The time has come. The Hogwarts houses of the stars have been noted and illustrated. Saddly, the guys in Pink Floyd locked thmselves into the Room of Requirement when I came to capture their likness. 

But nevertheless, here are the results:

Head Boys and Girls:


Would you like to meet some other students?

But let’s get more familliar with the houses!


The students of Rock ‘n Roll Hogwarts thank you for your attention


John & Paul in Liverpool, summer 1961 (photo source: Mark Lewisohn); in a cute shot during the height of Beatlemania (photo source: Lady P3pper) & hanging out together ca. 1974 from May Pang’s book “Instamatic Karma”

“There is this period of John which is all pre-Beatles, pre-huge fame, pre-drugs – and it is another John completely – that was always there right until the end. He got much sweeter, too, once he settled in New York. Once he was reunited with Yoko, and they had Sean, he became this sweet personalty again then when he was more comfortable with himself. But the acerbic John is the one we know and love, you know, because he was clever with it, so it was very attractive. But, for me, I have more than a slight affection for the John that I knew then, when we were first writing songs, when we would try and do things the old songwriters had done. I slightly regret the way John’s image has formed, and because he died so tragically it has become set in concrete. The acerbic side was there but it was only part of him. He was also such a sweet, lovely man – a really sweet guy. ” - Paul, The Independent (UK) 23 November 2012