A love letter to Mr. Frye.

I know the submit is for things to show but I had a lot of feelings I needed to get off my chest and I didn’t want to clutter your inbox or risk some of it getting lost. I hope the mun is doing well. I recently discovered this blog and adore your writing.


The letter is innocuous, simple and plain with the scantest scent of perfume. Citrusy notes that draw forth the feeling of a warm summer day.

It addresses Jacob plainly, held in the hand of one of the younger Rooks who was unable to recall the sender’s appearance from days prior, a small bump inside causing creases to the envelope.

Upon opening the small jingle of a jade pendant is brought to his attention. The pendant has been carved into an atypical design. One of a Rook, just for him, hanging from a simple red cord.

To my dearest Rook,

I wonder if you will remember me. If I had been of any note in the weeks I was in London. For you have seized my thoughts and rekindled what I thought had long withered into cynicism.

My capacity to love has suffered greatly in recent years. Surrounded by people in the streets of my home city Liverpool who use sweet words and gifts to lure in hearts. Professing love but only wanting a warm body to bury themselves into as they please, arguments abounding and vitriol spewing once their paramour is bored of them and leaves for other pastures with another conquest to their name. In time I have thought love to be a dead thing, my heart laid barren and cold. Even my own parents fight near constantly and show no warmth people say love brings, henpecking one another over minor things until it explodes into furor that leaves me struggling to breathe properly, trapped in their home and forced to work long hours out of financial need. Their claims of caring for me ring more hollow each day and I do not know if it is because I now lack the childhood innocence that sweetened their words or I have become so bitter to the idea of love I can no longer feel their words to be true.

You’ve given me reason to hope again that someday I may be loved. That I will be enough for someone. As it stands I feel lacking capacity in all things. I am no beauty, that much is clear compared to others. Burn scars litter my arms from my long hours of toil. I am often called many crude things given my asian heritage and heavyset figure that I will not go into in this letter. Such thoughts are bleak and I do not want my lack of self worth to sully this letter any more than it has.

But when I met you, such anxious static in my mind faded away into nothingness. You grounded me and dare I say it kept me sane when so many little wounds upon my soul had left me bleeding endlessly, unable to heal or not given chance to. I wonder if you know how much joy just your smile brought me. You are quite the charming, roguish devil and I am quite sure you know that without me fluffing up your ego.

It had been difficult at first to come to terms with my feelings for you. In my youth, just saying this makes me feel older than I truly am when I’ve not even reached 25 years of age yet, I was no stranger to infatuation. Learning to understand my feelings was a difficult process because I plunged into love so easily. Loving others platonically came so easily to me. I adored others and would give people the coat off my back if it meant they were comfortable at the expense of myself.

Mother says I’m still that same person though guarded, perhaps I am. Or rather I hope I am. I hope that some softness beyond my figure still remains. That time you woke up to a stranger’s coat covering your person, unable to find the owner? Forgive me, but I did not wish you to freeze. You looked so peaceful in rest. Even if it most likely panicked you that someone managed to get that close.

Work calls me away my love. But I hope that the following news brings you some some joy that the prospect of finding out who I am. I will be in London within a week. If all goes accordingly you should expect another letter when I arrive. I hope that you will look fondly on the pendant I enclosed. Jade is prized in my culture for protection. While it may not serve as armor I hope you wear it and think fondly of me and perhaps the little things I did to protect you. Even if it was not from a blade but rather the rigors of nature you was undressed for.

Yours Always,


With the letter offered to him by one of the orphan Rooks, Jacob took it with a curious raise of his brow. He merely nodded, showing the item he now carried as a means to mutely thank, but as his hands held upon the package, he could tell something was indeed inside beyond just a simple piece of parchment.

As he began to work on opening it, he nearly dropped the item in question, but was quick to snag the cord and look it over with interest as his eyes widened at the gift. “What’s this now…” Jacob murmured in thought, and as he noticed the eyes of many (even some Blighters about), he stuffed the jade necklace in his trench coat for a moment and hurried just into the nearby pub where the lot would be less likely to cause a scene (or so he hoped).

Taking to an empty chair, he brought the gift back out again to admire the craftsmanship on it before turning to the letter addressed to him.

Resting his head upon his knuckles, he leaned into the letter and read intently, feeling a bit sorry that he wasn’t sure who it was that had written to him, and as her story continued…he couldn’t help but feel worse for that fact.

“You speak so horribly of yourself,” Jacob murmured, raising his head when he heard the barkeep calling out to him to ask what he may fancy in terms of a drink or if he so desired one at all. He raised his finger to the thought of a single pint, letting the man tend to that as he continued with the letter. “And I have scars on my face and hardly a body that anybody in this world would quite fancy in turn, but it is my own,” he added still in whisper.

Upon reading what his presence alone did for this mystery woman, Jacob couldn’t help but smirk to himself, bowing his head and enjoying in that comment before the sound of the pint clinked next to him. “Thank you,” he said kindly, bringing it closer to himself as if to use as a shield to any prying eyes upon the message. “Well, perhaps, but the ego stroking is welcomed, love.”

When she mentioned the coat that he had found upon himself, Jacob stiffened and his heart skipped a beat as his eyes darted back and forth and he thought back to that day. “That was you, was it?” Again, he asked in a whisper to himself, still having that coat back at his lodgings as he wasn’t sure who would have given him such a gracious gift when he had several of his own. “I pray that you don’t need it as of right now.” Honestly, it was cold about London recently, and he didn’t want to imagine her freezing on his behalf. The city was downright aggressive and heartless on its own without the weather aiding to it all.

Seeing that she would be in town soon, Jacob fixed himself upon the seat he was on and straightened his back as if wondering if he would get the chance to meet this mystery woman. With the letter fully read, he placed it down cautiously before taking back to the pendant she had given him out of the graciousness of her heart and with him in mind. He knew it would feel a bit weird wearing two necklaces, and so—with the grieving of his past behind him—Jacob took to the shilling necklace he coveted so after the loss of his father, removed it and placed it upon the table before putting the pendant on to replace it and its meaning.

His fingers traveled about the chain down to the rook itself before taking to the shilling necklace and pocketing it, and turning to his drink to finally have a sip. “Perhaps we will meet, my mystery woman. I can only hope, for I have much to thank you for,” Jacob whispered.

{Awwr, lovely, thank you kindly~! Your words are very sweet, and your love letter is equally so! X3 I am certainly okay with the idea of people filling up my inbox if they need to get something out. I certainly don’t keep it restricted no matter what the emotions are. ;) Much love to you, honey~}

With Respect to Mobile

So, I was sitting around earlier this evening and started wondering why I tend to get a lot of asks that could be better answered by my FAQ or other linked pages on my blog, before it occurred to me that in this, the year 2017, most people are not cheapskate luddites like me who don’t have mobile data, and that means most people use their phones to use the internet, which includes tumblr mobile, which does not show links the same way as on the desktop, rendering this blog unnavigable.

So, tldr: whoops! My b guys. I’ve added some pertinent links to the description so this blog should now be a little bit easier to browse for all you beautiful mobile users out there. Sorry for taking ten million years to see the error of my ways lmao



Because I have it up to HERE with all the people on this fucking trash site that keep shitting on YOI the anime and its staff because the ending didn’t meet their WESTERN’s expectation of how a “real gay relationship should be represented”

@ People that STILL say YOI is queerbaiting and the staff are silencing YOU just because they didn’t show the final with a wedding or ANOTHER kiss: Read


Alex and Maggie || 2x08

Here’s the thing, I almost died[…] It got me thinking that I was so stupid. I thought that- I guess I was kind of right- that you came out for me. And that scared me. But um, life is too short. And we should be who we are, and we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss. And I really just…I want to kiss you.