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misha at jib (pics by galain, isabell, mandi lea, somer)

since don’t know if anyone filmed the panel bcs of the whole not filming rumour, which didn’t stand, since yoy can film, just must follow the rules some saturday panels tweets (by bubbs, chloe, jenn, maisie, seda)

btw apparently a well known j1stan/j2shipper(bronly) desided to show up at jib so keep an eye out & either inform jensen & misha abt who she is or their bodyguards (in case she tries something either at ops as did in the past, or the jm panel tomorrow), nutjobs like that need to be excluded from conventions not allowed in like nothing happen

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can you tell us what exactly jk says in that video where jm accidentally drops the panel with the questions? is he really taking responsibility or does he say something else? thanks very much - you’re a savior

Roflmao thanks.

》》 0:44 & 1:42 for eundaromi’s《《

- - - - - -✄-

[ 0:44 ]

🐰어 형 부수지 말고요

Oh hyung don’t break it

**referring to Namjoon, God of destruction

- - - - - - -

[ 1:42 ]

*떨어지는 질문판 Q&A board falls*

🐨 야! 나보고 부수지 말라더니!

Hey! And he told ME not to break it.

🐥 미안해요 내 손..

I’m sorry. My hand..

🐰 제가 그런거.. 제가

I said that.. (it was) me.

- - - - - -✄-

It is the way it sounds like. RM lifted the board when he tried to take out the post-it so JK told him not to break it. But then Jimin made the board fall and Namjoon was like “Lol that’s not fair 😂” so Jimin apologised and JK was quick to take responsibility for his words. He’s really protective when it comes to Jimin. 🤪 *cough* double standards *cough*

Full videos: eundaromi | 몽태


jensen & misha at jib, the sunday panel

with few words the jm panel that wasn’t a jm panel…

waiting an enire year for a jm panel, cause don’t get any, & not getting 1 in the end after all is not cool at all… 

(drop by youtube by clicking tittle on top of video to thank the fan that filmed it)

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I love what Spencer had been doing for Spider-Man so far, but one thing I kinda want to see is more of MJ. Like in JMS I remember one panel where peter is all talking about his Spidey life at the breakfast table and telling her about a new villain he ran into (Digger I think) and while he’s talking she falls asleep at the table with her head in her hand and her hair all messy. And peter just kisses her goodbye before leaving for the day. I love moments like that.