So I started playing​ around with some art styles and some how brought MelodyTale **mydeadau** back to life-…wow-…
Abomination, that somehow got kinda popular and is kinda hot **dontjudgeme** oc + Dead WIP au + extra effort/hard work + my entire time/day = this waste of time-…okay-…no regrets-…
Candy melt - Me
MelodyTale - Me
Art - Me

Me reacting to Welcome to the Madness...
  • *Thursday, May 25th, around noon.*
  • Me: *watching Youtube* Is that a PV of Welcome to the Madness? Oh, right, it was released today!!!
  • Me: *checks video* Yurio, why are you so extra...? OMFG OTABEK WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT GLOVE JFC!!! O.O
  • Me: Wait. What did I just watch? I want be sure this is real and not some sort of animated fanfic. Is it on tumblr already? Let's check.
  • Tumblr: YOI is trending topic again. People hardcore shipping YurioxOtabek. Tons of fanart. Translations of the manga. Fangirls speculating about Victor and Yuri's reaction. Basically, everything's on fire.
  • Me: This is real and I'm not disappointed in the least :) Also, I want an animated version of the companion manga when Hosoyan comes back.