(Translation)  ANAN No. 1944 2015.3.4 feat. Sandaime J Soul Brothers -PART ONE-


Part two will be a Q&A to the members and will be uploaded soon! 

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[TRANSLATION] MAX Matsuura x ELLY x Yamashita Kenjiro x Iwata Takanori (Gekkan EXILE May 2017)

Hi! It’s been a long time since I posted my translations in here. I’ve encountered people reposting my translations on their own twitter account without credits. I reminded those people and apparently, my reminders were taken too personal. I’m just hoping it won’t happen again. >_<

My reminders regarding reposting of translations: Click HERE.

This is an interview with Max Matsuura along with JSB Members: Yamashita Kenjiro, ELLY, and Iwata Takanori. Apparently, the first part was in the previous issue of Gekkan EXILE so if anyone has scans please let me know! ^_^ (Thanking my twitter mutual, CINTAAMONYET for the scans! <3)

I’m also hashtagging Tosaka Hiroomi and Sekiguchi Mendy since they were mentioned here! 

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LDH Fan Week - J Soul Brothers

I do have my blog name as Hayato but its probably a shock he isn’t my favorite Tribe member its actually this one.

Iwata Takanori (Gun-Chan) was the first member I was shown by my bff of all of Tribe. To be fair I’m usually a kpop fan and didn’t pay attention to much jpop at all. She posted this handsome man one day and it was game over.

I just love the way he smiles

He’s adorable and you can tell the members love him too

He is just a cute baby that everyone wants to protect and love.

But don’t let the cute fool you he’s a heart breaker too. He knows how to use that handsome face to kill me and everyone basically.

He makes me smile when I see him acting and promoting. His model and photoshoots are amazing and he’s just a good guy all around.

And being hot as hell isn’t hurting him one bit….

Gun-Chan makes me happy and thus he is my EXILE TRIBE favorite member and also from J.S.B.

But I can’t leave out his dancing now can I?

I have a thing for krumpers actually so its no shock I fell for him so hard

(stay in your lane Reo)

He’s also an amazing actor!

I can’t wait to see what he does next, from being Gun-chan, to Cobra, to Iwata Takanori. There are no limits for his talents. I should stop here cause I could go on all day about how perfect he is XD

But I love our cute baby of J.S.B.

(I really wanted to use him yesterday too but I was good and am doing a different member each day.)

Credits to owners of the Gifs :)

(Translation) Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 50 Questions and Answers - PERFORMER/NAOTO

Photo Source: J Soul Brothers’ Official Facebook Page.

If posting, please use proper credit and use share this link instead! Plagiarism is bad. Very bad.

English is not my first language (it’s my third actually lol) So pardon me if there are nuances on the translation. Especially that it’s my first time translating an interview for a magazine.

I accidentally deleted the previous post of this so I am reposting it…on NAOTO’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday hugs and kisses xoxoxo 

Okay, enjoy!

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