I find a lot of comfort in Jim Kirk’s insecurity. In every situation he wants to do better, to be better, and even when the terrible things that happen aren’t his fault he takes them on his own shoulders and does what he can to make things right. It’s really inspiring to think of him thinking he’s not good enough his entire life and still doing incredible things, literally saving the universe.

It just gives you a lot of hope, you know? When you start feeling like you’re not good enough. Jim Kirk thought the same thing and he’s the greatest captain in the history of Starfleet. That’s… that’s really something.

graylit  asked:

puts a porg in his lap just 'cause :/

AND WHAT IS THIS ??     some strange new creature, vaguely resembling a terran bird.     fingers move cautiously to make contact with feathers, arousing a sound of assumed approval.     the explorer integrated deep within him ponders a thousand different questions, but it’s all stifled by the childish wonder that flickers in bright blues.     it doesn’t take more than a second before he’s lifting it up above him, wonder struck and wonder filled.          i’ve seen just about everything   —   but this has to be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my life.     …     is it native to this planet ??     

paradoxymora  asked:

Jim Kirk's charm is one of his greatest assets. He can charm the pants off almost anyone (figuratively and/or literally...) But when he starts trying to romance Bones, suddenly all of that goes right out the window and he's nothing but awkward.

Imagine Bones being a little confused by this new captain who keeps ganing out in his medbay and stumbling over pick-up lines. 

It’s kinda cute.  


for a while, with the vertigo cured,
we were alive, we were pure
the void took the shape of all that you were
but, the years take their toll
and things get bent into shape
antiseptic and tired, i can’t remember your face

you were supposed to grow old
reckless, unfrightened, and old
you were supposed to grow old

you were supposed to return

design inspired by this far, far superior one