Dr. McCoy, are you alright? Bones!


for a while, with the vertigo cured,
we were alive, we were pure
the void took the shape of all that you were
but, the years take their toll
and things get bent into shape
antiseptic and tired, i can’t remember your face

you were supposed to grow old
reckless, unfrightened, and old
you were supposed to grow old

you were supposed to return

design inspired by this far, far superior one

qkuvira asked:

jim going to the public memorial for the victims of the Vengeance crash, as a public figure, as a starfleet officer, as Captain James T. Kirk, and then later, jim kirk visiting the memorial, jim saying 'goodbye' and 'i'm sorry' and 'i'm so proud of all of you' because he is, he is so proud of his brave crew, and he knows the names on this vast memorial, knows their faces, knows his crew, and he remembers them.

Lets talk about Jim Kirk, straight backed and blank faced, with his hands gripping his dress uniform hat and he has to stop himself from shredding it with his anxiety. Give me Jim Kirk, standing in front of the large memorial that will forever mark the tragedy that San Fran lived through and will be changed bone deep by it, give me Jim Kirk blinking back shallow tears as he stares at the name of those he lost aboard his ship and how he wishes it hadn’t been but it was and he can’t change the past but he can change the future and standing in front of that memorial, he swears blind and blue to the resting souls of his crew that he’ll make sure nothing happens like this again, will never let anything like this become the future and he salutes the memorial and tries not to imagine that he can feel the pride of his deceased crew. on the one year anniversary, jim takes out the records of the deceased and toasts each and every one of his crew he lost and vows never to forget them; promises them he won’t waste the opportunity he was given; he’s gonna make them proud of him, just like he’s proud of them.