(Translation)  ANAN No. 1944 2015.3.4 feat. Sandaime J Soul Brothers -PART ONE-


Part two will be a Q&A to the members and will be uploaded soon! 

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I’m a new LDH blog who will be writing scenarios. There aren’t a lot of scenario blogs for them, so I thought it would be interesting to make one of my own. Please send in any requests you may have and I will try my very best to get them out to you guys. Thank you!

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[TRANSLATION] MAX Matsuura x ELLY x Yamashita Kenjiro x Iwata Takanori (Gekkan EXILE May 2017)

Hi! It’s been a long time since I posted my translations in here. I’ve encountered people reposting my translations on their own twitter account without credits. I reminded those people and apparently, my reminders were taken too personal. I’m just hoping it won’t happen again. >_<

My reminders regarding reposting of translations: Click HERE.

This is an interview with Max Matsuura along with JSB Members: Yamashita Kenjiro, ELLY, and Iwata Takanori. Apparently, the first part was in the previous issue of Gekkan EXILE so if anyone has scans please let me know! ^_^ (Thanking my twitter mutual, CINTAAMONYET for the scans! <3)

I’m also hashtagging Tosaka Hiroomi and Sekiguchi Mendy since they were mentioned here! 

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