valentine’s day cards: kyungsoo edition
(because honestly what says ‘i love you’ more than creepersoo? nothing, that’s what)


- I just have the longest history with Mr. Hiddleston. Tom, help me out here.

- I don’t know how to help you, Mr. Horowitz.

- That’s what we call each other.

Happy birthday, @fromhiddleswithlove! Here’s an unhealthy dose of Hiddleswitz.

I’m just curious, how can anyone say Project No Control is erasing Liam and then in the same breath say the whole thing doesn’t count and isn’t about the band because Louis has gotten more attention from it? So it’s fine to invalidate Louis’ contributions but when people celebrate them (no one is even saying that Liam wasn’t a part of this btw) then it’s not cool? You’re trying to tell me that’s not erasing Louis?