“Now I’m 17, I ship JimmyxTimmy thanks to my pervy mind and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour”

Headcanon thing for trans Jimmy but in the Nicktoons Unite univerese


So I was talking with a cool (dude / dudette??) And now I’m very hooked onto the idea of ⤴⤴

So let’s get righttt into the newsss


• So the Nicktoons are basically guys right? (Keyword: BASICALLY) Well I feel like if Jimmy is trans he’d try to force himself to like girls instead of guys, but that really wouldn’t work out when those sexy motherfuckers show up outta nowhere and wisk him away

Not Including SpongeBob. He is a Sponge.

So blah blah blah a lot of stuff happens between them, he eventually ends up confessing some feelings for Turner (out of all people I mean, the power hours for christs sake) and he reveals he’s gay too (technically) and they kiss andd