• P!ATD's music vids from 2006:lol we crash weddings and we like eye makeup and we make ppl walk around with fish tanks on their heads
  • P!ATD fans:lol
  • P!ATD's music vids from 2008:lol we smoke pot and dress like we're from the 1970s and oh shit where's Ryan and Jon
  • P!ATD fans:lol
  • P!ATD vids from 2011:lol Mona Lisa is the shit
  • P!ATD's fans:lol
  • P!ATD music vids from 2013:lol we're in Vegas and you're not
  • P!ATD fans:lol
  • P!ATD music vids from 2015 to now:lol its your boy Brendon and I'm actually Satan and I like tentacle porn, torturing kids, and I really don't need anyone at all I'm fucking fine I'm Brendon Urie I can move mountains fuck you
  • P!ATD fans:lo- wait what the fuck

Me while waiting in line at a P!ATD show the other day (in 2016):

‘Ok, I’m only here because I was invited. ONLY reason. Why would I pay to see The Tyrant prance around on stage… pfff. As if.’

Me in the front row, waiting for the gig to start:

‘I’m only here because the venue asked me to take pictures. Not like I care about seeing The Forehead pffff. Call me when you have band members again.’

Me the moment the lights go off:

‘The setlist is going to be shit anyways. I just know. I miss pre split Panic, no one cares about your one person ‘band’ Breadbin. I’ll never forgive you for erasing Pretty.Odd like this… 3 cheers for Ryan Ross you asshole’

*holds camera tight*clenches teeth*

Me the moment Brendon jumps on stage, shirtless, hair on his face, singing amazingly and smiling from ear to ear:

*puts hands out in a surrender motion* ‘Wow… wow… calm down. If you wanted me to forgive you you ONLY had to ask jeez…I feel so attacked right now’

Me during the concert, camera forgotten, jumping and screaming like if it was 2005 all over again:


Me leaving the venue after the gig, realising what I’ve done:

‘I’m shook…’

*grabs phone, opens instagram, goes to @ thisistherealryanross account and starts going through every Dottie Ross picture, mumbling*

‘I must purify my soul after this… I must return from the shadows. Hail to Ryan Ross! Northern Downpour sends its love mf!’

*puts headphones on, turns on The Young Veins album as loud as possible and starts walking home in shame*

‘I must repent of my sins….’ 

Fever Era  Brendon Net!

hi! love fever brendon or just brendon in general? then apply for this net!

the rules/guidelines

~ mbf me

~mbf the net blog 

~ fill out this type form

~ follow the tag / fevererabrendonnet

~ ut reblog this post to be entered likes are okay to bookmark

applications close September 30th 2016! I will announce the net members probably around October 7th is bc school :) there will be 5-10 members depending on how many applicants i get and a kick chat, new friends/mutuals, plus reblog n such on artwork selfies and more! hope you apply bc this will be really fun! (more guidelines will be announced when there are the members)

Reblog if you ship two people BUT

• you don’t harass them about it
• you’re okay if it’s not real
(even though you might sad)
• at the end you just wish them to have an awesome relationship
• you still care more about them as people than the ship
• you are nice and respectful to shippers AND non-shippers as long as they are nice and respectful as well

I want proof that there are nice shippers.

Please reblog if you agree with all of the above.

This posted is base off the original.

I felt it needed to be said again as I saw things related to the topic.

When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)
  • When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • uploading again cause it wasn’t working!!
  • this is the only live version I’ve heard
  • Brendon seems to use MALE pronouns in the second verse?
  • you can clearly hear Ryan’s vocals
  • the way he ends it is beautiful :’)

that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

cool things Sarah Urie does

•the bee emoji 🐝
•gives us skin care tips + good products to buy
•give us nice makeup suggestions
•supports other artists (Halsey, Beyonce, twenty one pilots, Jac Vanek, etc)
•made a separate account on Instagram for the fans
•has such a great and cute snapchat
•fuckin gorgeous
•cares so much about us fans
•replies to fans on Instagram + Twitter a lot
•blesses us with her selfies
•cares about others so much
•literally the sweetest person ever
—add more if ya want
the list could go on, like how could you not love her???