Imagine living with the Avengers for a short period of time, having been recruited into shield after they learned of your abilities (powers or intelligence, your choice)

Over that time, you and Loki grew close, being the two “new comers”. The relationship is complicated with the Avengers questioning your motives for wanting to get close to the trickster.

One day, a mid autumn’s music festival is held in Malibu by the beach. Tony drives everyone up to his private chalet where they plan to spend the weekend. You manage to convince Loki to join the others and yourself in going to the music festival.

The night arrives and the music is great. You start dancing with the rest of the crowd. You also drag Loki in to the dancing, loosing yourself in the rush of the music. By the end, you’re panting as the crowd is cheering, Loki is just staring silently at you, eyes wide and intense.

“What?” You ask shyly. He grabs you and kisses you in the middle of the crowd.

I will never get over how beautiful their fall is. Will wraps his arm around Hannibal’s neck and as they go over they straighten out and fold so perfectly into each other. Will is holding onto Hannibal, one arm still around his neck and one around his waist, and Hannibal is completely relaxed, arms loose at his sides, so transported by the experience, so elegantly resigned to dying, just as long as it’s headfirst into the ocean with Will wrapped around him.

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Thanks veinslikefeathers for tagging me꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱

My questions for y’all:

1) Favorite perfume Its not really a perfume but I love the vanilla body spray from the body shop

2) Best childhood memory I think playing cricket as a family during summers when I was about 7/8

3) A meme that you use a lot Ahh I actually don’t know.. I just reblog any I find funny then usually forget about them

4) Describe your clothing style Usually quite loose clothing (harem pants and skirts or oversize shirts/sweaters) and its getting more colourful :D

5) Top 5 favorite books ONLY 5???? OK 1. After Dark by Murakami, 2. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, 3. Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro, 4. Perfect by Ellen Hopkins, 5. Anna Karenina by Tolstoy (this will probably be completely different tomorrow)

6) Favorite month of the year I like September because back-to-school is exciting and I like the way everything looks towards the end of summer

7) List the apps you use the most Tumblr (lol), Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, Camera (i have loads of random camera apps), mail

8) Do you practise any sport? noo but I go for walks sometimes :’)

9) Favorite breakfast food Does coffee count? Lol I love yogurt, either greek or natural

10) The last thing you bought 2 books yesterday (one was poetry, one was on feminism) :D

My Questions:

  1. Where is your dream holiday location?
  2. What would your superpower be?
  3. Favourite sport to watch?
  4. Favourite movie character?
  5. Do you prefer comedic, romantic or sad movies/books?
  6. Kindle or paper books?
  7. Do you have any childhood stuffed toys still?
  8. Do you speak any languages other than your first language?
  9. If you could meet one author who would it be?
  10. Favourite snack food?

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Nikita sentence meme pt. i
  • We all wear masks. Everyone, everyday. Sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are. ❜
  • And sometimes, if we’re lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really wanna be, who we should be. ❜
  • Fighting this war on your own must be exhausting.
  • Are you going to let me go?
  • Before you pull the trigger, you should know my name.
  • A killer with a conscious; it’s no wonder they cut you loose.
  • The real gift isn’t freedom. It’s what we get to do with it.
  • Brute force will never be as powerful as deception.
  • I’m not a monster. I just wanted you to think I was.
  • I have nothing left. If you die, I die.
  • I was the first recruit to get out. I’m going to make certain I’m not the last.
  • Your life is over, _____. I’m here to offer you a new one. But you have to be willing to earn it.
  • She had a good run. Won’t be another one like her.
  • Did she say who she was working for?
  • Everything to make me the best killer I could be… till I broke one of their rules.
  • I thought I heard my name.
  • I want you to know I can get to you, and hit you where it hurts the most.
  • Just like old times, huh?
  • You were free. You had gotten out, you were gone. What the hell are you doing back here?
  • I know you’re in this for revenge.  
  • You know firsthand what it feels like. Have the thing you love most in life taken away from you.
  • It wasn’t your life. It was your cover. I warned you not to get emotionally attached.
  • I’ll give you a head start.
  • If we meet again I can’t promise what will happen.
  • I can only promise you one thing… It’s going to get worse before it gets better.
  • The last word they breathe before the end, will be my name.
  • Did you ever have feelings for her?
  • You put him in danger, _____. That’s not like you.
  • Pretty cool how you can hack into all these servers.
  • You said you didn’t want forgiveness, but you deserve it, _____.
  • What have you got behind your back?
  • I can’t believe I ever thought you were cute.
  • You’d follow him over a cliff, wouldn’t you? Just like that.
  • You don’t have a choice.
  • What do I want? What I want is to empty a clip into your face.
  • That’s the difference between you and me, _____. You’ll kill anyone, I don’t waste life.
  • The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I’m saying?
  • I told myself if I could just find you and see if you were OK, that I would have done one good thing in my life.
  • I made the same mistake you did. The best mistake of my life.
  • I’ve got a plan.
  • Why don’t you just let me go?
  • I’m not gonna let them do anything to you. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. I’m not gonna lose you too.
  • The truth is what we choose to believe.
  • Making friends isn’t hard. Losing them will be. Trust me.
  • Not everything has to be a video game.
  • You know what you’re going to do? You’re going to kill, and you’re going to kill, you’re going to kill some more. And one day, if you’re very lucky, you’re gonna remember what it was like to be a human being. 
  • I don’t want you to go through what I did, _____. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone. 
  • Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. 
  • Thanks, my flight was lovely. How about yours? 
  • I’m pretty sure that taxi driver ripped me off. 
  • You picked the wrong mission to mess with. 
  • Relax. I’m not here to stop you. 
  • You may not believe this, but I’m glad you found me. I’ve often wondered how you fared. You probably don’t realize, but you changed my life as much as I changed yours. 
  • Who would have thought you would have been the voice of reason? 
  • Revenge is not the answer. 
  • I’m not a spice girl, and I was never ever obscure. I was elusive, and a little dangerous. I was a legend. 
  • I’m new at this hero stuff, you’ve been doing it a lot longer. 
  • You make it sound like you’re my guardian angel. 
  • It’s a kill job. I kill, or be killed, everyone knows that. 
  •  I like the sapphire dress too. 
  • That would be very dangerous. 
  • No risk, no reward. Isn’t that what you taught me? 
  • She thinks you and I are, you know… Together. 
  • I never lied to you. That was just my identity. You were never my family. 
EXO Reaction to going to the pool with you

Before the summer is over xD I hope you guys are having a nice time. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: He actually hides behind a tree or under a table just to watch you and admire how beautiful you look in a bikini.

Kris: You start a water war but he is loosing, so he gets out of the pool and slips right away, trying to run away from his obvious defeat. “I’m okay I’m okay this is my style”

Sehun: *Watches you from his seat and act all irresistible* “Oh come here y/n, you don’t want to miss this boy in swimsuit”

Tao: *Tries to swim like a pro but well… just fails*  “It’s all planned… I like making you laugh”

Kai: *In the kid’s pool, imagining he is on stage*

Xiumin: “Did you just tried to splash me? Oh no girl you don’t want to play this game with me” *starts to splash you too*

Baekhyun: *tries to dance in the water but it’s not working as he expected*

Luhan: “It’s cold it’s cold the water is cold!!” *Can’t stop acting like a little kid and laughing about everything*

Chen: “So this little baby will help us not to drown. Don’t worry jagi you are safe with me” *Hasn’t swum in a long time”

Kyungsoo: *Runs around, jumps in the water, swims like crazy. Little Soo is enjoying himself so much*

Lay: *Stands next to the pool, teasing you with his clothes* “Should I take it off? Or not?”

Suho: “Shirtless? Just shorts? … Bare skin… the sun… you and me… public?” *Suho being shy to show his body*

Blind Date AU

Based loosely on the following prompt from notallbees‘s “We’re Bad at Dating” AUs: We’re both meant to be going on blind dates with other people but we sat down at the wrong table and got our hopes up

“I’m so sorry I’m late!”

Starting, James glanced up from where he’d been mindlessly disemboweling a breadstick to see a vision in blue breathlessly drop into the empty seat across from him.

“I swear, I’m usually punctual to a fault. But the orange line broke down again, and I had to walk for ages to find a transfer to the blue, and I bloody well knew I shouldn’t have worn heels, but Mary was all ‘It’s a date, Lil. You have to make a good impression!’ and, fuck, I’m botching this something horrible, aren’t I?” The girl grimaced, her pale cheeks flushing a dusky rose that clashed adorably with the dark red plait draped across her shoulder.

“Not at all,” James grinned as he tried to discreetly hide his decimated bread beneath a napkin. “It’s rather refreshing, actually. A woman dressed to the nines and cursing like a sailor.” He leaned forward conspiratorially, “And, for what it’s worth, Mary was right about the heels.”

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Thoughts on these pics

  • Their son is in the trailer to protect him from dad’s blindingly white legs.
  • I get that the sunglasses + beanie is sort of a disguise but personally, it’ll just draw my attention more.  Like if I see it, it’ll make me go–
  • “who is this dude with a loose condom for a hat, a distractingly bright orange shirt, and admittedly neat sunglasses?”
Me watching Magic Mike XXL with a friend:

Me: Why is he dancing so aggressively around his garage like that? There are sharp implements, he could impale himself. 

Me: Okay, he’s just flinging around this girl in an un-choreographed dance routine, and she’s totally fine with it? 

Me: Hey, it’s Donald Glover! 

Me: Noooo! Don’t let the glitter go free! Okay, they just ruined that entire room. Forever. 

Friend: Oooh, did it just get hot in here, or is it just me? 

Me: Are…are they just going to leave that lady in the swing? I’d be super uncomfortable with that. 

Me: Yeah, um it’s totally not safe for them to be dancing on that floor with all those loose dollar bills flying around. Someone’s going slip and fall. 

Me: *Matt Bomer sings* Well, well! Somebody’s got a musical theatre background!

Friend: The first movie had a lot more dancing and a lot less dry humping, but at least there was something hot to look at, right? 

Me: *is asexual* Um….I kept getting distracted by all the safety issues. 

Friend: You’re such a stage manager!

Me: Yep. That’s what I am. 

Suho: *looses Baekhyun in a crowded store* This calls for drastic measures…

Suho: Chanyeol?

Chanyeol: Already on it.

Chanyeol: *grabs megaphone* Attention Shoppers! We are having a huge sale in the make-up department! Buy-one-get-10-free eyeliner!


Exo: …found him…

siriuslyqueerformoony asked:

if it's not to late to send in a prompt - any high school aus?

it’s never too late (or early) for wolfstar!

  • remus has attended a catholic all-boys school for years.  he knows everybody, but he prefers to stay unknown.  because he has a pretty big secret
  • remus john lupin is gay as hell
  • which is where he inevitably will go, because of the aforementioned fact
  • so he sits in the back of the classroom, gets good grades, and makes sure his shirt is always tucked in
  • nothing changes when somebody he doesn’t know walks into the classroom.  it’s just another teenage boy with his shirt untucked, and his tie too loose, trying to act cool
  • but this guy is cool.  you can see it in his steel-gray eyes and his pointy-toothed smile
  • nevertheless, nothing changes, because the new kid - sirius - sits down and remus ducks his head, finishing his assignment
  • by lunchtime, remus has almost completely forgotten about sirius
  • that is, until a not-quite familiar figure slides across the bench.  their shoulders are touching
  • remus pretends not to notice.  not only is being homosexual a sin, but it just isn’t right to be so attracted to someone this beautiful
  • he pushes the thought out of his mind
  • they eat in silence.  chicken soup has never tasted better
  • these moments flash before remus’s eyes as the closet door opens.  he’s been in the dark too long, and he is seeing spots
  • he can feel sirius’s grin as the shorter boy disentangles himself from remus’s pointy limbs, clasping their hands together
  • his lips are sore and he feels a bead of sweat trickle down his back as he looks into the eyes of a very angry headmaster
  • he’s going to be punished and he’s going to hell, but strangely enough, remus is ecstatic

under-attackles asked:

Haha it's probably because Misha doesn't think to solve things the "usual/normal" way. I keep imagining it like as soon as it got caught Misha was all "WELP. Gotta get down there and set us free" and immediately started stripping and the Ackles family was probably in shock/trying to process everything and by the time they came to Misha was already naked and Jensen was probably like "dude... Really?" and did some sort of simple motion that cut it loose and Misha was just left standing there naked

Lol I’m starting to think that stripping is Misha’s go-to solution for everything. Boat stuck? Doing taxes? Can’t get the pickle jar open? No reason he shouldn’t try stripping first.

It’s freezing outside.

You blow smoke into the bitter cold air, numb fingers loosely holding a cigarette. It wasn’t an addiction, you insisted. Just a quick stress reliever every once in a while.

The real problem was how often you were stressed.

The door behind you opens and closes softly. A few minutes ago, you told Dave that you were going to go outside for some fresh air.


You shrug, looking behind you. “At least I’m not doing it inside.”

Dave shakes his head, coming up beside you. “That doesn’t make it less bad for you.” He covers his mouth and nose with a hand as you exhale.

“It’s not like I do it every day.” You flick ashes onto the ground.

“You don’t need to do it every day for it to hurt you. That’s the shit that causes cancer, you know.”

You pause, looking down at the Cancer symbol emblazoned on your black sweatshirt. “Is that supposed to be a joke?”

He sighs softly before reaching over, plucking the cigarette from between your fingers. Before you can protest, he drops it and grinds it into the ground with the heel of his shoe.

“Rinse your mouth out before you kiss me, jackass.”

anonymous asked:

Omgg i love both of ur fics that were based on 27 dresses and life as we know it Omgg can you please do a loosely based adaptation on the ugly truth! I love rom coms and ziam and ur fics are the perfect mix of everything! Keep being perfect <3 <3

Hello Dr. Izzie Stephens!

Alright, I’ll be honest – I never made it all the way through the Ugly Truth.  I just… I couldn’t get into that one and I think that’s partially due to the lead actor.  I don’t think they meshed very well, actually.

But if I was going to do another AU based on a Katherine Heigl film, it’d definitely be Killers with Ashton Kutcher.  You know the film where he’s a trained assassin and she’s his clueless wife?  And everyone is trying to kill them now?  I adore that film on such a high level!

I just love the idea of clumsy, never-keeps-a-boyfriend Liam Payne, on vacation in Greece with his parents (because he’s still heartbroken over his last relationship and his parents still dote over him).  He’s horrible at chatting people up, even though he’s super intelligent, very successful in his career, and always so outgoing when it comes to people.  He’d be perfect for anybody… if he could find somebody.

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I was wondering if maybe i could get another jb imagine? My idea is a one night stand that turned into something more. You can finish the details.

AN I’m sorry I’m so terrible at updating, I feel like I’m failing you guys. I try to update every day, but sometimes I can’t then I end up doing it in the morning like a loser. Which is now. Which I can’t do when school starts. I’m gonna have to start going to bed earlier if I wanna get these done during the school year. Which the school year here starts on Wednesday, as in this wednesday. I’m going to die. Meanwhile, we are enjoying a nice Jack imagine. This is requested by our very own Baracanunot from wattpad. Wonderful, now once I figure out how to dedicate chapters to people, this will go over a lot more smoothly.

Warning: smut

Your POV

Sipping on my drink, looking out into the sea of people, I really just needed to let loose tonight. Some stranger in here was going to be a lucky son of a bitch, because let me tell you, I’m great in bed. Or so I’m told. When your boyfriend is in the military, you learn to cope with loneliness, but fortunately for me, my boyfriend broke up with me today because apparently he couldn’t “be the boyfriend I deserved” or some bullshit like that.

The shitty thing was was that he broke up with me while I was at work. Through text. Like could you get even more cowardly? But my friend helped calm me down, and my makeup wasn’t too bad. So now here I was trying to get over what’s-his-dick at this stupid club. One night stands were a perfect stress reliever. They’re gone before you even wake up so there’s nothing awkward about it, so there’s a plus. It’s like you never even did it, unless they were good at it and you were sore the next day.

So I was scanning the room looking for someone, anyone to come and take my pain away even if it was only for like five minutes. I could deal with that. There were sweaty twenty-something year olds everywhere, rubbing themselves over the opposite gender as if they were dogs scratching their back. They might as well just have a “fuck me” sign. Maybe I’m just being cynical, but they all looked like potential warning labels.

I saw a tall black and blonde haired guy in the corner, it looked like he was talking to his friend - who was rather ripped as fuck to be honest. He was sipping on some girly drink, which to do that here would be suicide, but no one’s messing with him. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid of his friend who was drinking- hold up. His friend is drinking fucking water. Water? At a club? Who the hell are these guys and when can I meet them.

I climbed off my bar stool and stood a bit closer to get a better look. They were both attractive. A three way would be weird though considering they’re both completely different body types. But they could be gay for each other. I see the potential. I watched them from my little corner and managed to overhear what they were saying.

“I don’t care what you say, Jack. Drinking margaritas in a club is not going to help you pick up chicks,” the muscular one told his friend. I guess that lanky guy is named Jack.

“Neither is water, so I don’t see what you’re accomplishing,” he retorted.

The other one rolled his eyes. “I’m taken, of course I’m not trying to pick anyone up.”

Jack tsked. “Neither am I!”

“Yeah okay, tell me how well that one worked out the last couple of times. You’d tell me you weren’t picking anyone up, and boom, in our apartment the next day would be some girl in your clothes. You’re running out of clothes to give girls.”

“I could always buy more.” Jack then peered over his shoulder to glance at me. I guess I was staring, so I quickly looked away as if I wasn’t doing anything weird. “Hold up,” I heard Jack say. Either he was coming close to me or I was just standing here like the awkward idiot I am, embracing myself for failure - either way I’m not looking. “What’s up?” I heard him say.

This brought my attention to him, and holy hell, he was a lot more attractive up close. The sight alone could make me go weak in the knees. He was wearing tight ass pants and the shirt he wore lined out his tattoo on his chest perfectly. I could see from my height that he was wearing an earring, and that made him all the more attractive. So I start out with army guys and now I’m on to tattoos and piercings. Nice.

“Just clubbin’” I said as casually as I could, sipping my drink.

“I’m Jack, and that’s Zack over there,” he motioned towards Zack who was watching us with an amused smirk on his face. Jack and Zack, the perfect couple. “But I wasn’t sure if you heard that much while overhearing our conversation.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, how do you know I’m eavesdropping?”

“You just confirmed it.” He gave me a flashy smile and I knew I had to take this guy home. He may not be boyfriend material, but he sure was fuckable, and that was the only thing I was looking for. I sized him up and tried to shoot him signals, but he wouldn’t budge. “You wanna dance?” he asked.

I shook my head. “Not really.”

“Then why the hell did you go to a club?” he laughed.

I shrugged and took a sip of my drink, trying not to seem too desperate. I sighed and played with my hands. Either ask me if I wanna get out of here or go away. But once you go away, you’re chances are gone, bro, you’re out.

He made this weird face and shrugged before he turned around. “Well, bye then.”

“Wait!” I called and reached my hand out to him. God I’m going to sound desperate I can feel it. He turned around, a smile still present, and I let go of his arm. I walked up closer to him, and looked around before I spoke. “You wanna get out of here?”

“Taking initiative, nice, I like it. Well, I’d love to, whatever your name is, but my friend over there was left alone while I came over here.” I peered around his shoulder to look for his friend, but he was already gone.

“Uh, Jack?”


“Your friend’s gone.”

“What?” He spun around to check on Zack, but poof, he was gone. Vanished without a trace. Jack took out his phone and probably checked through his messages. “The bastard left me!”

“Maybe he saw how hot I was and wanted you to come home with me,” I shrugged nonchalantly as if I didn’t just suggest he come over and have sex with me. “I’m Y/N, by the way!” I grinned and shook his hand. He gave me a weird look but agreed to whatever we were doing.

I took his hand and brought him outside to catch a cab with me. “So we’re going to your house?” he asked me. He’s acting like he hasn’t done this before, but obviously from what his friend had said, he has. So I don’t know why he’s acting so awkward.

“Sure are.” We waited awkwardly by the curb for a cab, and when one finally got here, we climbed in and braced ourselves for the awkward ride. We arrived at my place and I payed the cab the whole fair, not letting Jack pay a cent, since this is more for me than it is for him. We climbed up to my apartment and I let us inside.

He walked in, studying the place, and laid his jacket softly on the couch. I followed him, and decided if we were going to do this, we were going to do this now. So I grabbed his arm to pull him back to me, and leaned up for a kiss. He kissed me back, slowly. I heated things up with my tongue, and now I didn’t think he could control himself anymore.

His hands were all over me, feeling me as if I hadn’t ever been held properly before. His tongue was moving with mine, and I pushed him towards the bedroom. He landed on the edge of my bed, and I walked up to him, still standing, kissing him again while his hands squeezed my ass. I took off my shirt after a while, and watched him do the same. He fell back on the bed, and I straddled him, feeling his bare chest with my soft hands, leaving traces of my skin.

He grabbed me closer to grind himself on my, and I could feel his hard on through both of our jeans. I grinded on him, and kissed him more, until he had apparently had enough of it, and flipped me over so that he was on top. My pants came off in less than two seconds and so did his. Sooner or later he had entered me, and it was beyond any other sex I had ever imagined. Better than with my previous boyfriend, better than with anyone I’ve ever even been with me.

He knew exactly what to hit exactly when. He knew when to go fast, when to go slow, when to go hard. He knew what I wanted and he barely even knew my name. But I sure as fuck was moaning his. Loud and proud into the night air. My hands were in his hair and his hands were on my boobs to get them from moving so much. He went harder and harder until we both eventually reached our climaxes. I don’t even know how long he went, I lost track of time.

He was panting when he rolled off of me, but I did something I never did when I was with one night stands, and I rolled over to lay on his chest. He put his arm around me and I fell asleep like that., knowing he’d be gone in the morning. I kind of didn’t want him to go, but this is one night for a reason and rules are rules.

When I awoke the next morning, Jack had left and I wasn’t as drunk as I thought I was because the night from before wasn’t just a memory, it was like a vivid dream. And I remembered every detail of it. I looked over and Jack had left his shirt here. Either he was walking around town with no shirt on or he just carried one with him to mark his territory. I shrugged, and since I was still naked from the night before and didn’t feel like putting clothes on, I slid his shirt over my head and went to look for breakfast.

When I emerged from my room, the smell of breakfast was already in the air, and there was Jack in my kitchen, wearing my apron without his shirt on, cooking breakfast. “I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t know what kind of eggs you liked, so I made scrambled,” he told me with a grin. All he needed was a chef hat and his look would be complete.

“Thank you?” It came out more as a question than anything else, but Jack came around and put his arms around me as I was sitting down.

He kissed my cheek and whispered, “you look hot as fuck in my shirt,” before going back to make my breakfast. Didn’t he know the rules? One night stands happen at night and then the person leaves. Not stays and makes the other breakfast. To be honest, with Jack here I wasn’t even upset at my boyfriend breaking up with me yesterday. Somehow Jack was able to offer me a remedy in just a day’s time. Something I couldn’t accomplish with ice cream.

When we were done eating, Jack had gotten up to do the dishes, but I followed him instead. It felt weird to only be in his shirt with no underwear on, but it was nice given how long and comfortable it was.

When he turned on the water, I wrapped my arms around his torso, burying my head into his back. I whispered a small thank you before he turned around and gave me a proper kiss. He wrapped his arms around me, feeling me all over, and picked me up to put on the counter. I was excited for this, I didn’t even ask for it and he was going for it. It was going to be easy since I wasn’t wearing anything.

He tugged down his pants so that he was there for me to see, and since he was on top of me last time, I couldn’t see exactly what it looked like, but from this position, it was - in a word - magnificent. He entered me without warning, but I didn’t care because the sight of morning after sex Jack was enough to make any girl wet on the spot. He fucked me on that counter, and he fucked me all day long.

We didn’t stop until I went to take a shower, but he followed me in anyway and we did it there too. I wanted him to stay here forever, and it felt like he did. All day was spent with him, and whether we were being sexual or not, it didn’t matter because it all felt like one thing with him. He wasn’t just strictly sexual and he wasn’t just strictly romantic. The two blended nicely. One minute we’d be watching Indiana Jones, and the next, I’d be giving him a blow job.

Jack was my remedy for everything bad in the world. We could be dating and I wouldn’t care. We could be just fuck buddies and I wouldn’t care. As long as he was in my life somehow, I was perfectly fine. Because his kisses were enough to send me to the moon, and his hands were enough to make me feel as if I were royalty. Jack was enough to help me forget about the shit world we lived in for five minutes and take me somewhere else. And I guess that’s how I fell in love with him.

If you can only understand the deep power you have. It will always take care of you and watch you and look over you and protect you. You have to learn to feel this in your heart. This is what Ramana meant when he said, “Always be aware of the I Am.” Under all conditions be aware of I-am. Not I am this or I am that, just I am. The first name of god.

When Moses was freeing the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt and god spoke to him and told him to go to Egypt and set his people free. Moses inquired, “Well who shall I say sent me?” And God said, “Say I am that I am.” Meaning the power of god is Moses himself or anyone who utters this statement. This used to be a very sacred word, “I am.” But in this age people use it very loosely. And they get so used to it that it has no meaning to them any longer. I am is almighty power. I am is god. I am is pure awareness, absolute reality. I-am is.

If you can only remember this and feel it in your heart. That is all you have to do. Feel the I-am in your heart and you will become totally free. Whatever you’re doing during the day whether you’re working or washing dishes or driving the car always say, “I am,” to yourself. And realize what you’re saying. When you utter those syllables I-am the whole universe becomes you. You awaken to the reality of life. You true nature. The self.

—  Robert Adams
Budget Studyblr

So in my few days of going through the studyblr tag, I’ve noticed a lot of people who are disappointed that they can’t afford staedtlers or stabilos or moleskines or the apparently super useful five star notebinder and I get that, I do. There’s a certain aesthetic that’s going on and it can inspire sad feels when you can’t participate in that the way you’d like.

Please don’t beat yourself up over not having a lot of money. I honestly don’t think you need it.

What you need for classes are generally notebooks, writing utensils, binders, loose leaf etc. These don’t have to be the ultimate in writing comfort and perfection. They just have to be something that you can make work for you.

This time of year, you can find composition books for 25-50 cents a piece in places if you like things that are perfect bound and have a harder cover. If you can deal with spiral bound, I’ve seen notebooks for as low as 10 cents each and folders for the same. If you’re only using your sticky notes like in this notetaking guide then you don’t need the super sticky Post-its and can get by with the store brand ones that are generally cheaper and still come in fun colors they just don’t stick quite so well. There are cheap gel pens and highlighters all over the place (though honestly with pens is where I’d spend more money than on the rest of it,) if you’d like to have the option of fun colors in your notetaking. Personally, I don’t care much for stabilos as the edges on the pens themselves make my hand sore, and both they and the staedtlers feel really thin and snap-able in my hands so I tend to prefer something with a little more body to it so to speak.

The Erin Condren planner seems to be super popular, but it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to spend upwards of $50 on a planner especially if everything around you is also pressuring you to spend $100 on notebooks and another $45 on pens and $20 per binder and– this is getting really expensive really fast isn’t it?

Some colleges provide planners. They don’t hand them out on the first day like High School/Middle School does (or did at least when I was there,) but if you want a paper planner you might be able to find one for free at one of your college’s offices. I know one place I went to school tended to have them in stacks on tables with other information all over campus. These planners are plastic spiralbound and usually come with a whole host of campus information already printed in them things like a map and contact info for various offices and when the college is closed for breaks and other random things like campus sports events or plays that have their schedules released the year before. Are they perfect? No. But they’re free and they work. 

Say your school doesn’t hand out planners all willy nilly. Again, these are things that you can find pretty cheaply in stores right now. They won’t be the Condren or the Moleskine, but if what you’re looking for is a place to keep track of your goals, due dates, schedule etc, you can make it work.

What I’m not seeing a lot on the studyblr tag is people talking about Google Calendar or other free digital solutions. If you’re on tumblr, presumably then you have something that can access the internet and I cannot stress enough how useful Google Calendar has been for me. It’s not super pretty or fancy, but you can color code things and set them to repeat and have alerts and reminders sent to your email or smart phone if you have it. Heck you can share that calendar with someone else if you want. I have a friend in a different timezone than me that we’ve had viewing access to each other’s calendars for years now and it’s helped immensely to know when both of us are super busy. Not only that but you can switch between timeline views with a click without having to enter everything more than once. There are some things about Gcal that you can’t make super pretty, but it is fairly customizable and it’s super useful.

I’d get my syllabus at the beginning of term and enter absolutely everything on that schedule into gcal as soon as I got home or had a break between classes and when invariably someone else in the dept asked what the homework was I could pop a tab open and tell them.

This is what mine looked like last fall

Not nearly as pretty as some of the stuff available out there, but it was functional and I didn’t have to fight with reading my own handwriting which uh…is an issue a lot of the time.

And if you do decide to get a cheap printed planner but hate the cover or want a bunch of stickers that serve your needs, let me point you at Avery Full Sheet labels (available for both inkjet and laser printers, office supply stores tend to also have their own brand of this that can be cheaper, 3M has a variety as well, what I’m saying is that there are options.) You can cover things. you can cut them out. You can print stickers of your own. You can draw on them (though let it dry an appropriate amount of time since marker that isn’t sharpie will smear.) 

I know that none of these things are the perfect ideal aesthetic, and I know that not being able to afford all this cute stuff can enable you to feel pretty down about yourself and your situation. Please don’t. You can still be successful academically with free and cheap options. You can still study your heart out and put as much effort into making things cute and useful as someone who is in a place where they can spend upwards of $200 on school supplies before textbooks. College isn’t cheap and if going with the budget option means that you get to take better care of yourself in other ways, please do that. You are more important than your planner or bullet journal.

If there’s something specific you’re looking for, my ask is open and I’m more than willing to either offer suggestions or to do the research and see what a more economical option might be that’s comparative if that’s something that stresses you out too much.

You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you. <3