a Selfie with OmenXIII (Part 1)

1. How did you get your name and what does it represent?

I used to study different spiritual ideologies, some of the most  interesting perspectives were brought to me  by things like Hermeticism,  Mysticism, Wicca, etc. I’ve studied a lot of religions on the contrary  to the more popular religions. Though I did attend Christian school for 5  years, so it’s safe to say I understand that religion just as well as  any other I’ve looked into. to this day I do not claim a religion, nor  am I religious, but I am not atheistic, having been an atheist for about  4 years I’ve begun to believe that atheism is as close to close minded  ignorance as “hardcore Christians”. Two sides of the same coin, that is  only my opinion. I am spiritual to an extent, I have created my own ways  of thinking through influence of multiple religions and ideologies. Though there is a spiritual meaning and way I came about my name, it  really is not of major  significance. Omen carries a negative connotation, though contrary to  popular belief there are good Omens as well as bad ones. XIII is  considered unlucky in western culture, but in other cultures it isn’t  so, sometimes it is even considered sacred, the 13 combines the 12 and  the 1 seamlessly, 13 is also 4. Anyways, the misconceptions  represent the misunderstanding that I have felt in life. Being judged  simply off of first glance, when in reality I’m not so bad, at least  that’s how I feel.

2. Who are some of your musical influences, hip-hop and otherwise?

I listened to hip hop at a young age but as the glamorous lifestyle  became a more popular topic towards the mid 00’s I lost interest, seeing  as that is not the life I’ve ever lived anyways. If anything it is more  disappointing to listen to people talk about the things I don’t have,  or the things I’ve never cared about anyways. First off, as a solo  artist, Bones is obviously a big inspiration to me, he’s honestly taught  me a lot. I discovered him through Wulf, and got into the whole  soundcloud “scene”, aside from that, I’ve always shown interest in  music. I did rap karaoke before I was in kindergarten, memorizing songs  has always come easy to me. I started playing guitar when I was 10,  by  my choice. I’ve listened to a lot of different music growing up so my  general influences would have to be bands from Three Days Grace, Linkin  Park, and other softer alternatice things, to heavier things like  Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Carnifex etc. I was  generally a lot more interested in deathcore growing up. I started doing  vocals when I was 14 because nobody else in my band knew how, I still  wrote the entire songs, and had my input on every instrument, I think  that is what got me into production. That being said, I have toned my  vocals back a lot since I was younger because I don’t feel that  gutterals or piercing highs belong on top of electronic beats  personally.

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“Ball & Chain” by Wavy Jone$

It’s starting to look like Raider Klan’s got some competition in terms of what underground collective’s got the most successful offspring. Between Wavy Jone$, Lil Peep, Craig Xen, ItsOkToCry, GHOSTEMANE, and JGRXXN, Schemaposse’s certainly no slouch. Wavy Jone$ is one former member I see continuing to climb the ladder too, as “Ball & Chain” is a cohesively put together mixtape with dope flows, features, beats, and lyrics all wrapped into one. 

- Clever Tom

>> STREAM: JGRXXN “1995″ <<

JGRXXN vuelve a dejarnos otro set en apenas unos días.

Esto es “1995″,  8 tracks con ese sonido Phonk que nos flipa, producidos en su totalidad por el propio JGRXXN que lo hace tremendo.

En los featurings encontramos esta vez a Pouya y a Gangsta Boo.

Link de escucha abajo. SchemaBoyss. SchemaPosse.



The white, underground, Three 6 Mafia-influenced rapper is a crowded lane, that prior to the arrival of GHOSTEMANE, I would not have faulted you for thinking is all the way saturated. Somehow though, through the sheer force of creativity and originality, GHOSTE has managed to maneuver around the likes of Bones, $uicideboy$, Lil Ugly Mane, Pouya, and more to carve out his own undeniably unique niche. Both his lyrical content and sonic palette are absolutely singular among his peers, taking occult imagery and industrial production to lengths none of his contemporaries have even approached, and finding great success within it. The limited canvas GHOSTE has somehow stretched and contorted to fit his own personal style is a feat of both creativity and ingenuity that few others in his class have matched. 

- Clever Tom 

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♫ #JGRXXN - #GHOSTEMANE X DJ Killa C - In My Cadillac (Prod By: #DJKillaC )via @Sounds_App 📟#UNDERGROUND #RAP #SCHEMAPOSSE #PHONK #LOFI #BEATS 📼

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