• me on monday : yay yay Halloween all around ! Costumes ! Fun ! Candies ! Spooky-themed avatar and blog !
  • me on monday 11.58 pm : whoop there it is
  • me on monday literally one second after the clock passed midnight : *gently put a santa hat on my avatar*

anonymous asked:

my favorite thing about those stills is the fact that they put their glasses away so they can keep making out like i still can't believe this i keep seeing those images and i can't believe it

Same, Anon. When you look back where they started off after they first met and Magnus told Alec “There is nothing to be ashamed of.” and now look where they are now. “Relationships, they, um, take effort.” - “I am all effort.” Like… can you believe? I mean when you look back at it, it makes it look like it was all Alec who changed so much, who opened up after repressing his feelings his whole life. But Magnus, too. Remember him saying “You’ve unlocked something in me”? And his face when he was ready for his heart getting broken once again when Alec told him that they are “maybe too different”?

And now they are boyfriends, sitting casually on that balcony, being content and relaxed and so happy while drinking wine and kissing. And starting to make out?? Let the war outside wait for a second because the only thing that matters right now is the two of us.

Like….can I start sobbing again? Gawd, I am so emotional.

Still sick *sigh* oh well at least I get to stay home and doodle! I saw the base for this when looking up draw your otp base and I immediately got the idea to do this. Gon ran into Hisoka and Killua saw the clown tryin’ to touch his bf, then activated God Speed to save Gon’s tiny ass.

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What are you talking about with the "at the moment? Nothing." Thing?

They dropped a S2 promo and there’s a scene in it where Alec is all what do u want from me???!!! and magnus is like, “At the moment, nothing” and basically my body is on the ground i am deceased.

(but also, magnus being coolly detached when he’s not happy? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP my body is ready.)

Kuvira Week Day 6 - Ambition

I shall be the one to unify and rule the land. 

Whew! The event’s almost come to a close–and this has got to be my favorite =D Earth Empress Kuvira is my guilty pleasure.