one that saved you on the lacrosse field?”  

 Lydia stared at him. “What?”

“That’s what I thought.” He smirked and she wanted to murder him for it.

 “You saved me that night.”

 “Nope. Stilinski did. He called me to come get you. He went with Peter to get him away from you.”


 “I don’t care about Jackson,” Stiles said, shaking his head. “I don’t.”

 “Mmhm.” Sheriff threw him an amused look as he handed Stiles another dish to dry.

 “I don’t. I really don’t. They can freaking date again for all I care.”


 “It’s true.”



 “Because the minute I came in the door you were ranting.”

 Stiles opened his mouth and closed it again. “I… No…”

 “Yes. Sorry to tell you.” A smile pulled at Sheriff’s mouth. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

  The door opened and heels clacked against the floor. Surprised, Stiles turned around to see Lydia Martin. “You!” Oh boy. She was mad. Holy crap, was she mad. “Why didn’t you tell me? I thought it was Jackson! You let me think it was Jackson!”

 “What?” Stiles blinked. “Lyds, I have no I-”

 “You worked with Peter to save me? You saved me?!”

 Stiles’s jaw fell open and he stared at her. “I… Lyds.” He hesitated before grabbing her hand and pulling her upstairs.

“You saved me. You said it was Jackson!”

 “I did not.”

 “You knew I thought that!” Lydia stared at him. “Why? Why wouldn’t you tell me? You could have been killed going with him!”

 “I just needed to get him away from you!”

  She shook her head. “You won’t answer me! Why didn’t you tell me?”

 “Because I thought you were happier thinking it was Jackson!”

 “I wasn’t! It didn’t make sense! He was so awful afterwards! This- this makes sense!”

 Stiles shook his head. ‘Lydia, I didn’t want you to feel like you owed me anything.”

 “I know I don’t owe you anything. Stiles, this is what we do. We help each other.”

 He stared at her for a moment before nodding. “Yeah… I.. I know.”

 Lydia gave him a small nod before wrapping him in a hug. “Thank you.”

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Hi! I recently began following and reading Esther and Abraham's books and I'd like to embark on a 30 day challenge of my own because i have some free time on hand for the next couple of week. Your tips available here on Tumblr were really helpful but I'm wondering if you have any advice on what I can/should do (i.e activities) when I'm not engaging in some of processes I've shortlisted from the list of 22 processes and choosing thoughts that feel good in general. Thanks for your help!

Choosing thoughts that allow you to feel good and focusing on what you want vs. what you don’t want will keep you quite busy in the beginning, then once you get the hang of it - you’ll learn to just let go and allow good things to come to you.

The biggest eye opener for me during this process was to realize how negative my inner chatter was. Until becoming a deliberate thinker, I always thought I was positive inside and out. Turns out that wasn’t the case. I was only positive towards others. Turns out my inner chatter was fault finding, bickering, judgmental and whiny. 

Deliberately focusing on things that allowed me to feel good helped me to catch myself having thoughts of all kinds and helped me understand that I choose what I think about, what I think about directly affects how I feel - so how I feel is a choice of what I choose to think about.

I don’t have any advice outside what you already know - except to remind you to have fun. Absolutely have fun - all day. Awesome things are created when we make having fun a priority.

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Wait what's the difference between attraction and platonic love?? I looked it up and I'm still so confused

For me platonic love is a lot to do with just enjoying somebody’s company. It just means good friendship to me. Like I can hang out with some fantastic people and love them to absolute bits but I don’t want to pursue them romantically or sexually, I just really enjoy being with them and appreciate their existence 💕 I don’t know the actual dictionary definition of platonic love, but that’s what it means to me x

Today I got a new hat and I went to space which are two equally cool things. Hey I’m Maxx and [pop punk voice] these x’s don’t stand for kisses.

I’m just really into waffles and cheese steak, and I don’t remember why I’m here anymore. I’m the crash boom bang for the band Set it Off and I’m madly in love with my cat Pistol.
Basically to sum me up I like Pokemon, taco bell, stuff and things. I have a habit of disappearing and no one thinks it’s cute. That’s it so I gues

s what’s left to say is that I’m a cool dude and I want to hang out with you.
Hmu and get waffles with me; nightmares.maxx