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I have a "What If" for you. :D So I was thinking, what if Sombra and Jesse knew each other from his Deadlock days? And they had a sibling-esque rivalry (b/c rival gangs), but didn't really keep in touch after a certain point since their goals diverged. But then Jesse sees Reaper and KNOWS who it is. So he finally contacts Sombra to ask her to look out for his dad. That's why Jesse isn't on her chart with Overwatch, because secretly she still has him on the chart with HER.

listen the idea of jesse being like “sombra i need u to watch out for my dad” “this is your dad??? amigo he doesn’t really need looking after–” “SOMBRA PLEASE HE HAS A LOT OF EMOTIONS” 

okay but no for real. that would be really cool backstory tbh 

sombra and jesse bantering on the field would be oh-so-good. to everyone else they definitely look like they’re going for the throats, they’re literally going to die, but to the two of them it’s just a nostalgic type of renunion. trying to one-up each other (sombra trying to steal jesse’s hat, jesse trying to pull her hair– that type of shit in between shooting each other) 

and at the end, before they’re about to dramatically claim each other as their eternal rivals and say that no one can kill them except ME, jesse slips her the new number for his burner phone and she fakes shedding a tear at him taking her lessons to heart about how to stay off the radar 

(”you got old, amigo,” She giggles over the line later that night. “can’t believe it, you actually lived past 22″ 

“and you became a cyborg, exactly as i expected,” he responds with a grin.) 

and this sort of keeps going on, where they mess around on the field but play it up so no one thinks they’re traitors (which they’re not (well, sombra maybe a little bit, but jesse is loyal to overwatch and he still believes in it)), until sombra shows up with reaper one day 

and it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but. there’s something about how he moves that day that just forces the puzzle pieces to click for jesse and he goes, “that’s gabe,” without a shred of doubt 

so he calls her that night and is hesitantly asking about him. what’s he like, what does he do– 

“boy-o, i thought we agreed to not talk about work,” she chides him. 

“this isn’t really work. he’s a friend.” 

“a friend?” he can hear her eyebrows waggle and he sputters 

“no, god, you’re a child–” 

she cackles and says. “okay, okay, seriously. what’s up with you and boss man? i have almost nothing on the man underneath the stupid mask, so.” 

“he just. he was a good man. i don’t–keep an eye on him?” 

“seriously?” she groans. “jesse, my job will be so much easier if i can take him out.” 

“don’t even try. if he’s even a quarter of as good as he was when i knew him, he’ll take you out easily.” 

“for real?” 



“just. he likes to help.” 


“i don’t know how to explain it,” he says, a little helplessly. “he likes helping people. not the type of ‘save kittens from trees’ like overwatch does, but the, ‘you’re broken and i’ll make you tea and sit with you for a few hours’ type of help.” 

it’s quiet, until sombra says, “he’s pretty old for you, jessica.” 

“oh my god, don’t call me that, you’re such an ass luci–” 

“it’s SOMBRA” 

(jesse doesn’t miss the way sombra watches reaper’s back from then on. he also doesn’t miss the way reaper nearly headshots winston when he goes after sombra. 

it hurts, a little, that he isn’t part of his own family, but. gabe taught him to do what he thought was right, and helping overwatch is /right/ and he knows that.) 


my question for jesse about lex!! it was about his future emotional progression and i was like mad nervous and incoherent dkjhfkjfh 

but he says ‘aysha’ really softly at the beginning so i mean…. it was worth it 


For @arcanebarrage ‘s Hang the Fool fic!!!!! Gosh honestly it’s so cute I’m having a stroke,,!! Scene from (I believe) chapeter 10 when the comm went off during their little romance  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


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