MARK: Every day, over and over..

MISHA: “Where’s Misha? In his trailer.”

MARK: If the trailer’s a rockin’, don’t come knockin’!

MISHA: Um, well, as it turns out I went to a high school that has an annual fitness test and they’d been administering it for 100 years, there were 1400 students at the school or 1200 students, and I was the most flexible boy on the fitness test of anyone who had ever attended in 100 years. So, yes, I am flexible. And when I was shooting Nip/Tuck and, uh, I had my package in my face there,  I was like, “Wow, I actually could do - I think I…” All I’m saying is if I actually had to.

[Jim covers face with hat]

MARK: We’ve lost Jim! We’ve lost him.

MISHA: If I ever had to. If I had to I could.

MARK: We’ve lost him, he’s gone. He’s not coming back now.

JIM: I didn’t get into the business for this!

MARK: Yes you didddd.

MISHA: So, yeah, there’s a little bit longer story with that. I had a bike accident after I shot Nip/Tuck and it was a pretty bad bicycle accident, and I went into the hospital and they took an x-ray and were like, “Eeeeh, It looks like your back is broken.” And I was like, “Oh! That explains why it hurts so much.” And then they did an MRI to really get in there and they were like, “Oh, no, your back’s not broken, you’re fine - but you have a birth defect where the vertebrae in your spine don’t lock together which means you’re prone to paralysis. Um, if you do anything too… stretch too much or something like that.” So, um! I could literally get stuck in that position. Yeah, so, for me actually, funnily enough, um.

MARK: Auto-eroticism is dangerous for you?

MISHA: Yes. Self-fellatiating could kill me.

MARK: I’m sure that’s just something your mother told them to tell you.

MISHA: “We have got to get him to stop!”

MARK: “You’ll go blind!”

MISHA: “You’ll grow hair on your palms and you’ll be paralyzed.” The doctor actually said, “You’re probably very flexible.” And I was like… was noted my one physical claim to fame and it’s because I have a birth defect, it’s not something to be proud of, so. But anyway, to answer your question, yes, I can suck my dick. [x]

Just to let you know, the SPN art book goes on sale NEXT WEEK

This is a preview of my submission which will be featured alongside some serious masterpieces (honestly, check out the previews and pick your jaw up from the ground..you’ll catch flies)

There are limited copies, so you guys seriously need to follow @supernaturalartbook and turn on notifications to get in there quick! 

For anyone STILL out of the loop (I am so sorry for spamming this these past few months, I’m just too excited!) this is a charity book made of over 200 of the fandom’s favourite artists and all the money goes to some amazing SPN based charities. Click on the blog for more details.

Hey so you guys know how coolio the SPN cast is right? Some of the cast members often like/repost/comment fan art made of them and this has happened to me as well (Ruth Connell, Julie McNiven, and Kathryn Newton). Well, THEY STRIKE AGAIN. On Instagram, on my personal blog (not even my art blog where the others acknowledged my existence and made me eternally happy), Adam Rose liked a pic of mine. But get this, it was a completely un-SPN-related post and I wasn’t even following him on that account. Weird, right?? And I’m like “nah, you’re shitting me” but nope. Here’s the evidence: https://instagram.com/p/BPvBEy9A1AQ/

So, I reiterate, the SPN cast is fucking awesome.