Looked through my old tumblr...

My god did I blow things out of proportion… 

Well, embarrassing pasts… we all have them, right…

Okay, no regrets now. At least I’ve learned and I’m a little calmer now.. right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?

Yeah I should really password protect that shit… geezus

i’m trying to find a good uni in boston to apply to next year but i’m a lost puppy and i have no idea where to start


I was just having a scroll through the leaving cert tag to see who got in where, having a little stalk ya know when I realised that I get my own results in a few weeks and I’m really not ready. I was super excited to be going into TY during the exams cos it seems like such a doss year but now I’m kinda stressed cos I just knoooow I won’t be in a class with anyone I’m friends with and now results are just around the corner like ew I wish I did online school or something

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I just started highschool literally any advice would be appreciated... ): Atleast it is better than middle school

I hope your first few days went well :)

it is a lot better than middle school and by halfway through junior year all that judgy shit and unspoken popularity contests etc. stupid shit people are mean about and worried about will go away mostly, its amazing how much everyone matures during high school (and after high school it gets even better so even more reason to make it through)

alright well heres what i would’ve like to hear when i was a freshman so lets go off that:

1. you’re gonna lose friends, you’re gonna make friends, you’re gonna change cliques, you’re gonna be alone, everyones gonna love you for two weeks, everyones gonna hate you for two weeks, rumors will happen, you’re gonna be like ten different people throughout the whole thing, you’re gonna fall in love, you’re gonna get your heart broken, youre gonna miss out on the Big Thing, you’re gonna go to the Big Thing and not like it, a lot of shit will happen. After you graduate, you’re gonna wonder why the hell you even wasted time worrying about any of it. its all good 

2. Try to get involved in SOME activity/club/sport/whatever for at least one semester. try something you’ve never done before, try something you’ve done all your life, you can leave at any time if you’re not vibing it anymore. (btw: its really easy to get guilted into continuing to do something youre not into anymore. while this may seem really important in the moment, seriously, you can leave at any time. they can make it work without you) like I was the most anti-school person in the world and i was very pleasantly surprised with how much fun i had with sports, AND it really kept me motivated to not give up entirely on school. and if you’re doing something outside of school its fine to continue that and not get involved in anything, no pressure

3. just no pressure dude like dont feel pressure to do anything just because everyone else is doing it (even good things *ahemAP*) if you dont want to do it dont fucking do it, no one knows your limits on stress levels, no one knows your likes and dislikes, YOU get to decide how you spend these four years

4. you might be required to do a very anxiety-provoking and daunting amount of community service hours. putting it off until the last minute isn’t as End Of The World as everyone makes it seem, but it’s still seriously not nearly as hard is it looks. sign up for some animal shelter, go during summer or on the weekends or whatever, 40 hours will pass by before you know it. get it over with if you can. and it makes you feel good, for real

5.  You can and should skip school for mental health reasons if you need to. its okay to switch to homeschooling if you really cant handle it. (you can come back or go back and forth, the program is called independent studies, at least here thats what they call it) In most states there is some form of early exit exam or alternative if you need to drop out. (these usually mean you have to go to a 2-year college before you go to a 4-year so it effects a few things but it doesnt make that much of a difference, and i dont know how this works for other countries unfortunately) if you tell the office or your teachers about any problems you’re having, there is a big chance they will be understanding and accomodating for you. I was allowed to leave class without explanation (usually for anxiety attacks and such), i was allowed to skip oral presentations and i got some projects altered specially for me so i didnt have to present anything or work in a group, I got special privileges with taking tests or turning in work late, I was allowed to skip school more/show up late etc, I was able to do a lot of shit because i told teachers. this changed from a teacher to teacher basis and there were some i didnt reveal anything to, but it REALLY helped and the ones i did tell were super understanding. I dont think i would’ve been able to last as long as i did if i left it unspoken. 

6. If your parents let you, this is definitely the time to go wild with hair colors and clothes 

7. if you’re a social person that quad/cafeteria wherever 80% of everyone is during lunch is fine, if you’re not, you’re gonna feel about 20 times better in a secluded corner halfway across the school. no one notices or cares that youre sitting there, its fine. also you know that far away bathroom no one ever goes in because its haunted/smells weird/thats the one tracy fucked billy in/whatever, thats also a great spot. i liked the tennis courts too

8. look i didnt go to prom or any parties and i turned out fine

9. Most people are also spending their friday nights with netflix. its fine

10. half of everyone is still a virgin by the end of it, and a big portion of those never had a partner and never kissed anyone. its really hyped up and there might be some pressure but IT IS NOT a big deal. really. and if you’re not one of those people: thats not a big deal either. use a condom. the morning after pill is at rite aid. gay sex can also result in STD’s. you won’t automatically know what you’re doing the first time, its not like that, you need practice, its okay to ask where you’re supposed to put what and how. anyone that claims to be a sex expert is lying, you’re teenagers, no one knows how this works. you dont have to know the names of every position or weird sex trick. its okay to not be ready yet, if they have a problem with that, they’re wrong. porn is exaggerated. it’s not actually 8 inches and it can still be good with 4. no one cares about ur stretchmarks or tummy or acne or hair in weird places, they dont expect you to magically turn into someone else when you take off your clothes. relax.

11. If you get into drugs, you get about 1 month of fun before it starts catching up to you. dont bring it to school, dont do it at school, yeah some people can tell youre high, art class is okay, some lecturey classes are kinda trippy but coming high to anything else is a waste of time and will probably just make it harder. do not under any circumstances go to class on psychedelics. your friend group might change completely, its REALLY easy to get caught up in the bad crowd and do shit you wouldn’t normally do, if you have a feeling you’re about done with this phase, its better to ditch them and be alone then continue hurting yourself. also yeah your parents will catch you, youre never as slick as you think you are

11. youre gonna be okay. i know it probably doesnt feel like it at the time, but its not the end of the world. it never is. you’re gonna be okay

bonus: i hated high school and i was so glad when i got out of there maybe other people in some far off land im not aware of enjoyed it but i fucking hated it no adult will tell u this until after you graduate but ill just be straight up with you high school was hell and i barely made it out alive good luck good fucking luck 

your grades do not determine your value as a person

your grades do not determine your value as a person

your grades do not determine your value as a person

i hate that i missed mr-fandom’s birthday party due to miscommunication and shitty weather so i’m making this post to declare he was honestly one of my coolest friends in high school and one of the only people that wasn’t annoying as shit at end (this is where you laugh.) Joey, you’re a dork with a great sense of humor. i loved doing theater with you and i wish we had had classes together (like, why couldn’t i have been held back a year or something?)

i just wanted to tell you how awesome you are and how happy i am that we met my sophomore year (or was it junior year? shit.)

(update: it was totally junior year.)