My life
  • Gym teacher:Whats your favorite football team
  • -goes around room-
  • -points at me to answer-
  • Me:JMU, go dukes.
  • -later in class-
  • Me:How do you do the football
  • Teacher:I thought you said you had a favorite football team
  • Friends:-die laughing-
  • Me:-dies laughing-
  • God:-dies laughing-
  • Satan:-dies laughing-
  • Me:I don't watch football for football, I watch marching band and the football team interrupts.

The debut of “Start Wearing Purple” at a JMU football game, from the Marching Royal Dukes. 


You know what? JMU is an awesome place to be. Sure, the classes are hard. Sure, I have a low grade in Chemistry. Sure, I had to wake up at 6 in the morning to prepare for classes (8 a.m. classes suck - remember that, freshmen). I may be tired of anything school-related, but I’m never tired of the kind of environment JMU brings to students, parents, and potential students. Look at this picture, for example. Beautiful! There are plenty more scenic areas like this beauty, too!


I recently visited James Madison University! 
Much to my surprise, I loved it! It hadn’t been on my list of colleges to see, but my parents insisted. Grudgingly, with every intention of hating it, I stepped out of the car to go on the school tour. 3 hours later, I was in love with it. Nestled in Shenandoah Valley, VA, the mountain scenery is gorgeous and it shows on the expansive campus. Everyone was super friendly and the atmosphere was incredible. I could really picture myself there, which I was really surprised at, considering I’m pretty liberal and didn’t see myself fitting in with any school below Maryland. 

Feel free to ask me questions about JMU, or anything else!