What am I good for? Selfies! When am I good for them? ALL THE FUCKING TIME.


((OC DOODLE TIME! I doodled some adorable ocs/foodsonas from some very talented SP blogs interacting with Jessica and I also love these blogs to death as well!
@skeledongs’s Glenn the Gumdrop
@juicedupbro’s Mac the macaroon (just a nervous cutie)
@non-perishable’s Eclaire the pastry (not sure what kind she is but she’s still cute!)
@foodaffinity’s Clementine the tangerine
And last but not least (obviously)
@snosig’s roni(??) The pepperoni roll (not sure if you’d given her a name yet but I love her still) and there! They were all fun to draw during my spare time (and if they have rp blogs I’d totally rp with them) so yay!!