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Same on the fell in love with Jim Kirk but found out Shatner isn't the greatest person. I have a few other problematic faves and it always hurts at first, but you can still like what they do and be against their actions you know, don't feel too bad

Yeah I mean no one is perfect obviously, like I put in my bio that Nimoy/Nichols/Spiner were my “(un)problematic faves” because even generally very wonderful people like those three are fully capable of making mistakes. I still have immense amounts of admiration and respect for the three of them, because none of them ever said or did anything so horrible that I would ever consider them to be legitimately “problematic.” 

What causes someone to cross that line and put them in the category of “problematic” (like Shatner or Saldana) is the fact that some people make MORE mistakes than others, some people make WORSE mistakes than others, and some people don’t handle LEARNING from mistakes as well as others. All three of those are a recipe for a problematic fave. Yes, I can still enjoy the things they were in, but I do experience guilt when I get too invested in the artist behind the content.