BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel ‘起承轉結’


BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel ‘起承轉結’

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bts' ideal dates? thank you!


  • with a sagittarius sun and aries moon he’s fun and adventurous
  • he’s spontaneous and can plan a date in 5 minutes
  • loves trying new exciting things with you 
  • an explorer
  • the perfect guy to go backpacking across the countryside with
  • camping, hiking; anything with the outdoors, a map, and you
  • has an affinity for learning
  • finds a new restaurant with a different culture to eat at every week
  • but his capricorn venus gives him that traditional gentleman touch
  • just a nice dinner and a glass of wine with u is enough

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  • he’s down for anything
  • especially down for anything that involves a bed, soft blankets, and you
  • nap dates full of cuddles
  • and occasional pillow talk
  • where u both talk about ur  dreams, nightmares, the past, present, and future
  • binge watching netflix 
  • dates where the attire is sweatpants and oversized t shirts
  • as long as ur in his arms he’s happy
  • but dont expect lazing around 24/7
  • with an aries venus he also likes active fun dates
  • him teaching u how to play basketball
  • challenging you to a 1 on 1 match
  • “i’ll break ya ankles”
  • or lastertag
  • something where he can have fun and tease u


  • chill dates that are lowkey romantic 
  • something that doesn’t feel like a formal date because those make him feel stuffy 
  • he just wants to hang out with u like he would with a close friend 
  • but he doesn’t make out with his friends ya know 
  • dates at a small, cozy coffee shop that u guys frequent
  • holding ur hand from across the table
  • feeding u pastries and intentionally accidentally smearing whipped cream on ur cheek
  • chatting about anything and everything together

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  • dates that make u think
  • philosopher!joon
  • he loves nature (sagittarius moon)
  • going to the park 
  • laying down a blanket and just watching the clouds go by
  • pointing out what shapes they make
  • “hey y/n that one kinda forms a fibonacci spiral” “…how do u even”
  • going to beach
  • sandcastles
  • making shell necklaces
  • catching crabs
  • going home with a bucket of crabs
  • raising said crabs and their crab babies


  • something fun yet intimate
  • dates where it’s just you two
  • and him being a libra, lover of the arts, it probably involves music
  • inviting u over to the practice room
  • teaching u the choreo to their upcoming comeback
  • it starts out as a formal lesson 
  • he’s a v v patient and encouraging teacher
  • hypes u up for every small thing u get right
  • keeps a cheeky hand on ur waist the whole time
  • holds u closer to him than necessary
  • excuses it as just “guiding you
  • but it eventually turns into a carefree dance session where ur both just goofing around


  • being a capricorn with an aquarius venus, he likes unique and innovative dates 
  • and appreciate fine arts 
  • going to art museums and galleries together 
  • taking aesthetic pics of each other
  • him posting them with the caption “they’re the real art ;)”
  • accidentally touching art that’s not supposed to be touched
  • or zoo dates
  • too many cute animals in one place he’s overwhelmed 
  • “y/n look a panda!-no, a giraffe-oOoOh is that a lion?!”
  • trying to steal the tiger cubs
  • dog cafes!!

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  • with a libra venus he’d definitely wanna go out and enjoy some art with u
  • going to concerts and music festivals
  • seeing ur favorite artists 
  • fangirling together 
  • if ur short, him carrying u on his shoulders to see the stage
  • being very protective of u in crowds and holding ur hand the whole time 
  • or watching movies together 
  • (especially at the beginning of the relationship because u can’t see him sweating from nerves)
  • it could be at the cinema, sharing popcorn and soda together 
  • or at home cuddled up
  • but be warned this boy will get so into the movie he might forget you’re there

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Sope Be Like
  • J-Hope: Suga, I want to cuddle!
  • Suga: And people in hell want water, but do they get it? Nope.
  • J-Hope: (silence)
  • Suga: Hahaha just kidding, come here.
  • (Sope cuddles initiated)