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hi! i just went through your tag for the fight metas and i was wondering if you'd mind doing one for pyrrha? you're rrrrreally incredible at these.

God I was putting this one off for so long because it’s definitely going to be the longest one of these ever. There’s just no easy way to condense the beauty and magnificence that is Pyrrha Nikos. An even more important thing I’m going to preface this with is that this break-down won’t be like the others. Pyrrha- as far as I can tell- doesn’t really have a concentration of one style of martial arts. It’s not really her style that’s deadly but her experience and her temperament on the battlefield that make her the best. Hopefully I’ll be able to explain that properly by the end of this and not just make it sound like a cop-out.

So, anyway… Let’s fucking start I guess. (I’m keeping track of how long this takes btw. It’s now 11:15).

Let’s start with the easy thing: Akoúo̱. Akoúo̱’s a Greek Dipylon shield (by the way, if you Google that, you literally get a picture of Akoúo̱ in the search results, which I find hilarious). Which makes sense, seeing as she’s based off the Greek hero Achilles. That said, it has some magnetic properties to it which I’ll touch on later and nothing else on it’s own of import to discuss. As far as we know it doesn’t have a second form (although if it does I totally called it like a year ago). Here’s a picture because I like it.

Miló on the other hand… fuck. I think this is better explained in GIF form.

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You know what, that really doesn’t make it any less complicated. Miló is 1, a javelin 2, a rifle and 3, a xiphos sword. The muzzle of the rifle also functions as the handle of the javelin, so she can fire it directly into something’s eye with the force of a gun-shot, which will never not be brutal (watch to 8:48).

So those are her weapons. Cool, effective, versatile, but nothing too ridiculous yet. But Pyrrha is so much more than her weapons, god, she could probably fight an entire army without them. Let’s start with something basic. She’s fucking smart. This really shows during her fight with CRDL. I was honestly watching that entire sequence in awe because it’s just so fucking amazing. She adapted her technique to everyone she was fighting and treated them both as individual and combined threats. Let’s start with Sky. Sky’s weapon is so far just a halberd. Halberds are long polearms. I’m willing to bet Sky’s weapon is probably longer than Miló in javelin form. So Pyrrha doesn’t fight him long range. She doesn’t try shooting at him or using her javelin from very far, instead, using it in close to mid range and constantly keeping him on the defensive. 

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Sky can’t even try to take a swipe at her because she’s keeping him too preoccupied with defending himself. He doesn’t have enough space for an attack with the bladed edge of his weapon, unless he tries an overhead attack which would take more than enough time for her to block (the second strike in this GIF). She doesn’t fight him where he’s good (mid to long range) and instead preys upon the weakness of his weapon to dispatch him as quickly as possible because, let’s be honest, four guys at once is a little tough to handle, even if you’re as well trained as Pyrrha is (watch to 2:09).

So that’s one down, three to go. She’s definitely realized by now that Russel is a fast fighter, and he charges in, with Dove not far behind him. She knew that’d lead to a 2v1 fight with Cardin charging in not far behind, so, to prevent her from getting caught in something she doesn’t want happening she launches him back hard and far enough that he’d have some trouble joining the fight for a few seconds (watch to 2:13).

Which left Dove open for a 1v1 that she knew she could handle.

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Until finally Russel gets so pissed off that he throws his dagger, and she ends his consciousness for giving her such an easily exploitable opening.

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If you can see in the GIF, she’s literally toying with him, her shield down at her hip, giving him a clear target (her chest) for him to hit but keeps Miló spinning in a wide circle around herself. Basically “hey, you can’t come near me, but I’m totally open for a ranged attack.” And he takes the bait. So not only is she a good fighter, but she’s good at manipulating people into making the mistakes she wants them to make so that she can hurt them. Before she KO’s him though, Dove and Russel finally manage to force that 2v1 that she really didn’t want to get into

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And she gets to show off how good she is at defending herself. She’s phenomenal at creating “rules” for a fight. See here, she keeps Miló focused on Dove (one weapon to one weapon) and keeps Akoúo̱ focused on blocking Russel (one wide shield on 2 very small, fast weapons). It’s hard blocking two edged weapons with one, so instead she blocks them with her shield, saving Miló to block Dove’s singular weapon (which, by its design, is slower to swing than the smaller xiphos). But then Russel and Dove switch over, breaking her rule, and Pyrrha still manages to keep her cool, using grip as well as the blade of her sword to block Russel’s attacks, while trapping Dove’s sword in the cutaway of her shield, forcing his attacks to slow. She knows how to use both of her weapons to the best of their ability as both offensive and defensive pieces and is adaptable enough to not break a sweat when attacked outside of the rules that she’s set for the match. And if you need more convincing at how adaptable she is.

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She literally used Cardin’s strength against Sky, absorbing Cardin’s hit and using it to spin her body violently enough to sweep Sky’s feet out from under him.

When it came to Dove, Miló was longer than his sword, and she preyed upon that weakness by keeping distance between them and keeping him off balance until Cardin conveniently KO’d him for her.

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And finally there’s her with Cardin, which the entire fight is just her waiting for him to mess up, and preying upon his mistakes when he does. She knows she can’t knock him out with one hit like she could with other people, so instead she waits for him to give her openings to whittle him down.

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She got in one strike here, but it was enough to put him on his knees. If she’d had time, she probably would’ve been able to lead into a KO, but instead she focused on the rest of the team. (Watch to 2:44)

In 14 seconds of fighting (one of the longest single interactions in RWBY) she got in six hits off nineteen strikes (I’m counting bullets too). She just lets hits like these piss him off until he makes a big mistake.

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I said it before during Cardin’s breakdown and I’ll say it again, you don’t make a strike like this unless you’re upset. And she knew he’d be angry and off balance after a smash like this and totally preyed upon that (watch until 3:13).

She doesn’t go for one huge KO hit like she did with Sky. Instead she used several combinations to make him hurt. She even kicked him in the face after slamming him on the ground because she knew he might be able to take those hits, and even resumed her “ready” stance afterwards just in case he tried to get back up. She doesn’t underestimate her opponents’ strengths. She also doesn’t overestimate her own abilities.

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She probably didn’t have to use her thumb as a guide. She most likely could’ve gotten the same shot without her thumb. But this shot was important to her. It was something she needed to make sure was perfect. So she does something she probably hasn’t done since training.

All of this was literally one fight. Now if you want to talk about Pyrrha v Mercury, we see her display everything I discussed. This fight actually felt more of a playful sparring session than a tournament style fight.

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She’s literally feeding him kicks she wants him to try. The initial charge forward would get him to kick, she blocks and spins. The spin would get him to kick at her exposed back, she blocks and spins back over the opposite shoulder. The spin would get him to kick with his other leg, she blocks in a way that traps his ankle in the cutaway of her shield. The next three kicks are the simplest combination chest-head-head, which she allows him to fire off before pushing his foot away. This goes on for the whole fight. She’s testing him just as much as we know he’s testing her.

Last point about her fighting style is that she’s really good at focusing on multiple targets at once. She doesn’t even flinch when surrounded.

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There’re six Grimm in this GIF and she kills four, each with one swing of her weapon, and the other two are too far away for her to focus on. She’s very aware of her own space, and is amazing at defending it if something or someone gets too close.

So what are our points so far?

  • She’s fucking smart.
  • Preys upon the weakness of [an opponent’s] weapon to dispatch [them]
  • She’s good at manipulating people into making the mistakes she wants them to make
  • She’s phenomenal at creating “rules” for a fight
  • She knows how to use both of her weapons to the best of their ability as both offensive and defensive pieces
  • Is adaptable enough to not break a sweat when attacked outside of the rules that she’s set for the match.
  • She doesn’t underestimate her opponents’ strengths.
  • She also doesn’t overestimate her own abilities.
  • She’s very aware of her own space, and is amazing at defending it if something or someone gets too close.

Okay, cool. She’s a strong, experienced, intelligent fighter. A lot of people fit that description but still manage to be beaten. Blake’s lived outside the walls her whole life. Weiss potentially has been training since she was a child. Experience and and intelligence doesn’t always guarantee a victory, there can always be that one person who’s stronger or faster or more experienced or intelligent than you are. Even this guy gets beat often.

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And he definitely fits all of those categories as well.

WHY is Pyrrha Nikos The Invincible Girl?

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She’s freaking Magneto!

She literally controls one of the four fundamental forces of the universe- electromagnetism. And in a world where every weapon you’ll ever have to face is made of metal, that’s a very nice secret power to have.

Imagine combining THIS

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Except everyone’s already so concerned with you being Captain America that they have no idea you’re also Magneto. She literally guarantees herself any victory just by walking into the fight, as long as the opponent’s weapon is made of metal. She’s cheating but like, in a fair way, because everyone has a Semblance in RWBY, there’s no need to tell everyone about hers. Either way, her fight with Mercury proved that she’s not totally infallible and Cinder’s planning something with her Semblance in mind. Until then, everyone in the Vytal Festival might as well just give up whenever they see they’re up against Team JNPR. Hope this helped! (It is now 1:26 and I’ve basically written an essay in in less time than I’ve done any essay for school. Amazing.)

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Jaune Arc: A Grey Warden with Templar skills that came from a long line of other Grey Wardens. After everything escalated, he left Redcliffe to see if he could do anything. Despite him being a ween and having something to hide, he’s trying his best, okay?

Pyrrha Nikos: Outstanding Grey Warden and combat mentor to Jaune. She is an versatile Champion who can easily beat you with a sword or spear. And her shield. If you want ensured victory, Pyrrha is the way to go.

Nora Valkyrie: Reaver Surface Dwarf mercenary who reaaaaaaaally likes bashing things. She sees the Inquisition as an opportunity for fun times ahead, and she dragged Ren with her.

Lie Ren: This Dalish assassin would say he was sent to end the turmoil, as it had been giving his clan quite the trouble, but really, Nora dragged him along. It’s okay though. Someone needs to keep her from smashing all the poor Nugs.

Team JNPR >:3c Also thank you all nice words for the other set!! I am glad they are enjoyed.

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