One Day, I'll Marry You (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

This is my first DEH imagine (I’ve written a shit load of AWG fics.)

If it’s shitty it’s because I wrote this at 3 am and am too tried to proofread twice.



Jared Kleinman.

The ever present Jared Kleinman

The family friend Jared Kleinman

The loser Jared Kleinman

The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman

For you Jared was a forced childhood friendship destined for failure from the get go. Or so your families thought. Your moms where friends in high school and remains friends till this day, and were elated when they discovered they were pregnant with babies at the same time! So close in time that you were born less than an hour apart on the same day, same month, same year. Which meant same birthdays and the joint parties! You and Jared had known each other from birth and were stuck with each other. No escaping him. Ever.

As the two of you got older it was apparent to the families of both parties that you two were most likely not going to be friends once your personalities developed. Jared loved video games and action figures and comic books, while you enjoyed playing outside, dolls, and kiddie makeup. Your mothers had predicted your separation after your first fight, what game was to be played. You weren’t even in school yet but they just knew. Or so they thought.

“It’s gonna happen and soon. You know they won’t stay friends” Jared’s mom said while drinking wine at the dining room table. You and Jared were hidden behind the wall, eavesdropping on them. They didn’t know this but the two of you were in a ninja phase, Jared was given Sly Cooper from his grandmother and you both LOVED IT.

“They think we are gonna like, breakup!” Jared whispered to you.

“We can’t breakup we’re not even married!” You replied your knowledge of the world so minimal, all you knew was marriage.

“Well we should prove them wrong!” He cheered. You heard both mothers suddenly stop talking, you locked eyes and took off down the hall way back to Jared’s room in a fit of giggles.

“Hey (y/n)?” Jared piped up after you were safely hidden in his room “when we’re older, like 13, I’m going to marry you!”

“I’ll say yes!” Your giggled picking up the Play Station controller.

That was 14 years ago. This is today.

You were packing your over night bag to drop off at Jared’s before school, you really only packed clothes, you spent almost every weekend at the Kleinman’s so they had a set of over night things for you already.

Grabbing your keys off your nightstand you left the house from your back door, and you found yourself in the Kleinman’s kitchen, you knew this large house like the back of your hand, reminiscing slightly as you headed up to Jared’s room, little you in picture frames smiling brightly always with Jared. You stopped at your favorite, the two of you were sopping wet, holding hands, and neither of you aware of poison ivy and fevers manifesting in your bodies.

You and Jared were 8 years old, it was the end of your joint birthday party, everyone was gone and your parents were helping clean up the small outdoor venue. For the first time all day the area was quiet, a mischievous smile painted on your face as the sound of running water swam to your ears.

“Jared! Jared listen! There’s a waterfall or something! Let’s go find it!!” Your chirped grabbing his hand and pulling him into the woods.

“(Y/N) we’re going to get in trouble!” He cried slipping his hand from yours.

“Jared if I’m going to be your wife you’re going to need to follow me anywhere!” You insisted. Ever since that day he said he’d marry you neither of you denied it. It seemed almost wrong for either of you to consider anyone else. And besides boys had cooties, Jared isn’t a boy. He is Jared and that’s different.

You two clambered through underbrush to the small river at the back end of the property. Sun shone down on to the shallow water, leaves tumbled gently from the oak trees above, and you and Jared shamelessly stripped down to your underwear and splashed into the stream.

After 30 minutes of of playing pretend in the river, you both were so cold you were blue and decided it was best to get dressed and head home. Your clothes were soaked from your splashing, and stuck to you like a second skin.

Your parents, worried sick, cried with joy when you guys showed up in the field by the venue. Jared’s mom gasped at her soaking wet, shivering son and his best friend. Your mom cracked up at the scene before her and instantly took a picture of the two of you, hands locked, soaked to the bone, grass stuck to your sticky skin, and grinning like mad men.

Later than evening both you and Jared were itchy like hell and coughing like crazy. The prognosis; poison ivy and a fevers from the cold river.

You smiled and continued down the hallway to Jared’s room, pushing open white door you found your best friend just waking up. Blurry eyed and voice still husky from sleep he squinted at you confused. “W-what are you doing here?” He groaned as his hand reaching for the glasses that had fallen to the floor moments ago. Walking into his room you grabbed his glasses, put them on, and sat straddling his sleepy body.

“I’m staying the night of course. I’m just going to come straight here after school,” you replied poking is squishy face.

“Yes because your house is so very far away,” he rolled his eyes “where the fuck are my glasses?” In a fit of giggles you grabbed his face between your hands and leaned in close, your face and the glasses on them coming into focus.

“I don’t know J, where the fuck are your glasses?” You said dead serious.

“Go fuck a goat,” he scolded shoving you off onto the floor. You broke out into another fit of giggles, the last you’d seen of his face he was glaring at you, but that facade fell away and he smiled at you gently. He tapped your ribs with his foot as he got out of bed and went to his closet.

“You know if I’m going to be your wife, you need to treat me better!” You said as you got off the floor.

“Yes (y/n), because you’re so set on being my wife,” He deadpanned.

“Wow Mr. Kleinman if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re jealous!” You gasped flopping onto his bed. He mumbled a response that you didn’t hear.

‘Well (y/n). It’s a great thing you don’t know any better,’ you never heard it. But it was a thought that had plagued Jared for a while now.

School was slow and the only reason you didn’t give up preform a self inflicted virgin sacrifice in the bathroom was because Jared kept texting you about tonight.

From: Kleinmeme 🎮

My parents are having a date night, the house is ours till tomorrow. But dinner is up to us.

To: Kleinmeme 🎮

Pizza or Chinese?

From: Kleinmeme 🎮

Dad is leaving $50 like a fucking pimp, so the only reasonable dinner to buy is both and sodas.

To: Kleinmeme 🎮

Damn you. Making me hungry and also giving me a will to live via dinner.

From: Kleinmeme 🎮

You can’t die. I need you. How can I summon Satan if I don’t have his vessel?

To: Kleimeme 🎮

Stop texting me, if Mrs. P takes my phone I’m going to take your soul.

“I’m just saying if you’re going to pick Bowser you’ve got to play to win!”



You and Jared took off down the sidewalk, barreling full speed ahead to his front door. Running around his house you gathered pillows, blankets, and a nights worth of drinks. You placed orders for pizza and Chinese while Jared set up all of his gaming consoles in basement.

It was midnight, you were pregnant with a Chinese-Italian baby and Jared was complaining he was going through food baby labor. The TV was playing Friends reruns and you and Jared were swaddled in tons of blankets.

“You know. I wouldn’t make a good wife. I can’t cook for shit. But damn I can order a good fuckin’ pizza,” you announced getting up to clean up the take out containers.

“That’s alright sweetheart, I’ll cook. You just go to work and look pretty” he replied in a surprisingly serious tone. You never thought Jared actually meant anything by his comments on your imaginary marriage, but you’d be lying if you hadn’t thought about him romantically.

“Did, did you just call me sweetheart?” You stuttered, your cheeks flushing. Suddenly you appreciated the darkness of the basement.

“I also said you look pretty, what’s your point. Also don’t even say I’m lying we both know you’re fucking drop dead gorgeous,” he grumbled, Jared was practically in love with you. You were his best friend, his partner in crime, and the one that got away. That is if he ever actually had you.

“Jared Kleinman! Are you professing your love to me!” You feigned shock, attempting to defuse the situation with humor.

“You know what, fuck it! (Y/full/N) I’m in love with you. I am. For once no jokes or memes. I’m seriously head over heels for you and have been since the 6th grade. You’re the only person who makes me feel like I’m not just an annoying nuisance. You listen to me prattle on and on about stupid memes and video games and you put up with all of my shit from late night rants to family vacation skype calls. You’re always here and you make me so unbelievably happy. God I love you. Your smile. Your eyes. Your humor. Your wit. Your body. God I fucking love your body. I love you,” he admitted. All you could do was stare at him in shock, you never even thought he could have feelings for you beyond friends. You wanted to hold him and kiss him and tell him you felt the same but you couldn’t move, your mind was going too fast for your body. “You know what forget it. Forget I said anything. You obviously don’t care. I’m sorry I know you don’t feel the same, I mean how could you? I’m just Jared Kleinman The ever present Jared Kleinman. The family friend Jared Kleinman, The loser Jared Kleinman, The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman. And you’re (y/n) and everyone knows you can do better than me by a long shot,” tears pooled in his eyes, you still hadn’t reacted, and he was just waiting for your disgusted rejection, but it never came.

“Jared Kleinman. You’re the best person I know. You always make me smile no matter how bad life gets. You’ve been here for it all, no matter how emotionally disturbed or distant I get. You keep me sane, you keep me safe, you keep me honest. I love you too, more than friends, more than best friends, more than I’ve loved anything ever,” you pulled him into your arms, his body racking with sobs. “Please stop crying, it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere,” you pet his hair and held him to you tightly. He slowly lifted his head from your shoulder and looked at you, his puffy, bloodshot eyes filled with happiness and love. Suddenly you were swept off you feet, he spun you around in joy, all at once you felt you feet return to the ground and you felt Jared’s lips land on yours. It wasn’t a nice kiss, it was wet with salty tears, it was uneducated, too fast and hard, but it was perfect because it was you and it was Jared.

You settled back into the make shift blanket mattress on the floor, curling into Jared’s chest you smiled, happier than ever. He placed a kiss on the top of your head, his arms wrapped around you shoulders.

“Hey (y/n),”

“Yes Jared?”

“You need to go home,”

“What! Why?”

“It’s Saturday. And Saturday is for the boys,”

“Go the fuck to sleep Kleinmeme,”

“Goodnight Love,”

“Goodnight squish,”

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honeyed-oak replied to your post “Urgh my cousin had twins last year and puts pictures of them on fb -…”

Aaaaah Anwen my brother is about to have twins and I did not realise you aren’t meant to call them ‘the twins’ but now it’s so obvious thank you for this tip! Have any more big tips for twins? :)

Twin tips!!

  • encourage both of them to have their own separate interests from a young age if you can - a lot of the time, smol twins kind of feel like they should be doing what their twin is doing, and it means they don’t always pursue what they actually want. People always used to assume that my sister liked writing because I did, for example, and then she would feel bad because she didn’t like writing, and people also assumed that we were good at the same things and compared us to one another all the time, which sucked. Encourage their own styles and make sure that they feel comfortable in their differences as well as the ways in which they’re similar.
  • I already mentioned it in the previous post, but although they share a birthday, make sure they know that it’s their individual birthday as well! Get them separate birthday presents, write them separate cards. Heck, my poor grandma used to make us both separate cakes, tailored towards our own likes and interests. We had a joint birthday party, but we still felt like it was our own day.
  • send them separate Christmas cards, and if you’re writing a card to the whole family, don’t write ‘Jim, Susan and the twins’ - always name them! We used to get so many cards addressed to ‘the twins’, and it was just like… we’re Anwen and Aneira first, u no?
  • oooh, try not to be all ‘they’re so cute because they’re the same!!’ too much, because it sort of teaches them that the only way to be appreciated is to be the same, and that can hinder them from forming separate identities later on. This is kind of linked to the whole ‘don’t dress your kids the same, dear god, I know you think it looks cute but your kids will have a complex when they’re older’ thing.
  • this is more one for the parents really, but I personally think it’s best that twins learn not to solely rely on one another for companionship as early as possible. My parents put us in separate classes at school so that we would have to make our own friends, which prepared us a lot better for when we were separated by ability in high school (and then went to different unis etc). I guess a good way for you to help would be to play with them separately sometimes? Idk, just make sure that they know that it’s OK not to be joined at the hip!
  • never put a mirror in front of the two of them because then one of them will be sucked back into the Dark Netherworld whence they came.

My birthday is this week so here’s some birthday prompts:

  • Person A and Person B are total strangers who meet and discover that today is both of their birthdays
  • Person A throws Person B a huge surprise party with all their friends and all their favorite things
  • Person A and Person B’s birthdays are the same day (or close) so they decide to have a joint birthday party
  • Person A’s birthday is February 29th so when it’s finally a leap year Person B throws them a party fit for their age divided by four
  • Person A was orphaned at a young age and doesn’t know their exact birth date so Person B treats them like every day is their birthday just in case
AOEX valentines head cannons:


  • He didn’t have a lover to spend the day with but he had fond childhood memories of the monasteries yearly valentines fair
  • Him, his dad, and Yukio would bake and make decorations and locals gathered around the stalls
  • He ended up making valentines cupcakes and heart themed udon for him and Yukio (and Kuro)

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Originally posted by midnightinparis


  • Was far too busy with exorcist work
  • Didn’t even know the holiday was coming up
  • it was irrelevant to him as he was single

Originally posted by shhinah


  • This girl was beyond excited 
  • Despite being single she still loved valentines day and believed it was for more then just two involved romantically but for friends too
  • She loves making valentines day themed flower bouquets and displaying them over her home
  • Wants to have a small valentines party with her friends just like the joint birthday party they had a while back

Originally posted by bestgirloftheday


  • She loves valentines day but has never had anyone to spend it with
  • Always says the whole occasion is dumb and meaningless because she's jealous of girls who are in relationships 
  • She and Paku have a tradition of buying all the left over valentines chocolate on the 15th cheaply and binge watching some girly anime together

Originally posted by rubyblackmoon


  • Doesn’t really think that much about the occasion 
  • He believes he’ll celebrate it one day in the future when he’s married
  • He thinks all the happy couple are cute and he wishes them the best
  • He loves sappy V-day movies and cries at them too (Shima still teases him about it to this day)
  • Below is an actual rare photo of Konekomaru watching chickflicks in his dorm room

Originally posted by roobascooba


  • See’s it as an excuse to ask out girls
  • Literally every girl said no
  • He just wants a date on valentines day
  • Ends up not doing anything and sulking about it
  • His mom still gives him a card, every year

Originally posted by yakumocchi


  • Same as Yukio
  • Doesn’t really take notice
  • He only knows its V-day cause he saw the cards in the student store
  • And because Shima won’t shut up about it
  • sucks he doesn’t celebrate it because he’d be great at the arts and crafts part

Originally posted by asuka-chii


  • Doesn’t celebrate it
  • Thinks the couples are annoying
  • Probably eats his parents chocolates when there not looking

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  • She actually has a date with her boyfriend
  • She and Izumo plan her outfit weeks before
  • Both making changes at the last minute
  • Paku feeling bad for Izumo cause she can tell she's jealous 

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  • She doesn’t really care about it much but if she happens to be with someone at the time she’ll try make it special for them
  • Sexy lingerie
  • An upgrade from  True Cross beer to vintage red wine
  • She actually got a few cards which she found random but sweet

Originally posted by seieiryu


  • Candy, chocolates, cakes - all themed, stocked on the shelves everywhere
  • He didn’t understand what it was for so he had Mephisto explain
  • Found it slightly fascinating but was more interested in the food
  • If he did have anyone he liked and wanted to show them in this human tradition he’d do it slightly wrong but with meaning

Originally posted by aleexmurphy


  • Most romantic night of your life
  • Classy, elegant dinner with extravagant gifts
  • The after party back at his mansion was the highlight of the evening 
  • His bed was covered in rose petals
  • There was a single pair of red, fluffy handcuffs on his nightstand

Originally posted by kuso-otoko


  • Would also be a very romantic evening
  • He’d take you to either a classy restaurant or for a moonlit picnic in the park
  • He’d spend the night looking into the depths of your eyes and making you smile
  • May also of planned rose petals on the bed but his afterparty is more toned down then his baby brothers  

Originally posted by gameraboy


  • tbh i feel like he’d either have a hot date, fuck her, and leave
  • go to a strip club and get pissed
  • or stay home and wank and eat some burgers and watch tv 

Originally posted by whereartthoucreativity


  • No plans
  • He would like to take a girl out for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant 
  • Has trouble meeting people
  • Because he’s so picky
  • And because he’s married to his job
  • Probably sends himself flowers 

Originally posted by trippyfiend


  • Back before Yukio and Rin were born he would of had the hottest date with the biggest boobs in Tokyo
  • Spoiled her on a fancy dinner
  • Would of slept with her and snuck out in the morning
  • After the twins were born he’d organise the valentines fair and help the boys with their activities 

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Juzou and Mamushi:

  • Juzou would plan a whole romantic day
  • starting with a mini scavenger hunt 
  • then taking a relaxing bath together filled with rose petals
  • then on the night taking her to a traditional style Japanese restaurant
  • Mamushi would be surprised, maybe a little reluctant but ended up having an amazing night

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  • Would write a song about how much he loves you
  • Ordering from a street vendor and sitting in the park watching the stars 
  • He pulls a piece of paper from his back pocket and announcing he named a star after you

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Kaoru Tsubak

Most likely spending the night with his kitty-cat…

(If i left any important characters out let me know)


President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy play with their children, Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr., in John’s nursery following a joint birthday party for the children. Nov. 27, 1962.

Hemsworth!sis x Seb Stan Request

hello friend! can you maybe write an imagine where the reader is chris hemsworth’s sister and married to seb stan (they have a two years old and she’s pregnant), and since their bdays are so close (chris’ is August 11th and Seb’s is the 13th) they spend it together in Australia?

Hello friend!! Can you maybe write an imagine where the reader is married to Sebastian Stan (and they have a two year old boy and she’s like five months pregnant) and she surprises him with a trip to Greece on his birthday, please?

        You bounced around your parent’s house and helped your Mom and sister-in-law get the final things in place. “How’s it look,” your Mom asked?”

        “It looks beautiful, Mom. Thanks for having this at your place and putting us up.” This week was both your brother’s and your husband’s birthdays. In order to celebrate you, Sebastian, and your 2 year old, Max had flown to Australia to be with your whole family. Today everyone was going to be at your parent’s house for the joint birthday party your Mom had thrown together.

        Just as you all deemed the place perfect you heard tires coming up to the house. The boys filed out of the car and headed straight to the porch, all still soaking wet. “Hey,” Sebastian smirked and walked right up to you. He leaned forward and pecked you on the lips as he put a protective hand over your 5 month pregnant stomach. As he pulled away you ran your hand threw his dripping hair and tried to get the access water out. “How was surfing,” you asked?’

        “Good, your Dad says I’m getting better,” he laughed knowing it wasn’t exactly the truth. “Everything looks amazing Mrs. H,” he went over and hugged your Mom. “You really didn’t have to do this.”

        “Oh yes she did,” Chris piped up. “At least for me. I deserve to be celebrated.” You swear everyone rolled their eyes. The monitor sitting on the table broke your mind away from your dumb older brother as a muffled cry came through it.

        “I’ll get him,” you offered.

        “I’ll go with. I have to change anyways.” Sebastian opened the back door for you and followed your to the guest room. Max was tossing and turning around the bed as little whines left his lips. “Hey, Bud,” Sebastian sat down next to Max and as soon as he saw his Dad he had his arms wrapped around Sebastian’s neck and his head on his chest. “What’s the matter? Did you have a nightmare?” Max nodded slightly. “Well don’t worry, Mommy and Daddy are here.”

        After calming the two year old down and getting Sebastian into dry clothes, the three of you joined everyone else outside.

        Food was demolished, drinks were passed around, and the cake had been cut. You watched as Max ran around with his cousins and smiled. “You boys ready for presents?”

        “Oh yeah,” Chris slid forward in his chair eagerly and waited for your Mom to pass out the first gifts. Gift after gift, your brother and Sebastian worked on opening all their presents from the family. Finally you got and handed Sebastian the gift you had gotten him.

        “What’s this?”

        “A surprise,” you smirked. “Open it,” you coaxed. With a confused grin still on his face he slowly started peeling off the wrapping paper. “It’s a metal lunchbox?” Though he tried to sound exited you knew what he said was more of a question.

        “Of Greece. Isn’t it pretty?”

        “The little pictures on it are very pretty, babe.”

        “Why don’t you open it,” you tried not to laugh. Sebastian opened the lunchbox and looked at the money and tickets that filled the box.

        “What is this?” He picked up the tickets and quickly looked to you. “We’re going to Greece?”

        “This of it as a birthday gift and a little baby moon,” you grinned. “We tomorrow night.”

        “What about Max?”

        “He’s flying back home and staying with Liam until we get back.”

        Your husband looked at your younger brother.  “You think you’re ready to handle him?”

        “I’m his favorite uncle, he’ll be easy on me.” You ignored the fighting that broke out between your brothers on who the favorite uncle actually was and leaned in toward Sebastian.

        “Do you like your gift?”

        He moved towards you and pulled you in for a kiss, “I love it.”

mina and sero’s birthdays are two days apart so of course the bakusquad threw a joint birthday party and got them matching tiaras 

Medals, rings and other shiny things (2017 Boston Marathon recap)

I woke up at 3 a.m., 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Monday. Kept looking over at the clock, always afraid I’d wake up to find it was hours beyond when my alarm was set.

Around 5 a.m., I decided to stop trying to fall back asleep. I was not tired. It was going to be a big day. A little light was already streaming into our window, on the third floor of a Double Tree hotel just south of the core part of Boston. It was Marathon Monday. 

Skip ahead an hour. My boyfriend, Alex, was walking me to the nearby train stop, which I would take into the city. I was meeting a few friends near the buses that would take us to the start of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton. 

Alex and I have been dating for about five and a half years after initially meeting our freshman year at Elon University. He’d pestered my friend to introduce us, and I, wary of the games and tricks that so many college boys play, dismissed him. Harsh, I know. But I also knew he was out of my league. He was handsome, confident and could bring a party into any room. And that, in my book, was another red flag. I was quieter. Bookish. The definition of an introvert. My confidence was growing, but I was —and still am — intimidated by those louder and more boisterous than myself. By this time in my life, I knew more about how to care for myself, especially when it came to relationships, so to say I was guarded would be an understatement. 

In the fall of our sophomore year, we held a joint birthday party for two of my roommates. Alex and some of his friends came over and in between making sure both birthday girls were okay and tucked in bed with water and Advil on their bedside, we started talking. Everybody had left the party by the time we actually left the apartment to meet up with friends and enjoy the night ourselves. 

We started officially dating shortly afterward. Since college, we’ve endured two years of long distance between Vermont and North Carolina. He took a leap of faith and moved down to my beautiful state in June of 2016, landed an incredible job, and we moved in together a few months later. 

(Sunday shakeout run with Alex)

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