“Romeo’s Regrets” by BEXEY & LiL PEEP

Anime in hip-hop is played out. At this point in the game everyone’s watching Dragon Ball Z or Naruto or whatever, so it’s about time artists started looking for untapped aesthetics. One such goldmine is Runescape, and BEXEY & LiL PEEP are the first major figures in the underground to start swinging their Rune pickaxes at it. If they can keep this up, they might just have their skill capes by the top of the year.

- Clever Tom


Turno para el Phonk de la mano de JGRXXN que tiene nuevo trabajo.

Esto  es  “Fvck Mainstream / Codeine Funk”,  un  trabajo  compuesto de 6 tracks  producidos  por  el  propio  JGRXXN  en  el  que  le acompañan en las barras tres nombres muy potentes como son  Xavier  Wulf,  Yung  Simmie  y Denzel Curry.

Escúchalo abajo. SchemaBoyss. SchemaPosse.


“Resilient” by Craig Xen

There are a lot of similarities between Craig Xen and Bones when it comes to their outlook on music. While many look to rap as a means to make easy money, both Xen and Bones have rejected that way of thinking for a more “pure”, anti-capitalistic approach to the art. I think this uncompromising stance leads to some of the most interesting music out, and I sure appreciate them for making it.

- Clever Tom

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