Unpopular opinion time with JD, but if the movie is well made and ends on a good note like say a marriage then maybe we don’t have to have a season 2? I mean, I’d rather yoi be short and really well made than one of those shows that are really long and just progressively get worse and worse… if that makes sense? idk

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How long have you known Ash for? Are you the rational one in the relationship? Do you wear he pants? These are three questions.

ooc: I have known Ashley for 5 years, though *sobs dramatically, hearts in my eyes* clearly we’ve been soul mates since forever. I…. am very much the rational one, unless I’m being irrational, then she steps up and steers me back to my rational place. Sometimes she repeats back WHAT I JUST SAID because she wasn’t properly listening and presents it as a good idea she had all by herself, does that count as rational? *shots fired*

I think we both wear the pants, at the same time. We’re killer in a three legged race.

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,,,lowkey I need JD and Michael (BMC) being 7/11 buddies like. they don't interact outside of nodding to each other at the slushie machine at first but eventually they grow into really good friends who care about each other a lot and also they fight about the best flavour of slushie

Michael likes red slushies and JD likes blue, after a fight they start getting it mixed and all is right in—

Fuck someone give me Michael introducing JD to bob Marley and teaching him how to be more chill

Boyf Riends; Slushies

“How can you stand that crap?” Michael looked over at his boyfriend, flabbergasted.
“I must be hearing things because I swear you just called the drink of the gods crap.” Michael took a drink of his slushie for emphasis.
“That stuff has so much sugar in it that you have no right to be surprised when you get a cavity.”
“I will have you know I’ve only had four in the past three years.” Michael slapped his head as Michael went for another refill when they bumped into that weird new kid from school that sat at their table during lunch. He didn’t spare him a glance ,just talking to Michael the whole time.
‘Your getting jealous Jeremy.’
'I am not.’
'Sure your not.’
“Hey JD!” That was it, JD.
'Now you just need an address.’
'Don’t think I won’t spend team bucks on a bottle of Code Red just to spite you.’
'Because that worked so well the first time.’ Jeremy ignored that comment and turned back to see his boyfriend talking to JD. Maybe he was a little jealous.

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HEY I JUst found your blog and i love it !!! I really love your writing as well so i thought maybe i could suggest one - Veronica is sick and JD takes care of her ? :))) THnak UOU

I’m so happy you like my writing! And of course I can write this for you! I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you enjoy! It was a cute prompt! And Veronica is so independent, I feel like she’d be driven crazy by somebody trying to take care of her. I hope you like the story and think it’s accurate, enjoy!

“JD, I’m fine, stop fussing.” Veronica complained. Her voice was odd because of how stuffy her nose was, and she looked in no mood to play games. She was sitting on the couch surrounded by tissues in her pajamas. JD sat next to her and gave a look that had a little bit of anxiety and a lot of worry.

“Are you sure, you look bad.” He told her. Veronica looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

“Thanks, babe.” She muttered. JD laughed a little and rubbed the back of his head. Veronica blew her nose for what felt like the thousandth time and fell back onto the pillow. “This sucks, I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid.” She mumbled.

“Well, it’s what makes you human.” JD tried. It was weird to see Veronica sick. Sometimes events like this were reminders to HIM that she was human. And not an angel that came into his life to bless him and make everything wonderful. “You sit tight, I’ll go get you some of that gross stuff you drink.” He told her.

“It’s throat coating tea!” Veronica reminded him. JD rolled his eyes.

“It tastes like piss.” He grumbled, pouring it into a mug. He walked back into the living room and gave his girlfriend the tea, and a little kiss on the head. “Ew, you’re all sweaty.” He made a face and Veronica rolled her eyes, but laughed lightly.

“I don’t understand how I’m sick and you aren’t.” Veronica groaned. JD gave her a curious look. “Well, you’re diet is so much worse than mine, and you’ve been around me the entire time I’ve been sick. You should be sick too.” She complained.

“Well I’m not.” He shrugged and Veronica made a face, taking a sip of her tea. “That’s probably the universe telling me I had to be healthy in order to take care of you.” He beamed. “Now you relax, I’m going to do the food shopping so you don’t need to worry about it.” He told her. Veronica smiled.

“Get soup while you’re there.” She asked. JD gave a thumbs up, he was about to leave but Veronica called again. “And more tea!” She called. He nodded and was about to leave for a third time when she called after him again. “And my mom wanted me to pick up things for stew, get that too. You know what, you don’t know what to get I’ll come with you.” She opted. She get up, but  minute later JD picked her up and slung her over his shoulder.

“Nope, nope, nope, nope.” He threw her back down on the couch so she bounced a little. “It’s the grocery store, not spinal surgery.” He told her. “I’ll go, I’ll get everything. And if I forget something I can go back.” He explained. “You stay here and relax. If you need anything call me.” JD continued, and he left the house leaving a pouting Veronica.

When JD came back he groaned to see his girlfriend was not where he left her. “Ronnie? Where are you?” He called. When he got no response he grumbled and took out his phone, he dialed his girlfriend and waited a while, when she didn’t pick up he growled. JD marched outside and his frustration melted away when he saw where she was.

Veronica was in her car, but asleep in the seat. He walked up and opened the door. “Ronnie, Ronnie wake up.” He nudged her. Veronica sat up and rubbed her eyes. “What are you doing sleeping in the car?” He asked.

“I forgot to tell you to get ham. So I thought I would go to the supermarket to catch you, but before I left I thought I should close my eyes for a minute so I wouldn’t be so drowsy on the road.” She explained. JD sighed and shook his head. He reached over and picked Veronica up, carrying her bridal style into the house.

“I cannot believe you.” He shook his head. “I seriously can’t believe you.” He tried to sound serious, but he kept grinning and laughing. “What made you think you were okay to drive?” He asked. Veronica shrugged.

“Well you should have gotten ham.” She told him.

“Oh my god.” JD took her inside and put her down on the couch. “Stay here, PLEASE, stay here.” He practically begged. “I can’t worry about you every second of the day, I know you’re fed up, but I you are going to give me a heart attack at the age of seventeen.” He explained. “Can you stay in bed, for me?” He pleaded.

“Fine.” Veronica agreed with a sigh. JD sighed in relief and pulled her into a kiss. “You shouldn’t get so close to me, you could get sick too.” She told him. JD shrugged and kissed her again.

“I’ve been taking care of you all week. If I was going to get sick I would have gotten sick already.” He assured her. He then smiled very cocky. “BEsides, I don’t think I could keep my hands off you even if I tried.” JD teased, kissing her jaw. VEronica giggled and looked at him with a sweet look.

“Sorry for stressing you out so much.” She told him. JD shrugged.

“It’s fine. I’d be fed up after a full week of this too.” He admitted. “But you’ll be better soon.” He assured her. “I got you your gross tea and everything you need to be better soon.” He explained. He reached into the shopping bag. “I even got whatever this is.” He held out a bottle and Veronica gave him a look.

“Gummy vitamins?” She asked. JD nodded and took the cap off.

“They’re so good, I ate like seven of them.” He told her. Veronica shook her head and took the bottle.

“JD no, you can’t… oh my god I’m dating a first grader.” She mumbled. JD grinned. “Do we need to get a lock for the medicine cabinet? So you don’t eat all the pills thinking they’re candy?” She asked.

“What!? It’s not like I can OD on gummy vitamins.” He defended.

“They’ll make you sick though. You can’t just eat…. Okay now you’re stressing ME out.”

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//that same anon again hi// @michael in the bathroom tho,, JD is waiting on Michael at the slushie machine @7/11 and Michael comes in after leaving the party looking like a mess and it's clear he's been crying and JD is ready to blow up a(nother) building bc whO HURT HIS SLUSHIE BUDDY

hi friend, it was Jeremy leaving him alone and JD is like “should I take care of him” and Michael wails “NO I LOVE him” and they just stare off awkwardly and Michael downs the slushie

Freeze your heart lil buddy