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Can you imagine how happy and same time sad the reunion of team RWBY in the perspective of Team JNPR the three of them was happy cause they are finally reunited but sad at the same time cause unlike team RWBY team JNPR wont be complete ever again, and then the memories they shared with team RWBY wont be the same anymore.

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Why do you make me cry like this? 


Team JNPR edit created by noravalkirie on instagram


RWBY V4 Finale Chart

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I’mma take a bow real quick.

It’s been fun. This volume we got a few good jokes in, didn’t we? Did you have a favourite? Personally I’m fucking blown away at how big Rensexual has become. I can’t wait to see what V5 will bring us. Thanks for being an amazing community once again. I never imagined my content basically becoming one of the largest parts of the RWBY community.

…and now I get to take a long fucking rest until October. 



This is by far the most obnoxious and unrealistic wedding dress I’ve designed so far, and it’s absolutely my favorite! I knew I had to make Nora’s dress fit for a queen, so I pulled a lot of inspiration from the dresses of Ariel, Vanellope, and Princess Peach!

I know a lot of you were looking forward to Nora, so I hope I didn’t let any of you down! Also shoutout to @sullivantwissarcana who had the idea to make her bouquet out of lotus flowers after Ren’s emblem. Genius!!