But can we take a moment to appreciate Gal Gadot’s growth?

Four years after winning the Miss Israel competition, Gadot was invited to perform in the Festigal- Israeli children songs competition including an amazing show (I myself have attended 14 of them throughout my life). But look at her! She played a mermaid back in 2008 but it has never occurred to 8 year old me how strange it will look for us now. (Link for her song! If you want a translation I’d love to help :) )


Ok, I haven’t been on in ages so take this as an apology!! Sorry for mistakes, I literally just finished writing this like 5 minutes ago :D

title: Needy

genre: smutsmutsm (edging, needy!dan, generous amounts of cursing, yea)

word count: ~1k

desc: needy!dan gets restless (is anymore explanation required?) also prompt from (x)

Dan squirmed in his seat, eying down Phil across the room. He felt so desperate, he needed relief, now.

Phil was focused on some sort of game on his phone, occasionally glancing up at the cooking show on the tv. He had noticed Dan getting a bit restless but brushed it off and continued to go back to his game. Phil had one leg on the coffee table and the other bent so his foot was under his other leg and his free hand resting on his knee. He was practically saying ‘I own this place’ with just his body language.

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Penny Dreadful in Character´s Quotes:

 “Fuck this Plotline”

                                     Sir Malcolm, probably.


“You need to surround yourselve with friends. Like that guy from the museum. Trust me, i´m a doctor”

                      Dr. Seward, playing hard on the “Worst Advice Ever” contest.


“Every relationship i´ve been in ended in disaster. I mean, with my luck Mr. Sweet would turn out to be Dracula, or something like that, hahaha (wait)

                                                         Vanessa “JesusFuckingChrist” Ives


“I´m gonna kidnap my ex-girlfriend so i can drug-force it to become a -hopefully- better person” (walks into a meeting of a radical self-defense female group) “… ok, this has to set a record or something”

    Victor “I went buying bread and ended starting a war, probably” Frankenstein


“Careful with that sedative, you could knock yourself out and wake up in the bed of a handsome doctor”. (Victor stares at him) “What”

                                                        “Not-subtle-on-the-slightly” Dr Jekyll


“You´re weird. I´m weird. Let´s be weird together”(Lily tells him that she wants to focus on her career) “Wait, what?. This is my house, listen to me”

                                                     Dorian “more like Victor everyday” Gray.


“I should warn you people see me as scandalous and disturbing, miss Ives” (literally five minutes later) “Jesus Fucking Christ woman, who are you”

Darling Pan text fic.
so I’ve been watching the webseries nothing much to do, (go watch it) based on shakespeare’s much ado about nothing, and it gave me… this. I’m so unoriginal. But text fics are fun. Besides, it might make you guys forgive me for the lack of fics lately (also please know that I am working on a peter pan retelling and it’ll be awesome I promise. Love me. and you can also find me here)
warning for language

From w to t: I am so angry with peter
from t to w: must be Tuesday
from t to w: what did he do
from w to t: he’s just so infuriating
from w to t: words do not express the level of immaturity he can demonstrate
from t to w: ur so articulate in texts
from w to t: words are important
from w to t: I am so mad
from t to w: go stare at bunnies on the internet
from w to t: thank you. that helps

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So my good friend Emmers was kind enough to direct me to this gem: Hyo Amano from a fighting game, Last Blade.

Hyo Amano is characterized by his outlandish mannerisms and flamboyant personality. He uses the element of fire in some of his attacks as well as special techniques involving sakura petals. His role in The Last Blade is somewhat ambiguous. As a carefree and fun-loving individual, Hyo has a strong love for sake, women, and the thrill of the fight. When he discovers the petals of the beautiful cherry trees falling from their branches, he panics and decides he must go defeat opponents to solve the “problem”. In the end, he discovers it was only the changing of the seasons that resulted in the petals falling from the trees.

TL:DR; He’s Feudal Japan Dandy.

Feudal Japandy.