Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours’ subunit name options have been revealed! Out of more than 5000 votes over 20 days, 10 options for each subunit have been selected. Starting February 1st, you can vote here for your favorite names!

Below are translations of names that you might not be able to read.

Subunit A (orange) (Chika/You/Ruby):

  • Entry No.6: ポワフルガレージ/Powerful Garage
  • Entry No.7: ひだまりFlowers/Hidamari Flowers/Sunny Spot Flowers

Subunit B (yellow) (Kanan/Dia/Hanamaru):

  • Entry No.5: こもれび/Komorebi/Sunbeams filtering through plant’s leaves (….there’s not a word for this in English)
  • Entry No.6: 山茶花/Sazanka/Camellia

Subunit C (purple) (Riko/Yoshiko/Mari):

  • Entry No.4: 小悪魔インディヴィジュアル/Koakuma Individual/Little Devil Individual
  • Entry No.5: すみれ組/Sumire-gumi/Violet Group