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ohymogjsdofjds okay (in reference to this)


  • keith always drinks all the coffee because he’s an early riser, and when lance groggily drags himself to the kitchen theres no more coffee god dammit keith I’m going back to bed!!!!! plus keith always feels so damn smug about beating lance even at just getting to the coffee first
  • LANCE. lance wants a doggo but keith is stubbornly against it because lance is already high fucking maintenance he can’t deal with two puppies in the house. after weeks of begging and draping himself over furniture and dramatic soliloquies on what a cruel and heartless boyfriend he has keith relents and they end up with a pupper who’s actually pretty chill?? she’s small and precious and they just fawn over her like she’s their newborn (can you imagine them talking to other couples like they have a child but then they whip out the baby pics and it’s a fuckign maltese)
  • lance cannot stand bugs coming near him or his clean n clear skin don’t even joke about it the threat of bugs is as serious as when the castle was trying to eject him from the airlock. so you can imagine his shrieks for keith when he spots a bug in the house and keith comes trudging over with a tissue bc he’s used to dealing with bugs. lance then hails keith as his savior, and well the upside to all this is he gets a smooch from lance as a reward, nice
  • keith lived in a damn shack and probably ate shit from cans without even blinking. therefore lance has the responsibility of cooking edible meals, and he does a damn good job because boy can he cook. he knows his flavors and textures like the back of his hand and he can chop vegetables at the speed of light. keith likes to tag along and help but he has no knowledge about flavors or spices or even basic dishes. after a while of learning how to cook, keith still pretends not to know how to do something so lance will come over and put his hands around keith’s to guide him through it
  • laaaaaaance. he has a big family so holidays always meant huuuuge celebrations and getting to see his relatives so he’s always pumped!!! lance would be that memefucker who puts skeletons out as soon as thanksgiving ended, and he totally sings not 12 days of christmas but 24 days of christmas someone save keith
  • lance, he hoards couple pictures on his phone he really can’t get enough and he always shows them off to everyone including complete strangers. meanwhile keith is like that suburban dad who tries to take a selfie but accidentally takes a video. keith is more into taking candids of lance without lance noticing so he can look at them later and get all warm and fuzzy
  • lance tbh he doesnt have a great memory when it comes to dates, but he cares so he tries to keep a list somewhere and he definitely has an alarm set in his calendar app to remind him to say happy birthday to you
  • lance’s mama raised him to be frugal, esp when all his younger siblings would try to sneak snacks into the cart. but keith, with the newfound freedom of adulthood paired with his severely limited food knowledge, finds so many snacks that he’s never even heard of but they’re delicious
  • lance’s pet names for keith are out of control. even though most of them are unbearably cringeworthy, keith finds it endearing, especially when it’s something in spanish. but he has to draw the line when they’re in the middle of a crowded grocery store and lance calls for his boo bear i don’t know this man I’ve never seen him before in my life

*heaves* I’ll make the shallura one in another post bc i don’t want this one to be too long