Anne Boleyn is extraordinary. How Natalie Dormer has played her is quite the most extraordinary thing. Because she starts off as this very intelligent, highly intuitive girl. And then suddenly she’s thrust into this arena by her father Thomas Boleyn - played incredibly by Nick Dunning. So at the start she’s not really sure whether she loves Henry or can love Henry. Then she begins to love Henry. Then she begins to become an ally of Henry’s. Than she starts wielding power of her own. So you’ll find in the second season Anne Boleyn has become very, very powerful. But she has to be careful. Because Henry doesn’t share power with anyone. Even someone he has taken to bed. So there’s a certain limit to Anne Boleyn’s power that she hasn’t found yet. But Natalie has played her with extraordinary intelligence and extraordinary beauty. She’s one of the few actresses I’ve met in my life - and I’ve worked with a bunch of them - who knows how to use every single inch of herself. - Jonathan Rhys Meyers