the marauders on halloween

•Sirius Halloween Black.
•enough said.
•the others are slightly less motivated, but Sirius just drags everyone in to some stupid costume for the night of the feast.
•Rem insists that they’ll be the only ones above twelve dressed up.
•Sirius insists that fuck you.
•the four of them spend more time deciding what they’re going to be (and on a costume for Lily too, by request of Jamie), then they do on making the actual thing.
•Remus is shit at coming up with actual recognizable characters.
•"ooh, I’ll be Algernon, and Lily can be—"
•"no oscar wilde.“
•"okay, shit. I’m out of ideas.”
•Sirius wants to be the Beatles.
•only if he gets to be John.
•which James quickly overruled.
•Peter suggests the Three Brothers, from Beetle the Bard’s tales.
•"oh, that’s good, Pete!“
•"but there are only three of them, James.”
•"err, right. what’ll Peter be then? How about Babbity Rabbity?“
•they continue to fight for a few different days, all pitching ideas, until Lily and Remus write home to their families and ask for them to send some assorted Halloween Shop masks.
•so happy halloween from party store Dracula (Sirius), party store Mummy (James), bed sheet ghost (Peter), party store mermaid (Lily), and the Wolfman.

28 October 1996: The Beatles Anthology 3 is released. It reached the Top 10 in several countries and went to #1 in the USA. Once more, the album cover was designed by Klaus Voormann and Alfons Kiefer, who were also responsible for the covers of Anthology 1 and Anthology 2.

“The Beatles have outsold every pop group in the world this year [1996], and sales of more than 20 million albums make them the most successful band since… the Beatles. Three Anthology volumes of outtakes and live recordings shot to No. 1 in the U.S. charts. ‘The Beatles in the last 12 months have sold more albums than they ever did in any one year in the '60s,’ Anthology publicist Geoff Baker said. 'The Beatles have beaten the Beatles. That’s not hype. It is true. It is interesting that three guys who stopped recording together in 1970 and one who tragically died in 1980 are now outselling every other artist on the planet.'” - Orlando Sentinel, 18 November 1996


My own Black Album; what if the Beatles had gone to make another album after Abbey Road, I based this on the White Album, the songs are paired to a sibling on the White Album, so Band on the Run equals to Back in the USSR and Oh my Love to Dear Prudence, and so on with some anomalies of course.
Hope you enjoy it. - source

00:00 Band On The Run
05:00 Oh My Love
07:39 How Do You Sleep
13:11 Silly Love Songs
19:06 My Mummy’s Dead
19:56 Oh Yoko
23:55 All Things Must Pass
27:37 John Lennon Speech
27:52 God
31:56 My Love
36:01 Imagine
39:34 Bluebird
43:00 Beautiful Girl
46:41 Junk
48:38 Photograph
52:25 Maybe I’m Amazed
56:18 Mother